The History

TW Silence

The Silence Era, known better as the time period December 1999 - April 2000, was when I really didn't have a site, newspaper, or anything at all that could refer back to the old times. In January, I got a new screen name, PsYcHo MaTt 316, portraying this wrestling character. It was more like a fantasy wrestling organization, and I ran one. It was really fun, and we had many fake wrestlers, and at the time, it was great. Hey, I was a loser back then, so don't make fun of me just yet. Certain people appreciated Pokemon when they were in 9th grade, so don't just make fun of me yet.

In March, I registered,,, and a lot of cool sounding domain names for free, under this guy Box, who lives in Panama. Box got them illegally, (LOL), by being dumb. Well, every site but was discontinued after about two months. It was pretty bad, but we ran unregistered for a long time. It was cool though, I didn't have a problem with it, it was under Box's name anyway.

I made the design. Three columns. I put the "What's on my Mind" section in the middle, and the left and right columns detonated as the "links." It was very small at first. The only pictures I had on there were from my scanner. I still have the scanner, but it doesn't work. I scanned so many pictures, its not even funny.

The Warzone was small. It was between me and a few people. I had some funny things on it, and some cool shit here and there, but nothing like it is now. No AIM Shit, no Go Digital, nothing like that. It was deserted compared to that.

The beginning of the high school TW

I entered Sterling on some what of a weird note. I was in band but I didn't march, I had no real friends except Julian, Bill, and Adrian, and I had few classes with them. I just had to get in the groove of meeting new people, but although this sounds hard to believe - I was VERY shy.

One day, I just started handing the site address to people. Within a week, old friends from junior high, people I only heard of listening in through conversations, and other people that were in my classes suddenly started talking to me. They all went crazy. TW started becoming something huge.

With the spreading of word going very rapidly, by September of 2000, TW was hitting 50 hits a day, and that was only with the counter on the main page. That was a milestone back then. This was 50 hits for only one page btw, I didn't know how many hits total the site was getting.

One of TW's more popular sections was called FakePics. We took different pics of things and changed them around to our taste. It was really fun. The greatest thing though, was my uncensored opinion about everything. I hated teachers, bad back then. It was crazy. I just said what I wanted. I can't remember specific quotes, but I made several about how pissed off I was about Mr. Foster making me color in between the lines on this one worksheet in Biology. I was so pissed, I said the funniest line ever, and that's how Logan and I became friends.

TW was reaching a point where I would walk around and people would look at me funny. I'm talking about freshmen. I would go to the Cedar Bayou table and they'd all know who I was, and they all saw and read the site daily. I showed many people in English, and so forth. FakePics was coming along great. Life was great, and it seemed it couldn't get any better.

I also moved myself from a non Angelfire site, into Fortunecity, which was used all the way till The Warzone switched servers in July of 2002. Fortunecity was a reliable place actually, never had any downtime, but did have some pesky popups. I took them out with banners so everything was ok for a while. I had only one server at the time - thewarzone, and it was used the most in TW.

TW goes down

In October, however, things decided to rapidly change. I made this sound that goes exactly like this, with the teachers names bleeped out: "Mrs. @#$%, Mrs. @#$%, Mrs. @#$%, (a name of a piece of shit former friend of mine I wish I never fucking met), and Jeffery Delmonico, are all touching, my buttcrack! STUPID GIRL!!!" That's EXACTLY how it went. At marching contest, Jeff came up to me and introduced himself, and said he was Jeff, and that he wanted the link to the site. There was no harm, he enjoyed the sound. His church director, however, or something to that magnitude, didn't, and contacted Jeff's parents, who contacted Jeff, who contacted the school. One day, actually, I remember the day, October 24, 2000, everyone was telling me that Jeff told on me to a computer teacher. Immediately, I was sent into this huge withdrawl, and I had to shut down the site immediately. I couldn't, however, because of TAAS testing in library.

Helplessly, I waited till the end of the day for further info. I shut the site down, and gave a long message.

I stood home the next day, hoping this would all go away. The following day, however, during 6th period, it ended. The school officer, my principal, and a coach of something were in there, and they were waiting for me. He knew I knew what I was in for, but we were confused on why. As soon as I said Jeff's name, I was stopped. Jeff didn't even impact the situtation whatsoever. It turned out, a concerned parent called a WEEK before in advance and told the principal about this. He wouldn't tell me who, because of retailiation.

What happened was, I put a page on TW to make a petition to get a certain Geometry teacher fired. Because this form included the words "Die" on top, they thought I wanted to kill her or something, which was total bullshit, and said I was making a threat to a teacher. They also considered several of the fake pictures, which I used by taking my former pricipal's face and adding him to other people's bodies, and then having people shooting AROUND him, a threat. They thought the people with the guns were pointing at him, when in reality, they were pointing at each other.

Bill got called in, being the creator of most the fake pics. All the other employees I stood up for, and told them none of them had anything to do with anything else. Another employee, who I have no contact with because he's a fucking moron, was sent in for this incredibly stupid reason, and I can't even remember what it was. I tried fighting that one as much as I could, but alas, I lost. He, however, got the lighter punishment.

When I got home that night, I became grounded under the rule of my parents. It was the first time in little over a year. My phone line was taken away, and all I can do was turn on my computer to look at how pretty it was. TW was officially shut down. I knew it wasn't going to be forever, but for the meanwhile, it seemed like that.

I got SAC for 9 days, along with Bill. It was a horrible feeling., also, vanished without a trace. Box's time limit on everything gave way, and no longer exists. Well, it does, but its not mine. It was a sad day for us all to see it go, and it relives a certain history among us all. started almost everything for me, and I thank it, wholeheartedly.

The Warzone 5000 begins

The 5000 Idea

I got computer access back to me about three weeks after I got out of SAC, and I went straight back to making the site. I basically had to start over in so many categories. I'm not sure when AIM Shit came into place, but it could have quite possibly started then. I had a good number of employees, but not to the magnitude of what I thought we could really have. I didn't even know how many hits I really got a day, but it was really, really good.

School sucked as usual, but basically, I was more for not caring. I made it a point that I needed a digital camera for Christmas. There would be ample space on the Fortunecity server, and now that I could take pictures, I was basically Jesus Christ of everyone's life, but not really.

At first, I was going to get an easy, cheap way of making a site. The Warzone was once going to be (, but when I found, I decided that was stupid and dumb. Because I couldn't reregister for a while (its an internet thing that I don't want to get into right now), I had to find another name. Well, wasn't an option. was some church site (but now, as of November 2002, its available), and like I said, wasn't available at the time. the-warzone was a good option, but I didn't want to waste it. I lost it now, its not available. My favorite band at the time was Powerman 5000, so I thought, well maybe we can do this, and this, and therefore, I created I thought it was pure genius at first, and its something everyone could remember, for a while that is.

On November 23, 2000, The Warzone reopened its doors with the new domain name, and new site content. It was all goody goody for a while for fear of the world collapsing on me again, so I took it very seriously to be good for a while. The newsboard was created. It was once not just all blotched on the main page, but nicely created in the middle.