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Hot Dude, The Week

FFebruary 19, 2004

WOMM YAY! After our notorious chicken fry fuckfest, TW has registered the two biggest days in history. Never has a Sunday or Monday been so fucking monsterous. On Sunday, we had 26,846 hits, and on Monday, we had an incredible 29,156 hits. The only competition we've ever had to this amount was the Hot Babe Contest, and on the biggest week, we got three 22,000 + days in a row. Hopefully we can retain these hits for the rest of the week and have a very successful March.

I have a lot to talk about this week, but I'm going to go straight into the updates for the Hot Dude Contest.

Hot Dude Contest

My judges and I have made numerous progress with selecting and nominating candidates for the contest. As of right now, all of the freshman, junior, and senior candidates have been selected. The sophomore list is about 90% complete, but I need to make sure the judges get credit for who they selected.

The official 2004 Hot Dude Judges are:

  • For all classes - Freshman Sara Valdes and of course, me
  • Class of 2007 - Freshmen Angela Shelton and Miranda Bryant
  • Class of 2006 - Sophomore Joann Todd
  • Class of 2005 - Juniors Kitty Smith, Jessica Cravy, and Paige Hoyle
  • Class of 2004 - Seniors Rebecca Holmes, Aly Santana, Katie Whiddon, Blair Conder, Laura Heinrich, and Stacey Stone

    The Hot Dude President is Josh McAlpin, who was selected for the Hot Dude Contest! Even scarier, I was selected by the three judging panels for the senior contest too! Man, that's almost scary.

    The website for the Hot Dude will be up sometime next week, a week before the contest. As soon as its up, we'll begin advertising, with the heaviest day on the start of the contest, which will be on March 2. I'll probably start the contest late at 12:00 AM on March 2nd, because we're going to a Theatre Clinic in Conroe and I don't want to miss the 2:45 - 11:30 P.M. Rush.

    The reason why I'm putting the contest from Tuesday - Thursday is so we can get everybody's vote on a school day. On the weekends, its harder for people to vote because they go out with friends, they party too hard, people forget, and the weekend is just less busy anyway. With Tuesday being the starting day, and the Masticators being on Wednesday, we can assume the hits for March will be the best they will ever be.

    March is usually the shittiest month for TW. The only good March month was the second March for TW, during Season One. This will be our fifth March, and we want to make it the best.

    An Odd Week

    Most of you have been noticing that I have not lived up to my word on not updating. Did you think I'd actually keep that? It's fucking hard with all the shit I do. It's a big job. But, there's major exceptions, and I'll state them all right now.

  • Monday - this day was so full of anticipation and worry about if tickets were available for Dillinger Escape Plan that I litteraly died. I just died 3rd period and now I'm writing from a grave. Actually, I'm perfectly healthy. There were rumors that the show was sold out completely, but Mr. Jeremy 'Rapescout' Garrett said otherwise. There were tickets at the door, ready and waiting for us.

    As we were waiting for Dillinger, I ventured out to the Jeep to get my glasses. I left them in there thinking I'd be ok. But, it turns out, I'm more blind than a fucking 90 year old woman with a cane. So, I got them back out, and witnessed many different styles of bands.

    By the End of Tonight - everyone fucking loves this band like they're God themselves. Let me just say one thing, they're fucking talented, they're nice to listen to, but they could only be heard live. Anything besides live would be fucking ridiculous because they jump from section to section like no tomorrow. I was almost getting dizzy. And, their performance wasn't as sexual as I heard it was at the Skatepark.

    The Wrangler Bruts - any fucking band who introduces themselves and says, 'Give a big Texas welcome to...' They're talking about themselves! You can't tell a crowd to welcome you! That's like going up to a girl and asking her to praise you for being around her! Unless you're Billy fuckin Brooks, that ain't gonna fuckin happen! Second off, their music sucked the weiner, so you fans of AFI might like them.

    Your Enemies Friends - they had two girls in the band that didn't add to much, but I didn't like them nonetheless.

    The Locust - were absolutely the worst band to ever come out with music. They came out with these lousy fucking jumpsuits and they looked like fucking aliens. Their voice was so bad, I'd rather listen to George fucking Strait, and that's pretty bad. The last five minutes was a straight long fucking noise that was so bad, Dottie, Steve, and Brad all held their ears. This was fucking terrible. Anyone who likes this music must get the fuck off this website before I call the police. We will Enter Without Knocking, and then Notify The Police.

