The History

June 2002 - August 4, 2002

Getting kicked out of graduation was one thing. Watching TW fall and fall down into absolutely nothing was another. I got my other camera from Andrew, Mr. Spartacus, working for about a day. Then, when I tried going to the movies with Liz one night, it broke. It just stopped. I haven't seen Mr. Spartacus since.

The movie I mentioned destroyed Brad and I as friends. He didn't know anything about how I felt, or how she felt, and when I sat next to her at the movies, he grew this intense hate for me. To this day, nearly a year later, Brad hates me, and I hate him. It's mutual. I miss the old times, but well, the old times are in the past. That day set the course of the rest of the year. I'm glad I got kicked out of band, because if I was still in band, I would have kicked the shit out of Brad since he had some power being field officer.

It was getting closer and closer to New York coming at me. June 22 was coming up fast, and I had no camera. My mom definitely wanted a camera to go with me to New York. I had to think up something quick. I needed to borrow someone's camera.

On June 4th, I made a stupid discovery I should have made MONTHS before. I had a one year warranty. HP and I talked on the phone, and on June 2nd, we sealed the deal. They were in the process of sending me Mr. HP II. On June 4th, I was also invited to Liz's birthday party. June 4th also marked the day Nick and I went to Pasadena to try and fix a small problem with Mr. Sony. This small problem would have costed me over $100. Feeeuck that.

On June 5th, Kelly and I went to Macromedia's conference in Houston. I took so many shits that day and destroyed the bathroom many times. It was a great conference. We learned a lot, and Kelly got a free fish sandwich and we threw it out the window over the I-10-610 Interchange.

June 6th was the day I recieved Mr. HP II. I sent Mr. HP far far away, and I never saw him again. It was such a beautiful day.

June 8th came, the day of Liz's little party. There, I made contact with Amanda Klaus, otherwise known as Stackey. I found out she was visiting New York this summer, and we planned to meet each other there. I thought that was so absolutely awesome and I wanted to meet someone I knew from Baytown in New York.

I also attempted to talk to my former best friend Brad. We talked a little but I could see it was going no where. I gave up. I went home that night and just thought to myself how dumb everything was, but I was so completely happy.

Galleria I

I was shocked when I found out the results of Galleria I. It outnumbered Target II, the biggest producing fuckfest ever. 115 pictures were taken on June 11, 2002, the birthday of Cassie and Jill.

And here comes Mr. HP II's first ever major peformance. He succeeded.

The fuckfest team comprised of myself, Thomas Earl McMahon, Brian Gustin, a newbie to fuckfests but not TW, and Nick, because he was driving his van.

You will read about this later, but this is the last fuckfest hosted by Nick's first van, the Alpha Centari Space Station I.

The trip started out incredibly strange. Not even going twenty feet from my house, Brian jumped out of the van and found a roll of duck-tape, and it was definitely sexy. The duck-tape will be used later in the Go Digital. This fuckfest also brought into context the violent door openings in the middle of no where. When we were turning on Westheimer, Brian and I opened the door and yelled at some innocent bystander waiting on Westhemier for something, maybe the light to cross the street.

Although I can't remember specific details about this fuckfest, I do know that we ate at this Cajun Food Place. We LOVED it. Tommy pussed his way out and went to Roman Delight Pizza. However, we succeeded in the better lunch: We had the best root beer on the planet from the fountain drink machine. The caramel was thick and therefore made the drink so incredibly awesome.

The best part of the day had to have been our adventures upstairs to the office wing of the Galleria no one is allowed to go to. Basically, we went to the office restroom and were doing military operation tatics on the 7th floor of the Galleria. We all took shits. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I was the one that needed to shit, but I didn't. Nick mooned me in the middle of the bathroom, and let me say it was nasty.

Many beautiful pictures were taken on Galleria I, which I would have to say was one of the best fuckfests in history, and I'm writing this on May 29, 2003, almost one year since it happened. The fuckfest wasn't only at the Galleria. The best parts were maybe in Barnes and Nobles, FAO Schwartz, and back at Nick's house where we wore different masks.

