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January 10, 2004

Oh God what did I tell you, only five days later I write another WOMM! TW is getting back into business. We're doing excellent this year as a web-site, but not too good on a whole as a team. And I'll comment on that briefly, and I'll also add my story which will run in the Baytown Sun, and then I'll talk about Houston, and some more New Years Resolutions I have.

BTW, isn't the picture "WOMM" so sexy? I love seeing my beard, I think we need to keep that option there forever, that whoever will write WOMM's in the future needs their picture up there. That would be sexy. Tim, Rachel...and I guess I must now announce Tom "Stroke it" Currie as the Freshmen President. We have added some new employees to the list, and those infos and profiles will be up as soon as possible.

Some of the new employees include making Trey Gammon a FishFuck (he's a college freshman, and technically by the rules of TW, he's not allowed to be an employee, but since he's the most awesome person in the galaxy he has to be one), giving Amy Warren newsboard access, including Kendall Thompson in the newsboard and given employee options, adding Juniors Sheridan Hobson and Amanda Avila as Clear Lake employees with newsboard options, adding back old employee Miles Pequeno (I don't think we'll have a problem this time), and adding Ayla Casey and Chris Haney as Underclassman Employees. I've decided to make the Freshman-Sophomore section one now, so Rachel and Tom are now considered "Underclassman Presidents."

And while I'm typing this, Lady walked into my room, AND FUCKING FARTED. God, it's worse than fucking Jonathan's.

One last time

Many of you might have been waiting for me to comment one more time on the newsboard postings about what is going on. Honestly, I don't give a shit. All of you can say what you want, whether you agree with me or not, but honestly, I don't give a shit what ANYONE says to me about what happened. I've made my opinion on Wednesday afternoon, what I wanted to say was said, and what you wanted to say was said too. End of fucking story.

What needs to stop RIGHT NOW is the fact that some of you are quarreling over this. This had nothing to do with almost any of you, and I'm not going to talk to all these people who think they're going to change my mindset on how I feel about things. Many of you are conservative, Christian, and Texans - and I'm liberal, atheist, and a New Yorker - these things all go together in morals and values, whether you want to believe it or not. We've all grown up in different lifestyles, and all of this has to do with what's going on.

End of story. Stop the fighting. You see the countdown on top? Yes. That's how many days we have. Stop it right the fuck now, because I won't tolerate any of it on this web-site, and if you can't stop, get the fuck out, and don't ever talk to me again. That hasn't happened so far, and everyone has stopped, and I apologize to anyone who wasted their time trying to change my mind. I don't have a problem with anyone, I love all of you, and I hope this will go away, NOW.

Aaron Stanley
Baytown Sun Column

Weíre starting a fan club in Baytown, Texas. This isnít any ordinary fan-club. Tom Hanks wishes he had these types of fans. This fan club, however, isnít for a famous movie star. Itís for a famous friend. His name is Aaron Stanley.

If you donít read the Baytown Sun during the week, you probably didnít catch the article about Stanley catching the rare disease called "Acute Myelogenous Leukemia" or AML for short. What began as a regular upset stomach for Aaron turned into a serious, serious event of intense vomiting and being sent to San Jacinto Hospital where he lost over four pints of blood! (Keep in mind that the human body holds eight pints)

I donít understand how in the world Aaron Stanley can talk to me like nothing ever happened to him - especially losing four pints of blood - which was seeping into his stomach on December 27, 2003, the day he was admitted to the hospital. Aaron Stanley truly is a movie star without the cameras. Heís his own stunt man.

I definitely have to admit that Iím not very familiar with this disease, so I did some research on it. Many were confused that Stanley might have had a case of the flu, which is common in diagnosis for this disease. But, what AML really is, defined by medical experts, is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in the blood and bone marrow. More than likely, Stanley is going to have to have a bone marrow transplant. Iím not really sure how that works, so call your local doctor and bug him and say I sent you.

