The History

On December 23, 2001, TW made one of the most impressive two moves in its history. First, I got a semi new cell phone for communication, and without that phone right now, I wouldn't be friends with a certain someone, and I wouldn't have had long conversations with Sheridan on the phone. Second, TW bought Mr. HP from Office Depot, making it the second camera bought there. Exciting!

I left the site down and couldn't think of a logo. Brad Wilson sent me pics of his hair, and man, were they awesome. I made this beta design that looked really cool, except, it was just the logo itself, with the links on top. I needed some regular design, but it wasn't happening.

January 1, I took a picture of me holding a champagne bottle, entering the new year.

I decided to reopen TW and just keep it the same way it was. Everything was nice and pretty for a while. Sheridan and I kept talking and talking. I keep talking about Sheridan, but it seems to be endless on why I do. Well, this is why.

Clear Lake / Galveston I

One of the biggest fuckfests, and most fun, I might add, had to do with the Battle of Clear Lake / Galveston I. I really wanted to see Sheridan, so I asked Andrew, and Tommy, if we they'd like to have a fuckfest, plus let me see the girl I liked a whole lot. Well, it was clear that it wasn't going to happen.

The fuckfest was the first of a kind - it was two days long, and its main attractions were over 30 miles apart. On January 2nd, 2002, TW traveled to Clear Lake, and had a fuckfest inside Baybrook Mall. After reports of Jonathan and Logan traveling to Clear Lake as well, Sheridan wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as she could. We then went to Comp USA and Barnes and Nobles. Tommy and Andrew were sort of noticing that Sheridan and I weren't talking much, so they got away on purpose. That didn't work either.

We then traveled to Galveston and went to The Strand area, and the famous Mobil gas station that's right near the turn to go into the Strand. We parked close, and went to Colonel Bubbies, this army surplus store that's the coolest place in the world.

After that, we got some coffee at this one place, then kept walking around. It was obvious to Tommy and Andrew that either Sheridan and I were shy, so we took another Plan reroute. We decided to go to the beach. By the way, it was 40 degrees outside. On the beach, I stood around, thinking how fucking stupid this was, and how cold it also was. It was..just so cold.

No progress was made, and we left the beach to bring Sheridan home. We dropped her off, and oddly, that was the end. There was nothing else. She left, and suddenly, Slipknot - Everything Ends came on. It was probably the weirdest moment of my life. All she said was, "Thanks." Tommy, Andrew, and I were looking at each other in total confusion, wondering what the fuck just happened.

Back at home base, I convince my mom for a sleepover at Andrew's, and Tommy and I pile over at Andrew's gorgeous room. Andrew got a 60 gig hard drive for Christmas, which is of talks right now. Usually, whenever I see Andrew (once a month now because of his move to Lee, but that's a little bit later in here), he talks about the 60 gig hard drive. Its just an awesome thing.

Sheridan got online, and Andrew talked some sense into her. Tommy and I were walking around, not really doing anything. At around 11:00, my father said she called looking for me at my house. She then called Tommy, and apparently, burst into tears because she wanted to apologize to me.

This is how it began. There's more to tell, but its private. I don't know why I'm telling THIS story. Maybe because the history is not only a history, but an autobiography of me.

After about an hour talk on the cell phone, Tommy, Andrew, and I play Tony Hawk 3 (I think). We fall asleep, and Gigi, Andrew's cat, lies on top of me.

The next morning, we go to bring something to Herbie for Frankie (I think turntables), but Herbie isn't home. I was wearing a wig and I had the longest beard I probably ever had, but that was going to change over the summer.

We decide to travel back to Galveston. At around 3:30, Sheridan says yes to my asking her out, and I throw a Dr. Pepper at this car in a parking lot near the big bank building on Galveston Island. Turns out, Tommy also threw his drink into Gulf of Mexico, and Andrew tried to play baseball with it using these Alabama Lie Detectors (these club like objects that were used in the South to hit the bad slaves, LOLOL) for the bat.