Brian drove his truck around Nick's neighborhood with all of us in the bed yelling "FUCK AMERICA, FUCK YOU!" Well, I was yelling "Fuck America!" Basically, we went by Country Club to do that, and let me say that the rich pricks didn't appreciate me putting them down (since they run the government cause they're rich and all that bullshit).

The fuckfest ended with me and Brian going to Cassie and Jill's house and wishing them Happy Birthday.


Before going to New York, Nick had a sleepover at his house which involved Kelly McKinkalot, Nick, Tommy and I. The interesting aspect about the sleepover was everyone trying to figure out what to do about poor Nick. He liked Kelly Ochoa, and so did Kelly Kincl. Kelly has a history of dating girls with the same name as him.

That entire day, Nick and Kelly were outdoing themselves to get into Kelly Ochoa's pants. Basically, Kelly Kincl won on that one, because Kelly and..Kelly have apparently been talking. Nick however didn't know Kelly and Kelly were talking, and when Kelly called Kelly (ok, you're confused, I know it, just go to the next paragraph) I had to keep it a secret so I didn't hurt Nick's feelings and I had to talk to Kelly about Kelly. I don't even know which Kelly I'm talking about now.

I also watched the Seinfeld dvd with him on tour. It was pretty good.

Tommy also began his relationship with Allison several weeks ago, and I'll just bring it up now. It began smoothly with no problems, and I was happy for Tommy a whole lot. However, as soon as I left to New York, and Tommy left for the Frio, problems started arising between Nick and Tommy.

New York - June

There's so much to talk about for New York. Basically, the Year in Review is a very good summary of it, but I'll enlongate for many of you who like details and like stories about myself. (Dottie says I should write an autobiography)

The first two days I was in New York was just regular saying "Hi" to the family, shit like that. I also got to go to a Mets-Royals game, and the Royals whipped our ass. How that's possible, I don't know. The first Monday that came up however was a day of holy matrimony for me, or felt like it. It was my first day alone in the city.

I was running all over the place. I knew the city better than the city knew itself. The subway, peeesh, I know the subway better than the people who built it. That's basically how the first day went.

The next day however, was the TECHXNY tech conference I wanted to go to. Many exhibits would be available and it was very sexy indeed. My cousin Rick and I were going to it. There was only one problem: You had to be 18 and have approproiate ID.

Well, I totally bypassed those rules. With my beard, and with my student ID badge for Sterling that clearly reads "STERLING HIGH SCHOOL, CLASS OF 2004." Of course there was no way I could be 18. Brad was just turning 17 then and he's the oldest person I know in our class. I wasn't even 16 yet.

The conference was awesome. It was three days of non-stop fun. I talked to many vendors, including HP, and lots of products interested me. I called Cassie and Jill from cell-phones over at the forum. Then, I also helped a Russian man film the skyline. Aren't I a good person? YAYAY!

After that, I visited Ground Zero. It was a dreadful sight. I didn't even really want to look at it well because it scared me. Take dynomite to Sterling, and that would be the equivilent to Ground Zero. (The main building)

On June 28, my glasses broke. My mom stepped on them the night before, and I broke them that day. I had to go to New York City blind because my Mom and sister went to the "Powerpuff Girls" Movie premiere. My brother and I walked to 5th Avenue and 42nd street, got a new pair of glasses, and went on with our business.

On June 30th, I extended to the far parts of New York to Brooklyn. I go back to the Ditmars section of Brooklyn and I walk around the predominately Jewish neighborhoods. It's relatively quiet for a Sunday afternoon. I called Liz at work and we spoke for 10 minutes. I loved hearing her voice.

I got lost on the way home because I thought I was farther East than I actually was. Sadly I wasn't. I took the train to Smith 9th street, the absolute highest point of the elevated subway (which is an oxymoron and paradox once you think about it). It looked so nice. This year I plan to take hundreds of pictures of Brooklyn, the waterfront, and the waterfront of the Bronx.