On Wednesday, my friends Jonathan Yoo, senior at Ross S Sterling, and Tommy McMahon, a senior at Robert E Lee, traveled to Houston to see Aaron at Texas Childrenís Medical Center, where he has been since the 27th. After taking the light rail (which is absolutely fantastic, by the way) to reach him, we talked to him and his now current wife, Sarah Saunders-Stanley. At the time, Stanley was at what Iíd say just a tired state of being at the hospital.

On Friday, it was a much different story. I could have just been talking to Aaron as if I was in school with him, causing chaos together with him like I did during my freshmen year. He seemed in great shape for someone who has the word "leukemia" branded onto him. It was almost admirable. I always thought of leukemia as being a very life-threatening case - and it is - but, in this case, Aaronís recovery is immaculate in ways I canít even begin to describe. I donít know who we could possibly thank - whether itíd be spiritual or medical, or both - but to whomever it is thank you, from all of us.

This story cannot be completed without a happy ending. Now that you understand the basis of the Aaron Stanley fan club, let me go over what you have to do to join the fan club, and what our prizes are.

Donate money. It doesnít matter how much. It could be one penny or the value of your car. Whatever you would like to do to help Aaron Stanley, if you knew him, or if you didnít (and I apologize to all of you for not meeting such a funny and great individual) and would just like to be a wonderful person to your community.

Hereís the prize to us - we get to watch people kiss pigs. These arenít ordinary people though. These people are respected in our community as officials we would love to see this happen to. If we raise $1,000 the RSS Principal will kiss Mrs. Piggy. For $1,500, a famed Government teacher accepted the challenge today. For $2,000, a very well known Judge will kiss the pig. And the biggest of them all, for the goal of $2500, the superintendent of Goose Creek schools, will have to kiss a pig, in front of the entire RSS student body. So even if you didnít know Aaron and didnít have the delight to meet him, we know you want to see these people kiss a pig.

This type of donation isnít usual within the student body. Usually, the sponsors of the event, the Ross S Sterling National Honor Society, do this ever year, but instead of donating the money to someone in need, they donate it to Relay For Life, (If youíre not sure what Relay for Life is, go to cancer.org, click on ACS supporters, then click on Get Involved, and then find Relay For Life), the local cancer awareness event that occurs every Spring. This year, however, Allison Page, the president of the Honor Society, and Sally Black, one of the sponsors of the Honor Society, have decided to donate all of the money earned in benefit to Aaronís name.

The Honor Society isnít the only one that is helping out with Aaronís medical bill. The Theatre Director from the RSS Drama Department announced that some of the earnings from the departmentsí annual "One-Act Plays" before Spring Break will also go to Aaronís name. A blood drive this Wednesday also benefited Aaron Stanley. Each pint of blood donated takes off a significant amount of money off Aaronís medical bill, and you can still to this day give blood in his name and donate in that very simple way.

The Aaron Stanley Fan Club will begin hitting local elementaries, junior highs, and students at Ross S Sterling. Members from the Honor Society will have one gallon milk jugs as donation containers, and fliers announcing various ways to donate will be posted all around Baytown.

The Aaron Stanley Fan Club is much different from any fan club that exists in time. This club is to significantly help the family of Stanley, and hopefully the support given to Stanley will motivate him to get well as soon as humanly possible. And, with his new wife by his side, Iím sure heíll recover wonderfully.

Stanley is marrying his high school sweetheart, Sarah Saunders, in a private ceremony on Sunday afternoon. It is said that he might be released from Texas Childrenís Hospital that same night.

Houston in General

In only seven days, my entire opinion on Houston has changed dramatically. And, all of you know why. All of you know why I was born. It was to entertain - and to be absolutely obsessed with public transportation.

On Wednesday and Friday, when we went to go to see Aaron at the hospital, instead of paying 600 dollars to park in the shitty Texas Children's parking garage, we parked at Sam's Club near the Fannin Park and Ride, and walked about 500 feet to the Park and Ride, and took the MetroRAIL four stops to Dryden Street / Texas Medical Center.