After a stop at Guitar Center, the day ends. January 3, 2002. A day I will probably remember for the rest of my life. I don't know why. Wait, I do. It was so much fun, and nothing more right could go for me. January 3, 2002, was the last time I officially got together with someone, and January 3, 2002, was the last time Andrew, Tommy, and I had a fuckfest all at the same time. January 3, 2002, was also the first time a fuckfest took two days to complete, from the day before.

Against me War

Janaury was a very bad month for me. Even though Sheridan and I were "Dating" as you would call it, it was still so bad. All my grades dropped to the drain. I listened to Rage songs all during Algebra, English, and Spanish. When I had to shave my beard on January 7, I wore Andrew's wig the next day in protest. Blair Conder was officially scared of me at that point.

On the weekend of the 12th, bad happened. Very very bad. In a very rude comment made by me, I stated to Cheryl that her and this other guy probably would never get together. I was keeping a secret from this other guy because I didn't want to hurt Cheryl's feelings at the time when he told me. I realized this was a bad idea to keep her going, but, in my situation, it was probably the only thing I could think of to do. She was talking about how great he was and how she really liked him right when he told me that. That would be really depressing...but it was still a bad choice by me.

Well, it hurt Cheryl's feelings a lot, and Clair, along with about fifty other people, who had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITUATION AT ALL, declared war on me. It was so damn stupid. I apologized to Cheryl countlessly, but it didn't work its magic at first.

Saturday, we all went to the movies to see Orange County. Sheridan came. This was the second time I saw her in our relationship. It was two weeks going now.

By Sunday, things were calm, and I kept apologizing to Cheryl. I was stupid - I understand. People were making a huge deal out of it though, as if I like, absolutely tore her life to the deepest regions of hell and she won't ever go back to living again.

On Monday, the day where things should be fine, and at a nice level, my pants are pulled down in front of Mrs. Hunt's class, were about 10 people see me. It was done by Nick Reasoner, who I absolutely hated for about an entire day. I no longer wear tighty whiteys. How I wore those things, I don't know. Boxers are so nice and comfy. But, back to the point, yes, this was for me to "teach me a lesson." WTF? Teach me a lesson? I apologized, I learned my lesson by almost losing my friendship with three different people, two of which were Cheryl's best friends.

The reason why I'm talking about this is, this began some kind of campaign to try and destroy The Warzone. Of course, that wasn't going to happen, but someone thought they could try and do it. This person also thought that I called Sheridan "Jesus." Turns out, he was a deaf bastard. I said, "Jeremy and I agree that she sort of looks like a woman Jesus." If anyone is Jesus in the world, its me, stupid dicksucker.

So, anyway, I get home, and this former employee decides to bring all these points up that don't make any sense. He brings up the fact that his wallpapers, much like what Kelly was doing, wasn't ever put up. I never saved them, and he gave me two of them. Two! I can't make a section with two things. No one on TW has ever had a section with TWO pages. Shit, stick a bottle up your ass.

The thing was - this person didn't understand you can change opinions about people. It's very easy to get stories mixed up in today's world, and maybe, like this person doesn't, give people a chance to prove themselves.

Everything got better. I responded somewhat to what I just said, except more making myself look like a jackass and apologizing to everyone for what happened.

The week went by slowly, and Friday finally came. All Region at Nederland. I was waiting for this all year. It was so much fun. We have pictures from it. I had a great time, we played some really good music, and we made so much fun of Mr. Jolly. LOL. I can't believe I remember his name.

Brad, Joe, and I hung out all weekend, sharing a hotel room. What a funny night. Many of you know what happened in that room, so its ok, I'm not going into detail on that.

End of the Sheridan Era

That Monday, I went to BuildaBear and bought Sheridan her birthday presents. They consisted of two bears. One of them was a cheerleader (Sheridan is one of those cheerleaders that doesn't cheer for the school), and the other was one with a sweater and looked nerdy. It represented me and her, so I called them Lil Sher and Lil Matt. Luckily, I didn't name it Matt II, because that's what I named my computer. LOL. Anyway, the presents idea was so great. Even her mom loved it.

I had fun that weekend. I enjoyed being with her. It was great. I spent the day with her, and everything was ok. I was still slumping in grades, but no one cares about that.

