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The Rumors Are Answered

February 25, 2004

The Rumors are Answered Many of you have been hearing rumors or information from me for the past couple of days about a very tragic occurance in TW history, and I'm here to brief you and explain some of the consequences I have to take due to some mistakes I've made this week as the owner of this website.

On Wednesday, I was planning on writing a couple of Baytown Sun columns for this week and next week. Because of the 2004 Hot Dude Contest coming up, I was also being pressured to get everyone's picture and then make the Hot Dude pages this weekend for a successful start on Monday.

On Wednesday, for the second time in the five year history of TW and its four seasons, the future was held on the school principals at Ross S Sterling. Mr. Canon was taken hostage and is currently still in the hands of the administration.

Mr. Canon will not be returning for a while due to my mistake of taking pictures during lunch. After parents decided to call the school and the Baytown Sun, trying to purposely get me in trouble due to the infamous Hot Syrup Contest we were going to have in January, I was technically banned from the camera because I needed forms and releases if I did take a picture in school.

As if Jesus Christ was prepared for February 25, 2004, he readily punished me and put me in unknowingness for three entire days. Many of you saw the expression on my face the last couple of days, and many of you noticed there was something very wrong.

There would have been a chance I would have lost my Governor court.

After much pleading and begging, I finally broke through, and I found out I am still able to go to Governor and First Lady and compete against my classmates. I cannot, however, attend the Conroe UIL clinic on Tuesday, or attend school Wednesday and Thursday in the usual matter because I will be in In School Suspension, which means, yes, I've hit for the cycle - D-Hall, Saturday SAC, ISS, SAC - all four in my four years at Sterling.

My theatre plays aren't affected either, which means that everything is full go for my school life. But, there are some implications to TW that I will have to announce.

This event has totally changed my opinion on how TW is going to continue its reign after I leave. It totally dampened my high positive feeling about the future, and I'm thinking that Graduation Countdown might also be TW's heart counting down as well. With so much pressure from the school district and not being able to work with school, I wouldn't want anyone else to get in trouble because it's just something I won't want to see happen.

I've decided that I will postpone the 2004 Hot Dude Contest till March 19, which will give me three entire weeks to get these pictures. There's really nothing else I can possibly do, and I am as disappointed as you to have to postpone it. But, that's the way things are going to have to go.

The hits for TW have been absolutely incredible in the last couple of days, and I have the feeling those are going to go down very soon with the fact that I have no camera. Thankfully, I have beautiful friends who have offered their cameras and I think I might accept for the meantime.

On Saturday, February 28, a hardcore concert will be played at The Elbow Room, and everyone should go.

On Monday, March 1, I will find out if I'm Governor, and we will party the night away at Bennigans or Johnny Carinos, which ever anybody decides to pick, but we're going down to Beltway 8 no matter what Monday. If you're interested in coming, it's at 6:30 in the auditorium and it'll end at 7:30 and then we're going out to eat. I'll need a couple of designated drivers!

On Thursday, March 4, we'll do the same thing all go out somewhere after the Foreigner play and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

All I can really end with is thank you for your support over the years and thank you to everyone who tried to make me feel better in the last couple of days. You can see that I have not given up and we will continue to prosper until I am 100 percent out of gas. Although that's coming up soon, we can't look at it as a negative note, so we have to just shut the door on that case.

I'll update the site when I find out what my category is for Governor and First Lady. I love you all.

Governor-Elect Matt J. Impelluso