The History

Before the Target II fuckfest, an extremely tragic event started that I should now mention in this column, which is dedicated to what happened. After Jonathan's end of year party, it was about two to three weeks later I was set to make an incredible site overhaul, mentioned in section 2001 part 1. Well, on this same day, an incredibly horrific event happened. Kaci Fink was shot on Baker and Bayway, at 4:09 in the morning.

It came to a shock to all of us, and something I will never forget. We have missed Kaci ever since. May I not wear out her name, and may she rest in peace. Tragedy strikes too much in our world, and this was no exception. The day it happened, I was giving up to the minute coverage on what was going on. Without anyone telling me who the murderer was, I figured out through Baytown police reports. I emailed everyone about it, but everyone seemed to know. You will soon figure out through later writings that I'm last to know everything.

In conclusion, the world was brought to a standstill. Kaci Fink will be remembered greatly, and this is where I dedicate the rest of this column to her, because I know she would have enjoyed it.

In June, somewhere after the Target II fuckfest, Bill and I were talking to a girl online named Sheridan, who lived in Clear Lake. After about a long list of communication trends through other various people, Sheridan, Bill and I finally got together in the oddest of places - the Sterling swimming pool for a swim meet. There, I was fully aqainted with Melissa, Brad's current girlfriend. I kind of had a small thing for Sheridan, but I never saw a picture of her before. So, I didn't know what to expect.

After being completely ignored for about, an hour or so, Bill and I left. We didn't say bye, we didn't say anything. I was so pissed off about everything, that I just said, hey, fuck it.

It wasn't till about three weeks after that, sometime in July, maybe a little bit after my birthday party, which, I might mention, was horrible, that Sheridan and I talked till about 5 in the morning, which started probably one of the biggest controversies in the world: I brought Sheridan into Baytown.

Now, this isn't an autobiography of me, so where am I getting at? The Employees Section. One by one, Sheridan started IMing all the employees of TW. She got to know all of them, and treated all of us as if we were once good friends. Many of us didn't know what was going on, but we all took her in as a cool person, so everything was ok.

For my birthday, I bought a 40 gig hard drive. That was MASSIVE for the time. Well, the reason was, I installed Mandrake Linux 7.1, an operating system that rivals Windows, just to see how cool it was. Well, I kinda got screwed, because my modem wasn't compatible. I wasn't very software capable as I am today, so I was confused. I got the 40, and started my life over. I saved all my files, however, to a cd, right before.

Band camp started, and I still didn't have a computer that actually worked. LOL. TW during the summer isn't that good anyway. I got on my father's Compaq to try and solve everything, but I just gave up and started over on the 40. This was a week, however, after I asked Sheridan out, and soon became my first girlfriend. Wow.

Before that, I met Cassie's sister, Jill, and she talked to me about wanting a website, cause she's the biggest N'Sync fan in the entire world. We became friends, and everything was nice there. Believe me, this name will be mentioned more often.

I told everyone about it. I had a big mouth. Actually, I still have a big mouth. It was really great. TW reopened, and school was back in session.

About a week after school began, Brian, Nick, and I were in the pizza line, and Nick decided to mess with the slushie machine handle. Well, things turned bad, and the handle fell off. The cafeteria woman ran frantically to save the machine. She did. Everything was ok. Brian and I were laughing our asses off at Nick however. The next day, I brought Mr.Intel into the line, and took a pic of it. Well, that did it. The cafeteria lady brought us to the principals, and me and Nick had to pay $30. It sucked.

Mr. Intel was banned from school. Well, it didn't matter much. Mr. Intel's lifespan was coming to a very horrific close. I broke up with Sheridan, became a manwhore, and went out with Kristyn Hinchcliffe for a day. We had a sort of a fuckfest, but not really. It was kind of gay. The picture quality was horrible. Mr. Intel was dying.

On TW, we became famous for having the vocabulary definitions from English on the site. I was worshipped a whole lot for that one.

Although I usually write a whole lot, not very much happened between September - Late October. I mean, yes, we had the September 11 Attacks, and that greatly pissed me off..and made me so sad, that I lost my towers, my buildings, friends of some piece of shit activists of God. I think I became more of an atheist because of it.

Brad Thompson and I enjoyed pissing off Hillary, the girl with the flaming puss as of sorts. She used to read TW all the time when I made fun of her, and she'd always be sad about what I said about her. We recently (2002) became friends, and I realized I was really mean to her, but I have to admit, it was really funny. Brad, Joe, and I were so mean to her. We'd yell at her, and her slot was on the floor. LOL. I never really hated her, I just had to go along with Brad, he was oldest.

Brad also filmed many of our adventures to the good life. I had two of his tapes, but currently cannot find them in my collection. Too bad, they were really good.

In October, Jared Flynn, Nick Reasoner, and I got together in the library during an English project and talked about an idea for a hot girl contest. It was probably the greatest idea I had ever had: You get 24 girls, match them up against each other, and you pick the girl that's hotter! It was so great. We all picked the girls, put them in order, and Jared and I had such elaborate plans. Nick was kind of laid back and just said, Man, awesome, the entire time.

Of course, everyone knew Sarah Guest was going to win. There was so much controversy. First off, Eryn Cotten beat Jackie Basden, so the entire world thought I rigged it to try and get in Eryn Cotten's pants. Then, Lizzie Trout of Lee lost against Jordan Barrow, and I swore to everything it was because no one knew her and more people knew Jordan. It was such an incredible outrage, some people stopped voting!

The contest continued. More on this later.

