WOMM - 1-21-03

I just want to begin this WOMM by saying that this week in The Warzone will be a first of many new weeks to come. One, we are putting up these What's on my Minds with sound capabilities, so if you're blind, you can just listen to me speak! And actually, most people like listen to me yell bad words then reading. Two, you will be able to see, which is automatically available on the right hand column, movies for you to download. These sections will come more and more till I have no movies. We made them in 2001.

The best part though, about all of this, is the 2001 TW CD that I'm putting online for you to view. Roadrunner users, you will be in heaven considering these videos are huge and it would take a 56k modem user over 30 minutes about to download. With that all said and done, I need to go straight to what I'm been wanting to say all weekend long. Sorry for not updating in a while, the weekend was kind of dull and I was at the Walking 49 concert, which you can view soon.

To the people

I just want to tell all of you that I love you, most of you. Why do I just bring up the obvious and state most of you? Because some of you are reading this and you shouldn't be. You either hate me, you hate this site, or I hate you. And if its any of these, you shouldn't be here. Well, if I hate you, I guess you can keep visiting and try to redeem yourself, but that's not going to work really.

What I'm trying to say, now even more apparent if you're listening to me speak out to you with the new sound capability, when you listen to me or read what I'm saying, you should be seeing my face in your head, yelling and screaming obscenities and laughing your ass off, or shaking your head yes at something I'm talking about. So, if YOU HATE US, why do you keep coming back?

I'm bringing this up basically because I was looking at the stats and who goes to TW. Most of you are Roadrunner users, which makes me sexually happy. A couple I don't know. But, there's like some people who visit so much, they have 800 hits. Its crazy. I love you guys. But, why is it that if you say you hate us, or if I can't stand you, you repeatedly come to the site to read what I have to say? You must not hate me that much.

Just remember - I don't fucking owe anything to anyone, and basically, I can see you, all of you, and I love you all, the ones I have respect for. But, for the people I don't give a shit about, like preps, stupid jocks who don't understand, punk people who think they should only listen to Anti-Flag even though they have no idea what they're saying, people that abused my trust, people that I can't trust anymore, and the list goes on, of people that shouldn't be reading.

I'm sorry to bring this up. Most of you are not any of these, and most of you are good, even best friends of mine. Ok, lets start laughing now, now that I got this horseshit out of the way.


In 1991, a show called "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" came out, and featured Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy, and Zak, the red, yellow, pink, blue, and black power rangers respectively, was such a hit that it entered our hearts forever. It beat out the Ninja Turtles and became the most popular show on television.

When all of the so called "zords" would come together of each character, they'd create the "megazord," the must ultimate machine of all time. They were all different colors, just like the characters.

In 1991, they also came out with the special edition, expensive as a fucker black and gold edition to the Megazord. Well, my mom got that for me and my brother. Never did I think I'd love playing with power rangers toys so much later in my life.

In 2003, Matt Impelluso, still a stupid ass immature kid that he was in the early 1990's, decides it would be absolutely hilarious to invade school with the megazord, and take pictures of it in so many different places to revive the struggling January Go Digital.


An insane 50+ pictures have been uploaded on to the Go Digital server with pics of this insane character, the Megazord, and all of my friends. This involves pictures with band director batons, A&M books, (which I descrated), and stairways. Its absolutely hilarious.

People looked up to me like I was some sort of god forsaken hero. I mean, really, it was as if I had Jesus with me. Jesus Christ! "Is that a transformer?" "No fat fuck, its a Megazord." Stop calling it Transformers! Power Rangers were so much cooler then transformers!

Slow People

Ok, if you're a fat ass, you are entitled to walk slow. I mean, I know you can't. Actually, you can. If you're fat, get to the damn fitness machines and lose weight. Houston needs to be stop being the fattest city in America. Like, shitty Seattle or something is the leanest. New York is tenth fattest. Tenth?? Do you know how many skinny people there are in New York? Its insane! Everyone walks faster then Micheal Johnson the Olympic guy who set world records!

I'm getting off topic but today we all found out that Baytown is the "meanest city to minorities." I'm looking around the room and history and counting the minorities in there. There's at least 50, out of 23 people. Baytown has so many minorities in it, we could register for federal disaster aid from the government because there are entire sections of Baytown that can't speak English. Just kidding, I'm half Hispanic so I'm basically making fun of myself. But, Baytown is defintely over 50 percent minority, if not 60 percent.

How the fuck can we be so mean to OURSELVES? "MAN, I'M A MEXICAN, I'M A PIECE OF SHIT!" That's not how we are! And the whites in Baytown don't go off on the Mexicans! I mean, not unless they're your almost dead grandpa! (In cowboy voice) "Those damn Mexicans! We fought their asses and won why the hell are they still here, sons of bitches!!"