The next week wasn't very good. For some reason, I felt more and more wanting answers to life. I hated school. I hated not being able to spend more time with Sheridan. I hated that I felt like I wasn't as close to her anymore, even if we were on the internet. I made some bad word choices, and I used the word "love" to much. It wasn't very good. Basically, the phrase "I love you" has always fucked me over, ALWAYS, even though its just..the best phrase ever. It should be my catch phrase.

There was a lot of Go Digital this week, and I don't know how much I updated, but it was sexy.

On Friday night, I talked to Sheridan's friend Tina on the phone. It was nice. She was pretty funny. I was also updating TW with the Silly Snake front cover.

Even though this was so long ago, it makes me sick to my stomach writing about it. At 11:30, I was woken up by the phone. It was Tina, and a couple of Sheridan's friends. They kept saying Sheridan wanted to break up with me and wanted us to be friends. I thought they were just kidding at first. Then, they started making fun of me, and kept going on and on and on about her wanting to break up with me. Finally, I heard Sheridan's voice....

February 2, 2002.

I don't know how long I cried. A very long time I'm presuming. It was my first girlfriend, my first sucked.

For the first time in the history of TW, I shut down the site, because I didn't feel mentally well to update it.

I threw away Mr. Gates today, the pumpkin Andrew and I made for Mrs. Hunt's. I threw him in the ditch. He's forever part of Warzastan now. Warzastan is the country I made up for The Warzone, which is Honda Hills and my subdivision.

Zack, one of the authors to the Free Word, picked me up. He saw how terrible I was and tried cheering me up with some Beavis and Butthead. He also showed me his new monitor. It was so sweet. Zack is just one awesome freshman in college, lol.

Zack brought me home, and Beachy called me. Beachy is one awesome freshman in college as well. He asked me to come to a movie with him. We suggested Black Hawk Down to sneak into. Awesomely, we found Craig, Brad, along with "short and sexy" Liz Araujo (direct quote from my column that day). I never did anything with any of thesew people, well, minus Beachy, I think Beachy and I did something the weekend before, or was that after? It was probably after.

Daniel Gregory's mom had to get me into the movie, which was hilarious. Liz sat next to Craig, Craig sat next to Brad, Brad sat next to me, and I sat next to Beachy. Beachy sat next to a couple that was making out.

All throughout the movie, Brad, Beachy, and I kept making funny remarks about everything. When the guy lost a hand, Beachy gave us all high fives, cause we can. LOLOLOL. Liz cried a couple of times during the movie, and I thought that was funny. I never really looked at her in a "wow, she's a sexy girl and she's cool way." I just hated girls for the time being.

We went out into the parking lot, and I tried to get into a shopping cart. The security guard stopped me however. I could see Liz's "We're going to get in trouble cause Matt has turned himself into group leader" look on her face. I found a diaper, picked it up, and threw it across the parking lot, I think. Either that, or I put it in the bed of someone else's truck. I forgot, I'll ask Liz later. LOL.

The night ended. I reopened TW because I enjoyed spending time with my band buddies. I never saw those people outside of band, and I only saw Liz work at Target, but I was always to shy to say Hi to her, cause she didn't know me at all.

St. Valentines Day Massacre

School came back into play, and I started getting back to normal. I hated life for a while, but my friend Jill helped me coupe. She was great. Everything she did made me like her, as a friend, and later as more. I always had a little crush on her.

Turns out, another person liked Jill, the same person that tried to crush TW. Too bad he didn't succeed at any of the above options. Then again, Jill and I aren't friends anymore, because she hates me, so I don't know where all that stands now.

I got back into the GD mode, and took pictures of Sarah Guest, Erin Salazar, and Cameron Conder daily. The front covers in February are hilarious, and so are the pictures. Actually, they're more awesome then hilarious.

After Valentine's Day, I started to like Jill more and more. Right before TAAS one day (February 19), we held hands to our TAAS classes. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal to any of you, but I never held hands with Sheridan anywhere, and we were dating. Jill came out of no where. I felt so comfortable, it was insane. She made me forget about Sheridan, and like, here was Jill. lol.

