What's on My Mind

January 20, 2004

Hey everyone! Well, I took a week off, many of you pretty much figured that out on your own. I'm extremely glad to be back. I can't even describe to any of you how mother fucking cold it was in New York. I love Winter weather, and I love snow, but what I witnessed in those five days I was there was something of God hitting me in the face with a fucking knife. Not only that, my precious grandmother passed away ten minutes after I get to the hospital. 10 fucking minutes.

I would like to seriously thank all of you for keeping me in your prayers and sending your condolences to me over AIM or on the phone. I got some of the most heartfelt messages from some of my most vulgar and obscene friends, and that's when I know I have great friends. Thank you once again, and I hope none of you have to deal with that for a while.

If you're wondering, Tommy is absolutely ok. He had gull bladder surgery on Monday at San JackShit, and he was released that same day. It was just a day surgery. He can't eat for a couple of days so he's just drinking lots of fluids. We're all thinking of you baby girl!

As of January 19, we have successfuly passed the entire total for the month of December. Hopefully we can surpass November's total, which was 213,810 hits. In December, we recieved 160,474, in October, we got nearly 391,000, and in September (half of the month) we got 184,976. Obviously, the Hot Babe Contest is a huge hit. And, as of right now, the closed off several page section of the Hot Babe Contest is one of the most popular pages on TW: In major pages besides the front and main page, it's number 4 in all pages on TW. Isn't that insane? It's been in the top 10 since September - now that's amazing.

Thank all of you who have been viewing Galveston III. That was a major success in pictures - we have hit 9400 since Janaury 3. The MetroRail Fuckfest brought in 6895, and the wedding of Aaron and Sarah Stanley recieved 7119 hits. The only Go Digital page not in January that recieved a large number of hits in the top 10 was the June 11th Galleria III fuckfest.