The History

August 5, 2002 - October 31, 2002

On August 2nd, two days after I got kicked out of band, my parents decided it was time to fight the system - The Impelluso's vs the Band Program, and get my position in Band back. This wouldn't be easy, considering the religious domination Texas has based on it, and the intense hatred not put on me by the band directors.

We walked up to the school waiting to see Mr. Hutchins. When they were ready, I wasn't even allowed to go inside. That made NO SENSE AT ALL. How the fuck was I supposed to tell my story? Well, I couldn't. My parents told me they didn't even tell him a story either. Hutchins just went off on them, and said "Whatever Clem believes, I believe."

We come to the conclusion that my parents now hate Mr. Clem and Mr. Hutchins, and think both of them are huge assholes and jerks.

My father didn't want to back down though, so I told him to wait till 2:00 to talk to Clem in the band hall, right after the woodwinds got out of band rehearsal. He went in there at 2:00 like planned.

I stood outside talking to the drum majors about what happened, and several people who were anxious to see me. I saw Brad pass by and I wanted to flick him off, but I didn't have time, and I had more in my mind than kicking his ass.

Suddenly, my parents came out, and I went to see what Clem said. My parents were PISSED OFF to the extreme. I think my father asked him for a second chance, and Mr. Clem went fucking apeshit on everything. I forgot what he said exactly, but, let me just say, his response pissed me off as well, and all of you know my temper.

I started cussing at the school. It wasn't like that'd help me anyway, but I yelled so loud the parking lot stared at me wondering what was going on. Freshman stared at me as if I were a monster (my beard). I WAS PISSED OFF.

The war then continued next week, as we were going to talk to Mr. Nolden about my problems about getting back into band.

Of course, Mr. Nolden was much more professional than Clem. He handed my parents the thing I wrote ("I sent your 'rules' to every superintendent in the district"). But, we also got to tell him all the things Clem did to us, and he was very mad at Clem and Hutchins on how they handed the situation.

Basically, I did come to the conclusion what I did was somewhat inappropriate. Never will I agree that I needed to be kicked out of band. Strict punishment like not being able to go to the football games or something, that would have been ok, but I lost my entire band membership.

Due to this, Mr. Nolden came up with a plan. I was still in Clem's Music Theory class, so he left me in that, and basically I'd be on a trial basis to see if I should get back in band or not.

At the time, I was happy. But, not being in band ruined my life mentally, and Clem still attacked me mentally no matter what I did.

Back to my roots

There was only one good thing at the time of me being out of band: I got to wake up as late as I wanted to.

On August 7, Go Digital kicked off the new season with a Clear Lake adventure. The adventure included Steve Terry, a newcomer for adventures with TW, Tommy, and Kelly Kincl.

In Clear Lake, the object of the day was to try and get Steve to offer batteries to people, and to see who would actually take the batteries. Steve wasn't very successful, but we got some funny fucking pictures.

My beard was absolutely humongous. Walking around and messing around with me was like messing around with a 30 year old. Messing around as in, not sexually. LOL. We went to CompUSA where I took over the computer monitors and wrote TW's web-site address on the main computer hosting all of them.

I then started talking about my former 3rd grade love, Cynthia. I knew she lived in the area. Steve made a daring attempt for me to try and see Cynthia again. Her mom opened the door and I told her who I was, and she remembered me! It was great. The only sad news was Cynthia moved to Wimberley, Texas about a week before, and her mom was just about to go up to Wimberley as well.

I got Cynthia's email address however, and she emailed me back. She couldn't believe I remembered her and everything. I remember almost everything. I mean, come on, its June 3, 2003, 3:09 in the morning, and I'm remembering exact details of something that happened last August!

What came next was something so impromptu yet so beautiful that Kelly, Tommy and I never saw coming.

Target III

The last Target came as impromptu as this Target. Target III, the biggest fuckfest in the history of TW, was probably the least elaborate in setting up, but the most fun. Target III also embarked on the historic features of TW - we did everything Target I had in store, but did some driving afterward.

School was approaching so fast, we didn't even know it. Target III showed everyone we were ready. The third season of TW had officially begun.

Target III started off at my house, and our driver was sexy Steve Terry btw, then traveled to Kelly's, then traveled to Tommy's. We passed by the school which was having summer band camp, then to Target for some sexy fun.

