WOMM Mikey Martinez

Matt Impelluso (D) - The Bronx

It's very, very, very hard to receive a phone call about a great friend passing away. It's even more difficult when your best friend is in the passenger seat, and that great friend was one of his closest friends. While Mikey and I weren't the greatest of friends, (partially due to me being in Saytown), I can honestly and truly say, we just lost one of the most creative, entertaining, thoughtful, honest people on the face of the planet.

It was his stage presence at shows that first proved to me how insane this guy really was. There is no guitarist to this day that can perform better on stage than Mikey Martinez. He destroyed everyone and everything. Somehow, he managed to keep along with the great music of his bands and play the greatest shows ever. These shows live in my heart to this day, and to many other of his fans, that went to the show just to rock out as hard as he would. Thanks Mikey, for bringing Baytown into hardcore.

To Mike and Janet, you two had an incredible son. He wanted to serve our country - to fight the crime - to serve a purpose in the land he was born and raised in. The American flag, although sad to see on a casket in the first place, made me feel better about the military and there dedication to fallen heroes, whether on the battleground or at home. His dedication to the Marines was so strong, you could see it just in the way he turned into a lean, mean fighting machine.

It is too hard to describe the thoughts that went through my head two weeks ago at the funeral. I know Mikey is in a better place, where he can smoke 10 blunts with the finest women in the world, (nude of course, jk), but we always have to ask ourselves, why now? We can never know. The world has its mysterious ways, and Mikey right now is our guardian angel, just like Tim.

Since I didn't know Mikey as well as Tim, I've added a guestbook for you to share your stories or memories of Mikey. You can also add pictures through HTML if you have them (I have very little pictures of him).

All I know is, Baytown lost a soldier, a soldier who was well respected, a soldier who kicked more ass than Stone Cold in the 90's, and a soldier who could wreck havoc on a guitar better than anyone alive.

Mikey, I love you bro, and you're in my heart forever. Thanks for the memories man.