The Spectacular went to LCM to preform for UIL. I had a front cover up for it and everything. It was nice and pretty. We didn't do bad, it was just our first performance and we got scared. I got home really pissed off that night, but we beat up Craig Jeffery, so everything was ok after that.

In History, Andrew Masterson and I created Bill Gates - the pumpkin of a lifetime. Mr. Gates was the only dumb idea we could think of, and everything was going to work out ok. Andrew and I went to Office Max and got two Windows XP boxes, one Home edition, the other Professional edition. I kept professional, and we created Mr. Gates. We put Xbox pamphlets all over the place. It was so awesome. Sadly, we lost. I kept the pumpkin however, and it rotted on top of my dresser. There are still marks on it right now, and its absolutely hilarious. I miss the pumpkin. I threw it away on February 2, 2002, the day my life came to an end. Back at home base, Sheridan was still talking to all my friends, and not many people were accepting her much anymore. I felt bad about everything, but we were talking more and more. I apologized so much for what I did..breaking up with her for another girl...but the distance was horrible. No one drove back then, but suddenly, by time, everyone started getting licenses....

The Lee game was tragic, and we lost more then anyone could ever imagine. I had a pretty flash video up for it and everything. We lost so bad, the football team didn't even want to listen to us play the school song. Well, fuck them. Stupid losers.

All in all, school wasn't cool, but it wasn't exactly horrible. It didn't get that bad. The last football game happened, and we almost won. I'll always remember it - me and Joe were almost hugging because of how great it was. Too bad no one knows how to throw a football. I'll also always remember..because Liz Araujo, the head drum major, was so far off beat on one song that we had to play, that she brought it down maybe 50 beats back to normal speed...and it was just hilarious. I didn't know Liz at the time, and she yelled at me once for being mean to Hillary, and it was funny.

In the middle of November, Sheridan and I became closer and she seemed to somewhat forgive me. She was having on and off boyfriends, and I still wanted to try and work something out. Turned out, Jonathan, The Communist Man, also liked her. Well, no shit, he likes anyone that shits.

For the Thanksgiving Holidays, my parents found this deal on Travelocity, the greatest website over, to go to NYC for $99. We did really good on that deal, and well, we went. For the event, I bought a new digital camera. Nick named him Spartacus, and Sarah Guest agreed, and that was all I needed. Sarah and I were ironically friends also. People who didn't understand she's not a prep because she's popular and wears nice clothes but never said anything snobby to me, or hated me, or pretended to have more money then me, hated me a whole lot. I didn't fucking understand that, but, people are dumb.

I realized Mudvayne was an awesome band, and Nothing to Gein was one of my favorite songs. Cameron Conder said she liked it, so I fell in love with her, but just kidding. I was about to go to NYC, and I loved how Mr. Spartacus could play MP3's and such. It was so exciting. We also took voice recordings, which sadly, I don't have available to me anymore.

New York turned out to be quite an experience. I didn't really miss home too much this time around. I got my fourth Yankee hat. My third Yankee hat, which I still own, was so beaten and was just..horrible. It was, however, the official hat, of Target I and Target II.

New York this time around was different. With the Attacks, everyone just walked differently. Seeing the towers gone...just hurt me. It really, really did. I loved riding the subway though. It was and still is a passion of mine. Spartacus took many good shots, and I love them all dearly.

I really didn't want to come home, but I did. That's enough for this paragraph.

All Region came where I had to play. This is when Jared and I became really good friends. Spartacus took pictures and we acted dumb. Jared and Joe played Civilization, the game, for hours on end. That's how they became really good friends. We went into the girl's restroom, pole danced, walked around the stadium, and just did dumb stuff.

Jared, Joe, Brad, me, and a few other noteables made Region. Sadly, Jared failed, and couldn't attend, but we'll still love him for poledancer.

The next day, word around the street is Jonathan went to go see Sheridan. He claimed to make out with her for three hours. I automatically planted the name Whore on Sheridan, and called Jonathan a piece of shit. I cussed Sheridan out, and Jonathan called me and said he quit from TW and that I should learn how to treat people. I then wrote an article on why Jonathan's not quitting, but rather fired. It was long and great, and described how asshole like he is to every single person in the world. The Communist Man turned into The Democratic Man, and that was that.

About three days later, Sheridan told me what happened, and I took away my whore comments about her, and replaced them with feelings of like for her. Sheridan never made out with him, and Jonathan forced kissed her. I believe this story most.

Spartacus maybe lasted about another three days after that. Carly Ferguson set it over the edge when it died, and it was over. Spartacus, a camera that lasted maybe, three weeks, died. $120 down the drain. Horrible.

Once again, TW was without a camera, without a Go Digital, and without a main part of its life. The main columns and other vast improvements, such as Nick started to work on Designs in Bryce, transformed the ways of TW for a while.

About four weeks went by with the Hot Girl Contest, and I decided to have a TW Awards. The awards went by very well, and I was nominated funniest person of the year, Brad/Andrew tied for prettiest boy, Sarah Guest winning prettiest girl, and many more dumb things.

School was getting dumber and dumber for me. I didn't understand why I was in school, and well, I hated it, just like all of you. I hated it.

Christmas vacation finally came to us, and I gave up and just decided to shut down TW. I was going to get a new camera so might as well try and make a new design. But, however, there were problems, and I didn't. Sheridan and I became really close, and we were on the verge of maybe getting back together. That would forever change the way TW worked, and changed many many lives because of it.

TW definitely wasn't in its Glory Days, but things were about to get more interesting then you can ever imagine.