Everything was going as plan except some weird guy kept staring at us. We didn't give a fuck. We took at least 50 pictures inside Target, and that was all that mattered. When Kelly put his head through the bike rack for a third time, Elizabeth, some fucking bitch that worked at Target, told us to be good guests. In the back of my mind, I said, "Why don't you be a good fucking host?"

We left Target with the weird guy staring at us. That didn't do much of anything. I had my Italian flag wrapped around me sexually. After that, we had lunch in McDonalds. Steve and I then had to go to the school to change our schedule. I had to get out of band, and Steve had to talk to Mrs. Pitkins about some shit with his Spanish class. I think Mrs. Crowley failed him.

After that, we can officially say we were the first group of students inside the East Annex, the new building at RSS. Steve and I being from RSS liked it at first, but after we actually became students in it, we realized it was trash. Tommy and Kelly being from REL liked the building too. We also took the first student pisses in it.

Kelly, Tommy, and Steve began jumping on the columns where the East Annex is. I have to say, seeing Tommy slide down the columns was probably the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life.

After the adventures, we went to ToysRUs. I really have no idea why - I think it was Tommy's idea. Anyway, we went nonetheless. It was extremely fun and resulted in even more pictures being taken.

After that, Steve had to go home for something, and we went back to Steve's house and waited to do fun stuff. We got back in the truck, and the fun began. The first thing we did was go to Jared Flynn's house. Because band was on today, we knew he wouldn't be home.

I told Tommy my idea. We were going to take Jared's band sign and give it to Jenna. Jenna was going to love it so much! It was to be a surprise however. Tommy picked up Jared's band sign, threw it in the back of Steve's truck, and off we were to Jenna's house.

On the way, I decided to persuade Steve to stop at Cassie and Jill's house to show them my wonderful acquisition of property. I told Jill we were gonna show Jenna, so she hopped in the truck and now the fuckfest group of four was now five.

When we pulled up to Jenna's house, Jenna's step-father, Tommy, was outside drinking a beer. When I showed him what we got, he started laughing. We walked inside the house and I went into Jenna's room. She just woke up. We showed her the band sign, and it didn't hit her yet to what was actually going on.

We had Jared Flynn's band sign all right, and I was king of the world at that second. For some reason, I craved more - so the fuckfesters, including Jill, traveled to Highlands - because we wanted to steal Eryn Cotten's cheerleading sign. After searching far and wide for her house (she once gave me directions because I had to fix her computer, but she called it off cause she had to go somewhere the next day. Basically, I think she's just a big pathological liar and didn't' want me coming over cause I'm not a prep like her). We didn't find anything, so we gave up and went back to Baytown.

We dropped Tommy off and then went to Whispering Pines where I took a piss and let Jill off. Kelly, Steve, and I then went to WalMart to buy mantles for a fishing trip Steve was going to go on pretty soon. It was there I saw Adrienne Flusche, Jeremy's ex-girlfriend, and it was pretty...weird.

The fuckfest ended. As you can see, I'm a huge liar and we actually had a very complicated fuckfest trip. Target III and Target IV both had "lovers" in the trip. Jill in Target III, who joined us for about an hour and a half of fuckfest time, and Allison in Target IV, who just joined us during the Target in Baytown's adventure.

The response was incredible. Target III was an intense hit the second it reached TW's Go Digital section, and it was and still is the most successful fuckfest in the history of TW.

Final Summer Adventures

My summer ends in a very sexy and horrible fashion at the same time. Here's all that happened:

  • On August 15, Logan, Kelly and Kelly, and I go around Baytown. I have my Italian flag, and I go in the middle of Raccoon and Savell, (better known as the entrance to Whispering Pines) with one of my wet floor signs that I stole at our mall. Workers waved at me, and cars passing by wondered if I was a terrorist because of my incredible beard.

  • On August 17, Tommy, Kelly and I go to WalMart and take several pictures. It is here where Tommy is running down an aisle and knocks over one of the price scanners, sending it to it's death. Wires are hanging out from the wall and we run out of WalMart as fast as possible.

  • As one of my many and wonderful plans which never work out, my idea for the final day before school (August 18) was to get a huge group together and try and perform a Galleria II fuckfest, or just something close to the sort. I tried desperately for people to come, but it ended up only with me and Kelly. We tried getting Jill to come along, but her father wouldn't let her go with two guys. This made me extremely sad. We ended the day and I shaved off my beard with Jenna and Joe, Joe being the one who cut most of my hair off.

