HISTORY (in a nutshell)
1997 - Matt creates "Sports Weekly," a one page newsletter about the sports at Horace Mann Junior. It was a total joke, as in the sports stats were accurate, but the news stories were just completely ridiculous and hilarious. 1998 - Matt finds out "Sports Weekly" is a USA Today production. He changes the name "Sports Weekly" to The Warzone. It was partially influenced by the game "WWF Warzone" and the one hour TV episode of "WWF Warzone" which aired on Monday nights in the 1990's and still today.

1999 - Matt begins a subscription service to The Warzone, a newspaper that began at around ten pages and then grew to a ridiculous 30 page newsletter, and Matt's mother helped deliver these newsletters to the subscribers, who were avid fans. It was....insane.

2000 - Matt enters Ross S. Sterling. He, Bill Vickers, and JT Trousdale were writers and artists of thewarzone.net, a free internet domain. There were pictures called "Fake Pics" in which an entire controversy occured that sent Bill and Matt to OCS for 9 days and Trousdale for 5 days, for libel reasons toward another student. One of the pages on TW was a page to get a teacher fired, and the principals all concluded it was a death list, like Columbine. The Warzone shut down for a month. Then, thewarzone5000.com was born. Matt brought back the site, and he wrote a column every week.

Season 1 - 2001 - Mr.Intel was born, a camera that's not better than your current average webcam. It was the first digital camera to circulate around school, and Matt took pictures of virtually everything. Go Digital, where the pictures would be entered, was conceived. In February, a girl made The Warzone one of the most popular Baytown sites, just because of her presence. Others would go to the website to see the pictures Matt might have of them. In February, Bill Vickers, Tommy McMahon, Kelly Kincl, and Matt Impelluso walked to Target, creating the first fuckfest (55 pictures or more, with 4 people) in The Warzone's legacy. The was a Mall I, Target I, and Target II. Target was a main....target for the TW crew. Galveston I was also concepted. The Hot Girl Contest was also created, was 16 girls participating, some of them the most popular girls in school competed in a very popular TW creation. Sarah Guest won the Hot Girl Contest.

Season 2 - 2002 - Matt was focused on band, and lost communication with some of the old TW crew, but kept stronger bonds with others that would make this year on Go Digital one of the best, but it depends on your flavor of comedy. TW became a little bit more corny, but still anti-republican, anti-school, anti-prep. The second Hot Babe Contest was screwed up, and in October of 2002, The Warzone was shut down due to website problems. Matt also had a connection with Walking 49, a battle of the bands winner and kept a website for them. Jackie Khulman won the 2nd Hot "Babe" Contest, the name was changed in 2002. Galleria I and Galleria II were conceived, and other fuckfests dominated the year.

Season 3 - 2003 - When Tim Stuart lost his life in 2003, The Warzone went into the most important and historic project of its time - to create an enormous culture of "Tim" shirts. The profit went to the Library, after the Stuart family didn't accept the extra money from the funds of the shirts. Tim was an inspiration for "The Masticators" a group which contained Matt Impelluso, Jeffrey DelMonico, Tim Brockman, and Tommy McMahon. The Masticators was a hit, sort of like the fuckfests, but they actually had a story: They made food. Senior year began, and Matt went into retarded mode. How high he was he doesn't know, but a 144 girl Hot Babe Contest was conceived, with over 800 flyers distributed in the first round of the freshman contest. The contest lasted two months, and had 4 great winners: Becky Wilson, Misty Hutchinson, Deidre Strange, and Lizzie Trout. Matt and the theatre gang controlled much of everything, with the help of Billy Brooks, Steve Terry, Tommy McMahon, Jeremy Garrett, Bill Vickers, Mark Montoya, Andrew Masterson, Trey Gammon, Miranda Bryant, Brad Wilson, Melissa Pence, Brian Clay, Herbie Jaime, Jo Ann Todd, Kitty Smith, Brian Gustin, Nick Reasoner, Rachel Barajas, Jenna Brockman, Ryan Settle, The Silvas, and obviously, Kelly Kincl, TW member extradoinaire.

Season 4 - 2004 - The obvious control of TW and its fuckfests were ridiculous, and thousands of hits were recorded daily. The entire group was back together, the high school years were completely what you wanted high school to be, and new cameras allowed hundreds of pictures to be put in Go Digital. Everyone graduated that year, except the few underclassman who were apart of The Warzone. Matt put up a referendum where employees could vote about the future of The Warzone. The vote was taken - no one wanted to shut it down.

Season 5 - Late 2004 to End of 2005 - TW was on a complete hiatus. The conception of Facebook and Myspace.com was such a hit, and TW was watched only by the bored casual internet surfer. Matt's personal life just included student politics.

Season 6 - 2006 - A couple of projects went through and there was lots of hype for a strong summer, fall, and winter TW, but Matt was kicked out of Baytown, sent back to San Antonio, and Season 6 lasted four weeks. TW was dormant until 2007. Matt also bought thewarzone.org after it was let go by some church group.

Season 7 - 2007 - May 2007 began, and Matt put The Warzone back on the net, and had Lana Donath promote TW with sexyness, and news stories were made. The Warzone looked well and looked like it would continue well. But, just like Season 6, TW picked up its control center (much like the president on Air Force One) and drove to the Bronx, NY, with Matt's ex-girlfriend. After a month of great adjusting, they were both kicked out and Matt was forced back to Texas. He never updated The Warzone. After incarceration, Matt thought about Season 8. It was created.

Season 8 - 2008 - The 2008 Hot Babe Contest brought The Warzone back on the map, with numbers Matt had never ever seen before on the site. It was immensely popular and brought new visitors to the site. At the same time of the Hot Babe Contest, Matt tried out a beta version of a radio show. It was called "Matt's Afternoon Shat" and it was on TW air from February to May. Matt became good at broadcasting, thanks to Mike and Mike in the Morning. In June, he and Megan Guidry created Matt and Meggo in the Morning, a ridiculous show that involves liberal northner Matt vs liberal southener Meggo, and the show was immensly popular. Matt moved to Brownsville, inches from Mexico, and began his research with the two countries. The site was always updated, due to the radio shows. Every show, every single show, has been listened to more than 5 people. While such a small number, it gave Matt reason to continue.

Season 9 - 2009 - The 2008 Hot Babe Contest was amazing. It was time for a 2009 Hot Babe Contest, and the same schedule as 2008. You are now creating this paragraph.