That very same day, the person that liked Jill and hated TW and quit, and said the shit above, decided for an all out attack on TW. It was in the early morning, and I read it. I was so pissed off, that I wanted to take him, rip his penis out, show everyone how small it was, then feed it to Lady. I wrote the longest cussing comeback in the world. It was so incredibly vulgar and harsh that I won, but with such a bad cost.

Jonathan Yoo and him decided to print out a couple of pages of this. Since TAAS was on this day, we had split schedule, and band was like, at 12:30, so we had all three lunches. Jonathan put the papers in our room. Joe and I took the papers, wrote TW in ketchup, and placed it on his case. He then came back and smudged the ketchup on our window.

As of right now, the window still has signs of the ketchup stain.

I remember how good it felt when Jill said, "Matt, you're so right and great" about the quote I said on TW: "The TW empire has only begun." It was time, it was definitely time.

Joseph Dickens and many other friends of mine came to my defense. The war was over. We won. There is no way to bring the empire down. Joe wrote the greatest comeback of all the time, and the world loved him. Everyone loved him.

The weekened before that, I found out that my best friend, Tommy, and Sheridan might get together. I almost died and killed myself over. I felt so bad. Then, I looked at Jill, and all of that went away.

May the war begin

On February 25, 2002, my mom's birthday, the longest hug turned into the longest depression era ever for me.

On February 26, 2002, nine years after the World Trade Center bombing, the world already started crumbling.

On February 27, 2002, the world was over, and Jill and I had our first major fight, and that was the first of 60 billion.

TW went into a state of this odd depression, and I couldn't do anything with life. I hated it. Jill thought I was evil, and I couldn't fix things right away.

On March 2nd, I forgot about Jill for a second, and went to the Orchestra Festival at RSS. It was so cold afterwards. Joe Dickens, Jared Flynn, and I piled into my mom's Mazda and went to my house. We called Beachy and asked him to a movie. Turned out, we were all going to see Crossroads. CROSSROADS.

Crossroads was just oh so great. We were three white boys wearing tuxes, with Beachy wearing a trench coat. The entire theatre was of black descent, with an innocent Mexican family, in the words of Joseph. Everyone but us threw ice at everyone else. We didn't see the end of the movie, because someone threw the biggest cup of ice all over the place. The security and the world came in, and all the little black kids blamed us. We were so pissed. Jared wanted to go up and kill the guy that told the security we did it. We didn't get in trouble, just a warning, but like I said, we didn't do it!

On March 5, my grandma's birthday, Jill and I make up, and we're really good friends again. She even writes that she's attracted to me. I was so excited, you wouldn't believe. It was great.

March 7, 2002.

The second to worst day of my life.

March 7, 2002.

Many of the people I told about it see as it a prophecy from Jesus. Many of the people that heard a rumor about it believe Jill and I aren't virgins.

That day, known to the band people and my best friends as Pre-UIL, was a competition for the junior highs at RSS. Jill and I both signed up to work at it. We hung out the entire time, and went up into the sound booth areas.

People noticed us gone, came to wild conclusions, found out some stuff from me, which I told in confidence, but all of my friends broke my trust, and the absolute entire world find out about Pre UIL 2002. I'm talking about...the entire band.

March 8, 2002.

The worst day of my life.

March 8, 2002.

The day went along great at first. I saw Jill, she looked sexy in what she was wearing, and we went on with band. It turned out, everyone was staring at me. I had no idea why, until I figured out everyone knew. Mr. Shaw called Jill in for something, and everyone looked at me and Jared yelled, "MR. SHAW KNOWS TOO??"

Although hilarious, this started such insane chaos with everyone that no one could believe what was going on. At lunch, when I saw Jill CRY, my life came to an end.

To see a girl cry because of something you did, HORRIBLE. It was...horrible.

I tried everything, but it was over. I shut down TW that day too. For the second time in almost a month, I shut down TW because of a girl. I couldn't do this anymore. This time though, I blamed it all on me.

My new room was under construction, and the walls were just starting to come into place. It was great. My sofa inside my room that many of you love was in my garage since 2001. It was never moved from my garage after we put it in it. It has stayed in here, never moved, even through the construction of the Warzone Trade Center (WTC).

There's oh so much more to this story, but this will be part one, of maybe four, in this series of history.