New York - July

The next week was horrible. I did nothing. I had little contact with my friends. I also didn't spend much time on the subway either. That won't happen this year. I plan to spend 60 dollars total just on my transportation fees, and I plan to keep in close contact with all my friends throughout my summer vacation.

On July 2nd, I went to Palisades Mall, across the Hudson River. Its on northern border of New Jersey, and the beginning of the southern part of New York (exemption with the city and Long Island). It's the second biggest mall in the country. I'm pretty sure the Galleria is in the top 10, I just don't know what number it is. I tried looking up a chart on Google but I couldn't find one.

The mall was extremely boring. I think I walked in and out of Best Buy, which is in the mall itself (this mall is HUGE), four times. Oh wow, I just found information on it. "It boasts 4.3 million square feet and over 220 tenants. The behemoth complex houses a 21 complex movie theater, indoor ice skating rink, 10 restaurants, a carnival size Ferris wheel, a 100 year old antique carrousel, and well renowned anchor stores including: Lord & Taylor, JC Penny, Fileneís, and Home Depot. This mall metropolis is more than just a shopping center; itís a complete family entertainment center."

Even with all that, I was bored, because I had to have supervision and I couldn't go where ever I wanted.

That came to Saturday. Rye Playland. The absolute worst place that's ever existed on the face of the earth. It's on fun. It's expensive, lame, and horrible.

Many of you know that obsession I have with my hat. Almost every picture I take involves my hat. Today, on July 6th, my fourth Yankee hat, would never see the top of my head again.

The day started off pretty awesome, I'll admit that. On the Major Deegan Expressway, Interstate 87, a major high speed police chase involving a Surburban almost hit us. The State Police, the New York City Police, the Yonkers Police, the National Guard, the Marines, the FBI, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Coast Guard was there too, shut down Interstate 87 for about ten minutes. They shot into the Surburban. We couldn't see this because we were on the main part of the highway. They were on the entrance ramp to go to the Cross Bronx Expressway to New Haven, Connecticut, and the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey. When we finally got through, we saw smoke coming out of the Surburban.

When I got home, I found out it was a high speed chase involving a bank robbery. My cousin and I thought it was terrorists because it was so close to the GW Bridge. I mean, come on, the marines were running around the Interstate.

The trip to Rye didn't take long. As soon as I got there, I road an ok roller coaster. I sat on my hat for that one. The next ride is the ride that screwed my life over. It was similar to the Bamboo Shoot.

It was Satan.

My hat didn't stand a chance. It fell straight off my head. The worst thing about it all is, it fell right into the slide, not onto any land around the ride.

On July 6, 2002, I lost my Yankee Hat. At first, I was laughing. I was like, "Man look what I've done." Then, after a bunch of rude New Yorkers like myself refused to cooperate and help me get my hat back, I started screaming. I cried. I yelled to everyone about how bad the amusement park was.

My cousins were hitting me. I threatened to leave the park. I actually started walking out, because I wanted to go buy a hat so I could wear a Yankee hat. My older cousin kept yelling "It's just fabric, it's just fabric!" Of course, no one understood that losing my Yankee hat was basically losing my entire life.

I said bye to my hat from a distance. Number 4 Yankee Hat signed off.

The same day, my cousins told me the bumper cars would make me feel better. Yeah, make me feel better physically or mentally? I banged up my knee so bad, that night, me and my brother were in pain. My brother was worse. He road it twice. He was banged up in both legs, but I think overall I was banged up more in my right leg because I was taller.

The next day, I walked to Manhattan, limping, looking for prices of my new Yankee hat prospect. I wore Hat 5a, which I still have with me. I also looked for a "Brooklyn" shirt for Liz, cause she liked it whenever I said Brooklyn.

I finally found one in the heart of Canal Street in Lower Manhattan. It was pretty.