    School Begins

    It's at this point of my histories that I can actually go back and comment on my "What's on my Mind" columns, because starting on August 1, 2002, I started saving them. There are many, many long columns which I'll probably just skim, but I'll do it in order and comment on them every once and a while.

    The first day of school was extremely...odd. The new building was just scary, and I didn't like it too much. I did enjoy walking around and seeing the wonderful familiar faces I was waiting to see the night before.

    The first days of school were pretty nice. I enjoyed myself. Not really. Having known I got Mrs. Stanley made me really happy. For some reason, Cassie thought she was in my English class 1st period, but they switched it to 2nd. I'm very glad that happened, because now I'm on "I hate you" terms with her, which is quite reasonable considering the way she's acting.

    I'm not really sure about many of these pictures in my "August 20th" folder. I know many of them occurred, yes, but not on this day for sure. Many of them look right, like the pictures of me and Jill and me, Jill, Cassie, and Stackey. We were all wearing our subway shirts. It was their chance to protest me not being in band. I mean, nice protest and all, but it didn't phase the dictator band director.

    The day I took pictures with Cassie and Jill, I think was the day Mr. Clem told me I shouldn't be in the band hall. I left once, and then when I was taking the pictures, he said that he was "writing this occurrence down" in some kind of record he was keeping of me. He said that more of these occurrences would result to me not being in band. Although he said on Monday that everything was ok, (I even apologized to him and Mr. Moore about everything), he said I should wait a week or two to go back in the band hall. Of course, to me that means four days, so that's when I went back in there.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, all my references must be mixed up because I never remembered Liz coming to school on a Monday now. So, my year in review was incorrect. I'm going to go back a day and talk about me seeing Liz for the last time. Liz came to school and said bye to everyone, most notably the band directors and a few people she liked in band. As you all know, Liz's popularity in band was probably the equivalent to Richard Nixon after being shamed of Watergate. Therefore, it was pretty bloodthirsty in the band hall.

    I said bye to Liz on the East Annex South Stairwell. In my mind, I was hoping to never see her again, but not exactly just leave her in hole and never talk to her again. I was ready to move on with my life. My "number 1 fan" for The Warzone just didn't really fit in right anymore.

    After a long hug, I left Liz, and ironically, found the weirdest thing in Sterling's parking lot for me to find: Kelly and Andrew, who moved to Lee over the summer break. Andrew was going to retrieve his letter jacket for theatre.

    Speaking of theatre, which this directly affects the history of The Warzone in the future, I moved out of theatre to Computer Science, a class with Nick, Chad, and many other notables. This started a friendship with Jesse LaRue, and my great friend Tim Stuart.

    Revolving more around my life was the fact that I couldn't play in Mr. Eichler's Baytown Community Band. Baytown Community Band was for college students, band directors, regular adults with regular jobs and lives, and high school students in the band program. According to rules, Mr. Eichler couldn't let me in the band unless I was enrolled in Sterling's band. This is yet another blow to me not being in band, I lost a great Monday night gig.

    It Mr. Eichler however encouraged me to try my best to be in the band program and not lose hope. That next Tuesday, I went to Pigskin Preview, and started my "Good luck tonight!" comments toward Mr. Clem to make him love me again. I took several pics of many people for Pigskin Preview. It was sad sitting across from the band, and not with them.

    The hope Mr. Eichler gave me would dwindle when in the next week, when Tim Brockman and I tried to watch the band on an ordinary Friday afternoon (game-day), Clem kicked me off the band field right in front of Tim and said, "You are not part of this band program anymore, therefore you shouldn't be on this field. Bye." And, I went on Joe's Mustang, got pretty teary-eyed, emailed Mr. Eichler, and told him what happened. I walked around the school, thinking, "What the FUCK is wrong with that man?"

    That night at the football game, I sat rather close to the band. Clem stared me down, and I stared right back. The war was on.

    25 days of hell

    "25 days" refers to the intense period of my life and the total down point of The Warzone in which you read about in probably the next history if I don't write it in this one.

    Basically, I just want to tell all of you a short story. My favorite numbers are 2 and 5. Why they're my favorite numbers is quite simple: In New York, the train lines are numbers or letters. In the Bronx, where my grandma lives, the 2 and 5 are exactly the same distance apart from my grandma's house, meaning I wouldn't get to the station faster by picking one over the other. Therefore, since I always take the 2 and the 5, 25 became my favorite number. If I had to pick a single digit number, it would be 5.