I know that two things have made me love Houston as a city of my own now. I hate Baytown with a passion, I always will, but now that Houston has this...it's like all pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. By 2015, a lot of more segments to the light rail will be put into place. Soon, segments to the Galleria, Westheimer, Richmond Area will be put into place, with further connections all the way up to the Airports and in Southeast Houston.

Then, their are talks of having commuter rail go as far into Katy, Missouri City, Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, Jersey City, Willowbrook Mall area, the Woodlands, Humble, and Clear Lake.

What the fuck took Houston so long? WHAT THE FUCK TOOK YOU SO LONG TO FIGURE OUT ALL MAJOR CITIES NEED PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION LIKE THIS? Fucking New York opens their subway system in 1904, and one hundred years later, Houston opens theirs. New York's subway made New York what it is today, and Houston is now trying to form their plan into something that would work for commuters.

Every time Jonathan and I go over the 610 bridge near I-45, we can see all the way down I-45, it's the most massive traffic jam, ever. This is almost as bad as New York - and New York is hideous when it comes to this.

I just want to let all of you that I'll personally piss on your face if you don't vote "Yes" for any future Light Rail or Commuter Rail expenditures to decrease the traffic problems in this city. Houston is the fourth biggest city in the world. This place is massive. And, unlike Baytown, there's always something going on downtown, in the Westheimer area, the Heights area with the clubs, and down near Clear Lake. Pretty soon, we're going to hit night life, (well, not me), and if any of you are going to live in this general vicinity, you should think about how much this will help you.

Honestly, I would have to say that if I graduated and the MTA of Houston asked me to work for them, I'd probably come back, because in 2008, work will already be starting on many of these lines. The Commuter Rail lines that I've been mentioning are already in place. They're using tracks that freight trains use as well. I'm not sure how they'll divide usage on these lines, but I know for sure that something can be worked out, land can be bought, stations can be made, park and rides can be accessible, and Houston can thrive to be an excellent city within the Top 5, which all have massive strengths of public transit (NYC, Chi-Town, LA, Washington D.C.)

I'm still going to college in New York anyway, so don't think I'm staying here - but I have changed one of my college choices. There's no fucking point in me applying to UT of Arlignton, considering I hate Texas, I don't know why I'd want to go to Dallas. So, I decided to change that choice to UH downtown. That's my last choice. We'll see what happens.

I think anyone who doesn't agree with Light Rail and Public Transportation is either 1) A fucking pussy, 2) Someone who loves their car way too much, and the only one with that exception is Brian Gustin y Walter Jones [because even Jonathan likes to take the Light Rail], and 3) Doesn't understand the logic of transportation systems in big cities and should therefore buy a farm in central Texas.

I also feel that anyone who gets hit by the METRORail because they made an illegal turn deserves to be serious injured. Anyone that fucking stupid to not read "Illegal Left Turn" should be sacrificed by God, Allah, Moses, Best Buy, whatever the fuck you believe in. Yesterday, the Light Rail crashed into a car making an illegal turn and threw the car into the sidewalk. Both people in the car are in stable condition.

P.S. Ayla and Rachel's [METRO] rail brings all the boys to the yard.

THA and Endings

I just have to say that The Horrid Affair never, ever, makes me bored. Last night was one of the best shows they've ever put on at the Harbour. And I have to say that I love Trey, Mike, Mikul, Kevin, and Justin as my brothers because they're the most awesome local band.

Last night, I felt pretty bad because I didnt' donate to the Harbour. All of us should donate a small amount to them, because they have an excellent venue. Although you can't mosh, I thought it was amazing on how cool last night was. I had an excellent time. This venue is so much better than the Skatepark. At the Skatepark, there is moshing, but a rail that usually kills everyone, and the people who mosh are so fucking stupid anyway that you might as well go to Houston and mosh with the good people. The Harbour should continue to succeed and make lots of money, and hopefully they will, because these shows are just awesome. And Christian organization or not, I support it totally.

Lets all Die Tonight, btw.

Thanks to everyone that has come to the site, enemy, friend, parent, whatever you are - WeAreTW, forever.


P.S. Rachel's nasty like a bag of jock straps.