    Dillinger Escape Plan - I was in shock afterwards from what I saw. It was probably the greatest experience I'll ever see. On the left of me were pricks who weren't getting into it at all, and I was trying to. Finally, almost at the end, I ran right into the middle of the crowd, and during 43% Burnt, I went fucking nuts right next to Jeremy and Andrew. It was so incredible. I call all of you fucking assholes for not seeing the best concert ever if you didn't go. It was fucking incredible. Fucking incredible. And to the girl who yelled to Dillinger and called them "emo bitches," SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING SHORT SKANK! THANKS!

  • Tuesday - today was such an incredible day because I was so estatic from the Dillinger concert. After a brawl with a sub fourth period involving the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution, I left school to talk to Jeremy y Bill. Then after that, I took a long nap, and went to Houston with my father to meet up with a business associate of his. We ate at this chinese restaurant which fucked up my menstrual system forever. After the chinese restaurant, we went to the brand new Toyota Center, and it was fucking awesome. The arena is really nice. I really, really liked it. I put some pictures of it up on Go Digital.

    After we got home, I helped Pony (The one and only Natalie Elizabeth Wilson, the sexiest Pony of them all) with a biology project, and then I ate shit y stuff. When I got home, I experienced the worst mother fucking pain in the galaxy. Yes, yes. I HAD TO TAKE A FUCKING SHIT BUT I COULDN'T!


    So anyway, I'm in bed, moaning in agony because my stomach is saying, "Hey Matt, you're a fucking hypocrite! Matt, you're an asshole! Matt, you weren't supposed to drink Crown and Coke at a basketball game, that's illegal! You're not 21! Matt, you're Anti-American because you don't say the pledge! Matt, you're penis is bigger than my entire body! (Rachel E. Barajas) Matt, you have a vagina! (Miranda L. Bryant)"

    So with all this shit going on, Wednesday at school was fucking horrible. However, by the end of the day, something cool happened, and everything was ok. I fucking pounded dinner in, and then took in so much shit that made me shit consequently.

    Because I was sick, there was no Mastication. And, I highly doubt there will be one next week unless we plan for Tuesday or Thursday, due to a rehearsal called by my good friend Trent Coots. We'll see what happens, but there really should be a fucking Mastication, very soon.

    Thursday - today was fucking INCREDIBLE. In Government, I got a 68 on my test, which fucking rules the cock because those tests are difficult if you don't study very hard, and I didn't! I corrected it by ten points, and then read the chapter on the Bill of Rights. Then, I read the newspaper. Oh fuck speaking of that I got Current Events! I usually enjoy doing them because I LOVE LOVE LOVE free opinion assignments. I wish school could be exactly like that.

    In Health, which is possibly the most awesome and hilarious class ever, we talked about why "smoking is bad" and why we're all going to die if we smoke. Consequently, half the room raises their hand when asked if they smoked tobacco before. OOOOH, my hand wasn't raised!

    In theatre, we had a very good time, but we need to get our fucking act together. On the Ides of March - (FIRST PERSON WHO TELLS ME WHAT DAY THIS IS GETS A FREE BJ!) we will have our annual 'Day of Plays' where, it's exactly what it fucking sounds like - a 'Day of Plays!'

    In English, we got a Love Jesus speech (even Mrs. Floyd called it that!) about how we should not give up with college and stuff like that. Then I laughed when Adam 'Religious Prostitute' Schlegel asked where the religious poems were in our Poem unit. Then, when Aaron 'Sexiest Mexican since Markolous Montoyous at RSS' Fuentes started 'The lord is my shepard...' in Psalm 23, me and him bursted out laughing. The funny thing is, Adam and I might possibly go to Catholic Universities, yet I'm a fuckin Atheist!

    In Tennis, we talked about sex, drugs, and Kiley's father giving Pat McAuliffe a very sexual speech about how he shouldn't pork his daughter with Kiley's 5th grade sister in the house. If I was Pat, I would have said, "Well get her the fuck out of here!" Fucking easy solutions to EASY problems.

    After that, I got my tuxedo fitted by Jack from J&J Tuxedo. You guys should go there for your prom tuxes! Seriously, that place is fucking cheap and fucking professional. He's given us all deals on Governor and First Lady, and for Prom, all he'll do is charge sales-tax plus extra for shoes.

    Then, I went to Jeremy's house for a drink and we talked about several things, mostly sex with girls and stuff.

    That is when the most incredible and exciting thing ever happened. No, we're not gay! Fucking assholes. I went home and saw a package on the table. It was from Saint Peter's College in New Jersey!


    It's for sure, New York is in my scope of the newest and incredible things to be happening very soon in my life. I have the oppurtunity now to either choose San Antonio or Jersey City, New Jersey for my college choices. Lets see what UT, NYU, Fordham, and St.John's think!!

    This week has been very incredible and different in many ways. I'm just shocked at the weird things that happen all the time.


    Gov. Matt J. Impelluso
    New York (D)