    2 is also the number of me and Jackie Khulman's favorite baseball player, Derek Jeter.

    Now that we have Matt Impelluso theology out of the way, let me continue to why this section matters on TW. When school started, I asked Jill to homecoming. My idea was me, Jenna, Joe, and Jill could all go together and it'd be really fun. Jill never responded.

    At the same time, Jared and I finally started talking. Jenna and Joe were still spreading rumors about him having sexual actions with a guy of the same sex. Jenna claims its true cause Jared told her, but Jared denies it a whole lot. I honestly didn't know who to believe at one point.

    Jared ties in to this because Jared also asked Jill to homecoming. The day of the first football game, I was going crazy. I found out more things about Jill I didn't want to hear. All of my friends thought it was time to declare war on her. Tommy, as my military commander, already declared war on her. I just sat there, and didn't know what to do.

    One day at lunch, I walked up from talking to Jill and left her to vote for Sarah Guest for homecoming court for our grade. Then I walked off and talked to Stackey.

    Back in the first semester, there were three fashions: The band table, the "Anti-Band" table led by me basically, and the regular Senior table at our lunch. By the end of the year, the band table would split up to the Anti-Band table or the other Senior table, or wouldn't come to lunch at all.

    That fits in now because when I started to leave the table (everyone kept urging me to let go of the whole Jill thing and move on with my life) Jill moved to the band table with her new best friend Erin Standard. I was scared she liked Jared or Tomas Contreas. When Jared started going out with Jenny Anderson, everything seemed ok, but Tomas still was in my way.

    I didn't know what to do. Finally, I saw Jill after the game, the same day I got swatted off the field by Clem. We started yelling in the parking lot. This was one hell of a fight. She walked off when she realized we were both getting no where, and then I started yelling rhetorical questions to everyone in the parking lot. It was at that point I threw my fifth Yankee hat on the ground.

    I didn't realize it, but the top button on my hat fell off when I did that. I was so pissed at the world, I climbed the crow's nest, the big podium in the east parking lot. I yelled "MY PEACE BE WITH US IN THIS TIME OF WAR."

    Peace was a lot to ask for. A whole lot.

    Jill and I didn't talk till September 5. Remember, 5 is my favorite number of all.

    On September 5, I was sentenced to "5" days of SAC. The number 5 comes up yet again.

    Jill and I had a thing going. We counted each day we didn't get in a fight. Guess how many days we lasted till the first fight broke out? 25.

    So, my entire life is cursed with the numbers 5 and 25. Mr. Shaw sentenced me to 5 days of SAC for the thing that happened with band. Not only was I kicked out of band, I had to be sentenced to 5 days of SAC for something that happened during Graduation.

    Mrs. May would tell our class, "Matt doesn't seem like the type that would get in trouble." Welcome to Matt Impelluso's life, Mrs. May.

    The five days I stood in SAC made me realize something: I hate school, a whole lot. I also love life a whole lot. I had to write an essay proclaiming why I should be in the band program next year. Everything was just so much bullshit.

    At SAC however, I became close with the SAC teacher, Mr. Allen, who's a computer junkie like myself. We talked a lot and he showed me Frys circulars daily. It was at that point that I saw the deal of a lifetime - an AMD XP 2000 processor with a Soyo Dragon Lite motherboard. THIS is what I wanted for my birthday. My super computer was almost complete!

    Today was the one year anniversary of September 11. I stood saddened as I remembered my two favorite buildings. I bought the motherboard and processor with Tommy by my side. Speaking of Tommy, that comes to another part of important TW history we must discuss.

    Finishing the days of SAC, I wrote Jill, Liz, and Cassie letters. Joe and Jenna and I got in a big fight over something stupid. You might be saying, "Liz??" Yep, Liz. We started becoming friends again. It turns out, she was having trouble in the beginning making close friends. I became there for her. I relinquished my feelings and continued liking Jill a whole lot.

    Now that SAC is over, let me describe to you all what happened to Nick and Tommy during these months. There will be no sub column to this, because this is included in the 25 days of hell.

    As you all know, Tommy and Allison's relationship was getting to the point where fighting other people was inevitable. All relationships get this way to a certain standpoint, no matter how, what, and why the circumstances were given.

    Nick and Tommy always had some tension based on the entire Allison thing. Eyewitnesses always claim Nick had a thing for Allison. I didn't think that at all until Tommy finally put some reasoning into my head. Although Tommy is one of my best friends right now and was then, I still think it was stupid for me to even listen to him about siding against my other best friend, Nick.