On Monday, Yankee Hat #5 was born. I also visited the top of the Empire State Building. That means I've visited the two tallest buildings in New York - the World Trade Center, and the Empire State Building. Both were magnificant sights. The next couple of days, I went shopping for all my friends. I bought probably 10 "I love New York shirts." On Tuesday, I took the 7 train all the way into Queens, and fell in love with the ride. I really enjoyed it. On Wednesday, I took the F train into Jamiaca (which actually isn't a prodomintantly African American community at all) for a slice of pizza and just to look at the area. I've never been there before.

Tommy called me during one of these nights. Joe also called me. Tommy informed me of the increasing tensions between Kelly Ochoa, Allison Horner, and Nick. Tommy was all stuck in the middle trying to figure things off. On Joe's side, he was spending lots of time with Jenna.

On Thursday, Amanda "Stackey" Klaus came to New York with her father. We visited the Ground Zero site. Then, we took the ferry to Staten Island and back, showing the incredible views of the now naked skyline without the WTC. After that, we walked around Wall Street, and for dinner, Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

On Friday, I woke up early because Stackey and her father wanted to see some country singer perform at the Today show. They couldn't see well, so we just left. We went to Grand Central, visited Nyla (Britney Spears' resturaunt), and then went down to Little Italy and Chinatown.

After a very expensive lunch that thank Jehovah I didn't pay for, they went back up to NYU for a tour, while I went back uptown to do some last minute "say goodbyes" to my beautiful city and my home. After a quick visit, I went back to NYU, had small talk with one of the directors there, then went back to the Bronx to find my mom. We then went BACK down to Manhattan, where we bought souviners from Hard Rock Cafe, the Transit Shop, and the CBS store for Dave Letterman shirts.

The Intense Climax to August

I was so happy to go home the next day. There was aircraft problems. It was pretty funny though, cause I met a Russian woman who asked me by pointing if she could use my cell-phone to call her husband in Houston. I said sure, and she fell in love with me. I'm just loveable, that's all.

I got home. Joe was waiting at my house and we hung for a while, then went to Jenna's house and hung out over there.

The next couple of days were rather quiet. I spent time with my friends and got back to normal. Liz decided to keep us just as friends, which made me really sad. Life went on though. My birthday came up, and I finally turned 16. I had several people over. We then went to go see K19, a movie I've been dying to see since I saw the previews. I enjoyed it a lot. We then went to the Olive Garden for some sexy fun.

Cassie and Jill came over after that, and we spent some time together. But it all came to an end, and pretty soon - band was going to start again.

About a few days after my birthday, Jill confessed to me that Joe was backstabbing me the entire time in San Antonio and was lying to my face about everything that was going on. The entire purpose of the Band Video was Joe lying, and we all didn't know it. Basically, I yelled and screamed at Joe for not telling me, and told him I'm glad he didn't tell me back then because if so I would have beat the living shit out of him.

At around all this time, I was preparing the massive launch for TW. It had a new site design. It had new everything. It was absolutely gorgeous and it was going to be gorgeous. I worked day and night to put this son of a bitch up.

On July 28 at 7:00, TW opened for business. Everyone was excited.

On July 29 at 9:00, TW closed for business, due to me having mp3s on the site, which the server didn't allow. I cussed out the server people, they gave me my money back, and then I got another server.

I worked endlessly to get all the information on the new server in time for my August 4th deadline I set. Everything was going well, till July 31, 2002.

Two Kicks in the Face

You don't necessarily expect two life dramatic changes in two days. Well, my name is Matt Impelluso, and it definitely happened to me.

Working endlessly on the site caused me some stress, so I needed to get out. Joe took me out, and we hung out all day with Jenna. It was at that time I found out Mr. Clem, my band director, called me and asked me to bring my instrument to school, so he could "check on it." I said I'd be there in about three minutes.

I realized this was the last time I'd ever carry my instrument. I was about to be kicked out of band.

