The 2010 Hot Babe Contest presented by Jack's


The rules are fairly simple. Each girl has 5 opportunities to strike it big in the contest. Usually, three wins out of five seals the deal for "The Champions League"

Football (Soccer) Resemblance
Each girl is paired up against 5 other girls individually through the first five rounds. These rounds mimic the Barclays Premier League of England, Spain's La Liga, and Italy's Serie A. The winner of each game (round) gets 3 points. In case of a tie, which has only happened twice (and it was in the world championship!!!) the winner gets 1 point. The loser gets no points. For example, if Brittany Hoover faces Kaci Keyes, and Brittany wins 100-98, Brittany gets 3 points, Kaci gets none. However, Kaci still keeps the 98 "goals." If Misty Hutchinson faces Ayla Casey and wins 110-80, Misty gets 3 points, Ayla gets none. So, in this understanding - Misty would be ahead of Brittany, and Kaci would be ahead of Ayla. Make sense? Not really? You'll understand for sure after the first two rounds.

The Champions League
In Europe, the four top soccer squads from each country are elected into the Champions League, one of the world's most popular sporting events. The Top 8 girls in Points and Goals are automatically entered into the Champions League of the Hot Babe Contest. However, the points and goals system is eliminated, and its single-elimination only. That means if you lose, you go home. If you win, you continue. Round Six is the Quarter-Finals, Round Seven the Semis, Round Eight the Finals. So, if you make it to the Championship, you'll be facing 8 girls. It's possible you might face a girl you paired up with in Round One.