The 2010 Hot Babe Contest presented by Jack's


Obviously, Matt Impelluso is a ridiculously huge sports fan, which is why this system isn't like a Miss America pageant, but a sports playoff. Football (soccer) is his second favorite sport, only to America's past-time, Baseball. Football however has some ridiculous commentating, and because of this, the results of the Hot Babe Contest will be in English and in Spanish, because in Spanish, and well, any other fucking language besides English, it sounds absolutely fucking hysterical. Here are some versions of "goals" that Matt will use in the Spanish commentating. Obviously, some are different languages, but the majority of the speech used by Matt will be Spanish.

Pippo Tramantona announces Inter-Siena in a comeback win for Inter. His celebrations for the two goals scored in 5 minutes is absolutely hilarious. "QUATTRO-TRE TE LE'HO DETTO TE LE'HO DETTO" (Four-Three, I told you so! I told you so! I told you so!)

This guy is just fucking crazy. LOL.

Carlos Pellegatti's high pitched voice is hilarious whenever Pippo Inzaghi scores two goals for Milan against Liverpool in the 2007 Champions League. Go to 1:18. "GOL DI PIPPO MIO! GOL DI PIPPO MIO! GOL DI PIPPO MIO! ALTA TENSIONE!" (Gol of my Phillip! Oh what a play!)

This guy is just fucking ridiculous. He sounds like an alarm clock. He says GOL! 19 times. LOLOL.

World Cup 2006:
Italy destroying Germany in the final two minutes of extra-time.