Joe and Jenna were scared for me. I walked in first, and they stood far behind. I carried my instrument into the band hall. All over the band hall, there was propaganda saying basically "if you don't come with a positive attitude, get out." Well, those signs can make anyone have a negative attitude already, so that wasn't accomplished.

Scratching my beard, I saw Mr. Moore who almost jumped to the site of me. Mr. Clem then came out of his office. He smiled at me and asked me for my instrument. His smile then turned to grimness and he laid the instrument on the desk, opened the case, then closed it. He then put it to his feet.

"You're not going to be in this band program anymore. You and your guideline rules have been sent to every law agency and anyone with power in the school district. Your web-site is so incredibly filthy and disgusting and threatening freshman (and blah)..." - Clem

My mouth was wide open.

"(points finger) What did I do wrong? HUH? What did I do? I have NEVER wrote about you in any way on my site. My site has nothing to do with this."

"I can't talk to you about this in any way. You have to speak to the principal."

I forgot what I said next, but it was probably something cocky to get back at him. I looked around the band hall for the last time as a band member. Clem and Moore watched me intently, making sure I was going to trash the place. I looked at all the rooms. The old Low Woodwind room was now called "Storage Room 1." It housed french horns and trumpets. I looked down in absolute dispair and wondered how the hell this could possibly happen. The band was crumbling. I was out of the crumbling band.

Walking out, with them falling me, I said, "It's not going to work." Stupid Clem replies, "Is that a threat?" and I said, "No, the band, it's not going to work." Clem responds with, "Then you must be happy you're not in it." He walks me out to the door, then locks it.

Joe and Jenna look at me with horrific faces, and we pull out of RSS. I see my mom on the other side of the street getting money out at her bank. That's where I begin yelling and screaming. I think I saved it up for that moment in time.

My mom rushed to RSS to speak to Clem about what happened. She asked if there was anything I can do to get back in band. He responds with, "The only way your son will get back in band is if I quit."

That made my mom enter the war on Clem. SHE WAS PISSED SHE GOT TREATED THAT WAY.

Then, I started yelling and screaming at the school, saying the worst words possible. As soon as I got home, I called Cassie and Jill and told them what happened. They were pretty much in shock. I told them about all the propaganda. Everyone kept saying, "Band will never be the same...."

It was ironic, but the drum major of the band program called my house to see if Joe was there, reminding him of band camp. Adam Collins, Liz's ex-boyfriend, and I talked for about an hour. I told him about what happened. He couldn't believe it. He said he wanted to try and help me. I told him not to, because if Clem found out the lead drum major was on the side of someone who he just kicked out of band, things would be really bad.

Liz called me and I told her what happened. She was shocked as well. Amanda Klaus's parents were on my side, and they were the Band Parent Presidents. Everyone was on my side to get back into the program I so dearly loved.

The next day, I went to school and lunch with Joe and Jenna. Jill came and ate at Dairy Queen with us, and then Jill came back to my house. That same day, I got my new case for my current computer. I was so happy. I also applied at Design Ventures for a job, but no one called me.

It was that night I was told something that changed the entire way I looked at relationships. My worst fear came true as well. It was all coming to life, and it was all coming into the picture.

I won't tell you what happened to me and Liz, but I'll tell you this: It was something that devasted me beyond anything I've ever heard before. It all happened when I was gone in New York. Get some infrencing going.

This is not an attack on Liz. This is telling the truth. How does this tie in to Warzone history you might ask? Because of what happened, and because of me telling specific people on what happened, word got out very fast, just like the Pre UIL events (see two History's before this). When word got out to people, people decided to start talking about it forever.

Over the next couple of months, Liz would get phone calls, lose her friends, and she would get tormented with people making fun of her. At one point, there was a time when no one I knew liked her, at all. I was the only one who stood by her side. Then, I colappsed as well.

On August 4, the day I reopened TW, I realized, it was over. I went back to my hole, and there it was, me liking Jill again.

TW began it's third season on August 4, 2002. As of June 3, 2003, it has been the most successful and most catastrophic season in the history of the web-site.