The History of the Contest

The Hot Babe Contest started with an idea by Matt Impelluso, founder and owner of The Warzone Network. In October 2001, right after September 11, Matt came into the library for a research project third period in his English class. Nick Reasoner and Jared Flynn both sat at his table. During the next thirty minutes, Jared, Nick, and Matt comprised of 24 girls to be in the Sophomore Hot Babe Contest. These 24 girls would then match up each other in a "Mortal Kombat-Like" Tournament duel. The 24 girls all faced each other in many matches. In the very end for the sophomore contest, Sarah Guest, Jackie Khulman, and Cameron Conder were to face each other in a "Triple-Threat" because 24 does not divide evenly to two. Sarah Guest won the competition, and became the first TW Hot Babe.

The very next year, Matt knew the Hot Babe Contest would attract lots of attention, so he brought it back again. This time, however, it was even more massive. 32 girls were selected, all on behalf of Matt, for the contest. Kelly Kincl randomized the contest by picking different numbers. The contest never really finished. On October 15, TW was shut down for more than a month due to server problems. On November 15, it was brought back to life. It took massive amounts of surgery to fix this problem. During the TW Awards, the second annual, Jackie Khulman was selected as the 2002 Hot Babe. Her and Sarah share the status as the TW Hot Babes.

Hopefully with no problems, The Hot Babe Contest will go on without a glitch this year. The voting system will remain the same. However, this year will be the largest Hot Babe Contest of all time. Not only will this deminish and totally bring up hits for TW in the next two months, but it will absolutely be one of the biggest events in TW history. 144 girls will become part of the TW contest. No other event will host this many amount of girls. During Lee Week, right before the Lee-Sterling game, all four contests in each grade level will be going on at the same time. This has never been tried before. Neither has one of these types of contests.