    Tommy went all out on Nick. A war broke out in which Nick had to stop talking to Allison, not even as much look at her, and get away from the locker they shared. I was on Tommy's side of the event because the evidence seemed real. But, Nick was convincing me it wasn't.

    Nick and I weren't on good terms for about two weeks. Tommy and I were always on good terms till about November. Nick and Tommy weren't on good terms till about December. Drama is really bad, and we had a lot of that going around.

    With the 25 days of hell almost coming to an end, my incredible feelings for Jill were so strong I thought I was going to die. See, I know many of you are like, "JILL SILVA OMG WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MATT" and I'll just say, Guys, everyone finds someone they're going to remember for their first real love, and I'll remember that with Jill. I mean, my life is totally different now. Tommy will remember his first love being Allison. Brad will remember Melissa.

    Now that I got that out of the way till the big 25th day bang coming up, the large weekend adventures on September 27-29 brought fun into the life of TW.

    On September 27, Brad and I went to Clear Lake. We watched Sterling play Clear Lake. I watched the band perform and gave Mr. Clem a thumbs up in the press box. He nodded his head and waved, and smiled. I finally believed things were getting back to normal. I was very wrong.

    Afterward, I went and visited the band. I saw Jill and many other people. I told Jill I was going to Andrew's party and she showed some concern for some dumb reason. It made me feel cared for, but of course, that was nothing.

    Brad, Sheridan and I went to back to Sheridan's house where Brad and I waited for Sheridan to get out of uniform (she was in the Stars equivalent at Clear Lake called the Flairs). All of a sudden, her mom comes from the back room, yells at me, kicks me out of her house, and I'm stuck outside.

    In May, Sheridan and I got in a huge fight. It was basically over everything and my inabilities to let go of the past which many of you know I have an extreme disability in letting go of. In this fight, I said things I didn't mean of course, and Sheridan and I were back on good terms once again. Her mom read the conversation, something that was totally stupid. The convo wasn't even that bad. Probably the worst thing I called Sheridan was a bitch. Her mom claimed she went to the police so they could come get me, but the police wouldn't do shit.

    Sheridan cried for a long time and I felt really bad for her. Her father had to bring her to Andrew's party. He was nice to me even when I got kicked out of the house. Andrew's surprise party was quite sexy, as we all pitched in and gave Andrew a new amp.

    The next day was a day Stackey and I did together. I met Rachel Barajas, one of my current biggest fans. She was sexy and everything. Stackey immediately didn't like her. LOL. After that, Steven Sherry, me and Stackey went to Pasadena. It was in there Steven yelled to all of Best Buy that we were homosexuals. Then we went into SuperTarget (me for the first time) and walked around a bit in there. We got Starbucks cup holders. In a new fashion movement, we wore the cup holders to school on Monday.

    That night was REL homecoming. Everything was going on sexually and wonderful. We went to Bennigans and had great food. The entire night was just magical in itself. See pictures of September 28, 2002 for more evidence on that. It was a great thing.

    The next day, Stackey told me of her plans on going to Baybrook. I was excited because Jill was going. Turns out, Jill planned on staying on the phone all day long - with Chris Bruenning.

    Matt Impelluso - 0, Jesus Christ - 1500.

    On the 24th day of us not fighting, I continued walking around, feeling pretty bad. I knew something horrible was going to happen tomorrow. I mean, come on, it was the 25th day. At Baybrook, Cassie, Stackey, Steven and I took funny pictures. I tried on Abercrombie clothing with Steven and looked absolutely sexy.

    The next day, the 25th day, it all came to a vicious end. Realizations as the owner of TW came to me and I realized, "What the hell am I doing?" Well, it took me a while to ask myself that question.

    On September 30, I was walking down the hallway to Music Theory. Jill stopped me and said Hi, but I wasn't very responsive. I knew something bad was going to happen today. She kept asking me what's wrong. 25 days, down the drain.

    It was that night I found out she and Chris began going out around mid-day. For those of you who know the Slipknot song "Everything Ends," that was in my away message. Jill started apologizing, saying, "Matt, I'm so sorry." She also said everyone hated her at the second.

    The end of the end

    Horrible days. Entering October, I didn't know what else to think. I felt miserable till Thursday.

    On Thursday, I find out Jill is going to homecoming with Jared. I feel absolutely even more horrible about everything.