If Baytown was really like that, I'd enjoy so much more cause I'd be laughing so hard at every white man getting shot. I was telling Mrs. May, what about Vider? The town Blake's great grandparents founded back in the day? Dude, come on, Mrs.May said when she was in Stars and they had a football game, they had to get the police and all these other people to rush them to the buses for fear of like getting killed by Vider considering everyone in Vider is in the KKK!

Ok, back to the topic on slow people. So today at lunch, I was walking to get my food, and these two guys were walking SO SLOW, THAT MY GRANDMA COULD WALK LIKE A CRAB LIKE WE DID IN ELEMENTARY FOR CRAB SOCCER, AND BEAT HIM TO WHERE I WAS GOING! Ok, he was walking so fucking slow, that it was almost as if he wasn't moving. It was like how slow the NASA pad is to move the damn space shuttle! Like 50 feet per hour! That's pretty fucking slow guys. You'd have to move like 2/3 a foot per god damn minute. Well, that's how fast he's walking.

This is now a declarance of war. For the first time in almost a year, I AM DECLARING FULL WAR on anyone who thinks its cool to walk slower then ANYONE ELSE, ESPECIALLY AT LUNCH WHERE TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE TO HATE SCHOOL MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE ALIVE!


I remember like three months ago, I was walking to History, and this couple, they were holding hands, but they were like three feet apart! I was like, "FUCK YOU, I'M GOING IN BETWEEN YOU, DON'T YOU EVEN DARE SAY SHIT TO ME." Well I didn't say that cause they were wearing gang colors and the guy had a disgusting "I'm in a gang" look on his face, don't even stare at me. But, the point is, don't take up 1/4 of the damn hallway, don't stop in the hallway, and don't you even fucking try to walk slower then a damn New York minute tempo cause I'll pass you up like Eric Elliott passes up cars on the freeway and believe me it isn't pretty.

Hot People

Ok, this is going to be a national poll. I want all of you guys to tell me this: If you were hanging out with your friends one night, and they're all guys, or maybe some close girl friends, but not your girlfriend, and you saw a gorgeous Kyla Cole or...the Dahm Triplets walk by or something, wouldn't you say or agree if someone else mentioned how hot they were?

If you don't because you think it isn't right, because you have a girlfriend, let me just give you a quick swift kick in the nuts.

I just want to let all of you know, that whenever I get a girlfriend again, if I ever do, probably not, considering I'm dating boys named Tim Brockman and Kelly Kincl at the same time, sorry for cheating on the both of you, wait, I don't cheat on people, that was just a joke, I'm not an asshole, sorry for clearing that up - that if I see a hot girl walking down the street, and I know my girlfriend is gorgeous, why the fuck can't I say she's hot? Well, I'm not asking. I'm going to say she's hot if she is. And, whoever the girl I'm dating at the time objects to that, I'm going to call her a MOTHER FUCKING HYPOCRITE because she knows in her right mind that if Daniel Newman, Steve McRenyolds, Brad Wilson, (thinking of more hot boys), AND EVERY OTHER GORGEOUS BOY WE HAVE IN THE JUNIOR-SENIOR-TITTY CLASS WALK BY THEM WITHOUT A GOD DAMN SHIRT ON, SHE'LL FUCKING WANT TO DO THEM IN HER MIND, AND YOU KNOW THAT IF THIS ISN'T TRUE THAT THIS GIRL ISN'T A LESBIAN AND SHE LIKES DAMN GIRLS CAUSE I'M STRAIGHT AND I WANT TO DO ALL OF THOSE BOYS SIMALTANEOUSLY WHILE EATING PIZZA! THANK YOU I'M DONE!

Seinfeld Shirt

Adam Stanley, this is a message. I got the shirt before you, and I have the poster of my shirt. You don't. Get rid of that shirt now because I'll beat you up. Everyone knows I only buy shirts that have actual meaning to them and only I wear. Thanks. Tell your brother I said Hi and that I love him.

I don't know if I have anything else to say. Oh, yes I do. Steal the new System of a Down album because its so incredibly awesome. Oh, and Walking 49 and I, along with Jared Wilson and everyone who stood to watch Stepa on Saturday night have to say, STEPA IS FUCKING AWESOME and if any of you want their cd or something I'll send you some songs if you're too damn cheap to give me a cd...damn its so awesome.

Or, try Kazaa. Stepa - Aquarium, is awesome.

Anyway, I'm done. I hope you enjoyed this WOMM, since I'm writing it AND saying it at the same time. Love you all. -Father