The Speech

Orally spoken during 3rd, 5th, 6th periods Mrs. May classes; 6th period Mrs. Smith

For over 3 years, the senior class (now current junior) has been ruled by a very odd dictatorship, but a dictatorship none the less. The president of the senior class, Sarah Guest, has had her reign too long, and must be stopped.

Every April, elections are held for the student body, many who don't vote, because all the candidates are always the same: Gorgeous, ditzy however still with some intelligence, high in class rank, and most importantly - rich. With rich comes snobby, and snobby represents the political party of Preps.

Every April, the ones who are running are sadly the ones who intimidate all the voters who are actually ignorant and that's how they sell votes. Has any current officer in the council actually campaigned to the point where you know HER views? Notice the emphasis on HER, because there are currently two men in a fifty-five student council, one of which is graduating this year, and one who has so many muscles and is regarded as the prettiest boy in the school. No - there are no male members for the junior class, much less any who are officers at all.

No one challenges the "mighty" "gorgeous" and "popular" Sarah Guest because of everything she is. She's the junior class icon for organizations. Sarah could win president of an all-boy club sponsoring lesbian woman if she wanted to. Now, I have nothing against Sarah. If you've ever met her, there's no girl as sweet, innocent, and charming. What WONDERFUL qualities for a class of 512! These qualities scare her opponents. That's why since freshman year, she's literally had no competition! And since there's no competition, Sarah always wins without trying. No one dares to challenge her.

Based on student council rules, only officers (current at president, vice-president, secretary, and 2nd vice president) may run for Student Body. However, there are no rules, regulations, or requirements to run for class president.

It's at this time I'm going to announce my candidacy for the 2003-2004 school year election for president of the senior class, the most important year of our lives.

Many of you are shocked, happy, or mad about my current goal in life. Many of you have no idea what the president of a class must do. Actually, neither do I. Why? Because no one discusses it. Sarah doesn't publicly speak like I do in classes, and when she does, it's pretty irrelevant anyway.

Sarah is so busy. She has cheerleading. She has other clubs. She actually has a very public life. Me? What do I do? Nothing. Wasted leadership down the drain. Many of you know my credentials. Many of you see me as a political figure. Yes, I may be in the wrong state, but nonetheless, I'm still a figure. If I make Student Council, I will attend ALL MEETINGS, unlike many members, and work 1000%, yes, 10 people at once, to make your senior year the most successful year for seniors ever.

Many of you are calling me a hypocrite under your breath. The Warzone's slogan is Anti School, Anti-Prep, and Anti-Government.

In regards to school, I hate it. We all do. I'm not running for the school. I'm not going to represent Student Council. I'm going to represent you, members of one society. The stupidity of the school system will not have the honor of having me a board if it wasn't to help you succeed for senior year. I'm running for president.

In regards to government, because this is a form of government, I'm not against the government unless it's right. Texas has so many countless stupid rules and regulations that Wyoming looks better for the average criminal. In my case, the government will be right, fair, and equal to all, including the preps, and any high society that intervenes with high school elections. I'm running for president.

In regards to what I just mentioned, preps, I'm not running for a prep office. It was only designated to look as if preps ran the joint of council because no one wants to challenge the party. Only a select few on council aren't preps, snobs, and jerks. Sarah is not any of that, but her followers are, and she gets advice from them. Lets put an anti-prep in office - me. I'm running for president.

I'm not doing this alone however. One of the most prestige individuals of all of Student Council, the smartest girl in the junior class, and a good friend Peri Arthur, will be my un-official running mate for vice president against Kari Nealy (sp?). With both of us supporting each other, the chances of both of us succeeding to make high office will be closer to reality. In the upcoming week and a half, many of you will see hundreds of fliers, posters, and other advertising devices for me and Peri. Convincing my friends won't be a problem but convincing 512 students will.

The elections will be on April 23 in the commons. Even if you hate what I just said, vote. Pick the leaders for your senior class, and support the leaders for Student Body. I guarantee you no one else will make a speech like this. I want you to know who I am and what I'm about. Many of you already do.

Have faith in me, trust in your friends, and vote for Matt Impelluso as your president, and Peri Arthur as your vice-president.

May there be peace on Earth and May God Bless Sterling High School.