    On Thursday, Jill IMed me out of no where to ask me something about a Physics assignment. It was then we got in a huge fight, again. I poured out absolutely all of my feelings onto her. It turned out to become a huge and horrible mess.

    In my mess, I make things even worse by going to Liz for help. She helps me a whole lot through everything, and things get better between us over time.

    I didn't know what else to say. I mean, I was called a piece of shit for telling someone I really cared about my true feelings for her. The next morning, Joe and I went out to get donuts, and I showed him the conversation. We went to Shipleys to get something to drink, or something, and I saw Stackey's Jetta. Before I could stop myself, I looked through the mirror. Jill looked at me, put a disgusted look on her face, and turned around.

    Cassie and Joe were still in horrible terms as well. Cassie wanted a friendship with him but Joe continued to pursue his love for Jenna and never leave her side.

    It was the end of the world as we know it. Yeah. I was feeling horrible as it was. On Friday, a major tropical storm that developed in the Gulf was coming straight for Galveston. Because of this, Homecoming was cancelled, and was going to be rescheduled. I was still dateless to the dance.

    On Tuesday, I went to my first ever concert. It was Midtown, Recover, and Emanuel Nice. Stackey brought me and I enjoyed myself.

    On Wednesday, I wore Stackey's brother's clothes to school. I was dressed up as a prep. It was nerd day. Many people applauded my wonderful taste in nerdness. However, many preps didn't, and at lunch, many pieces of cookie were thrown in my direction.

    I wear my witch hat to school, and both days (Abercrombie too) are very successful Go Digital's.

    It was this final week of desperation for me as the owner of TW. I had kept everything in my life a secret till now basically, and tried running TW with the best of my ability. TW began slacking horribly after the Lee week adventures though. I saw Liz twice the Lee week weekend and it was so great seeing her again. She even got my mind off Jill for a while.

    What was horrible about everything though, on October 16, the two numbers I rurally hate the most because I hate those subway trains (the 1 and the 6), and ironically, the same numbers for Jill and Cassie's birthday (6-11), makes the absolute lowest point of my life.

    The girl I was in love with for about the entire year was gone. And now, the only thing that truly understood me, my computer, of about 3 years, died. The Dell just died. I had no idea why. Everything just came to a halt.

    With my computer not working, I wrote a speech. I wrote it at Tim Brockman's house. It included what happened to my computer, how horrible my life was shaping up, and the future of TW, which remained in jeopardy till I could get my computer back.

    Even worse, in the background of all of this mess, my apocalypse, the event between October 23 - 27 designed because in my freshman year, those were the same dates for the entire Jeff conspiracy and me getting sent to SAC, was fast approaching. When I finally got my Dell working again, things collapsed into absolutely nothing.

    For more than three weeks, The Warzone was shut down. It was the absolute lowest point in my life, TW's reputation as a website, and the comic relief in Baytown. The server in which I ran TW on crashed badly. Whenever it got back in order, the server master was so horrible in bringing back everything, I lost all of my information.

    During my hard drive crash with the Dell, I lost Target III's pictures. The only place that had them was my server, and since the server crashed, there was no point. I lost all of Target III's memories.

    These three weeks showed me how dependent I was as a person keeping people happy. Tons of you asked me when TW was going to be back up. I was just respond with, I don't know. Walking 49 was getting extremely impatient with me as their new webmaster with the servers down.

    I didn't think anything could go right. TW was down. My life was shit.

    Although I know many of you think I'm exaggerating about my life status, I don't know what else to tell you. This isn't to make you feel sorry for my past life, but realize, I'm not a normal person. I've had girl problems from the start, so bad that my entire life could get crushed in a second. I was extremely unintelligent with life back then and thought the only way to live was holding a girl's hand, preferably Jill's.

    My life is different now however. Little did I know that the next couple of weeks, my life would skyrocket to good status again. With more bumps on the ride to 2003 in December, I got out of 2002. 2002 was horrible. But, with help from all my friends, I got out of it.

    November and December are two other months of their own. As you finish reading, you can finally put something's into perspective: TW has been through a lot. Just scroll up. All this information happened in 3 months. So much more in life would be coming soon.

    As TW entered November blind of the future that it waited herself, I watched my life soon transform from my apocalypse to getting rid of Liz from my life for a very long time, and meeting someone who now I cherish beyond anything.

    Remember the last history where I said TW went through the most catastrophic but successful season? Well, that was the catastrophe.