What's on My Mind

The Duke Speaks

March 5, 2004

"Look at us - the top 3 are minorities," I say to Chris Patterson and Drew Garcia, our Lt. Governor and Governor, respectively. I held my All Duke Plaque proudly as many of my friends stormed the balcony and cheered for Allison and I. And, when Joanna yelled, "You're my real governor!" and Rachel, the now boxer of Lee, kissed me congratulations - I felt like the real winner.

In the thirty-seven years of Governor and First Lady, I think Allison and I got the loudest reception of all time. I didn't make Governor, and Allison didn't make First Lady, but we made it in the audience that night. We both had the most friend support of any candidate there, and when I won Duke, I still got that support. When my friend Drew Garcia accepted his Governor awatd, the applause was a fourth of what I got.

Bill had decided that instead of All-School Duke, I should be called the Dutchmaster. Kitty nand Jo compalined all night that I should have won. And, Mark deciding to risk the chance of getting in trouble by his parents to come watch me and eat with the thirty-four others at Bennigans definitely made me feel awesome. Oh, and his 42 dollar bill was also fucking insane.

Bennigans was pretty shocked at my reservations for 35. I thought I wouldn't be able to fill it, but we had exactly 35 that night last night by the time Walter showed up. The infamous five count was done on chairs by Andrew and I, Kendall knocked over Trey's drink, Justin Holt wore a suit in my honor, and my best girl friend Miranda Bryant had ten dollars - in dimes. And, after my toast - thanks t oeveryone at the table, I also asked everyone to give Billy Brooks a round of applause for being the biggest arrogant asshole ever. It was deafening.

There's not really much I can say about yesterday besides that it was one of the best days ever. Maybe it was my early morning adventure on Monday or my stroll down the ramp for Governor and First Lady. Either way, it fucking rocked, except for the fact that in 2nd Period, we were sunjected to a girl who's face was burning for 45 seconds in a car due to a wreck by a drunk-driver. That was fucking horse shit. If that's the only way you can scare off drunken teenagers, try a fucking again, cause most of them have no sympathy, especially when they DON'T drink and drive. MADD can kiss my fucking ass, cause drunk driving is obviously the stupidest thing anyone could possibly do.

June 11, 2004

And all good things must come to an end. I'm here to announce a month early the status of TW and what will happen in the next couple of months for the last and final season.

On June 11, 2004, TW will close its doors at 11:59 with the last planned update ever. June 11 will be the final Galleria Fuckfest, and it will close four wonderful years of TW history.

I've made this decision partly because of what happened last week and my camera being taken up for the first time ever. I realized that getting three days of ISS was absolutely fucking bullshit considering all the people who bring cameras to school and how many people in the school will be busted for life if the administrators knew how many cell phones everyone had.

I was sitting on ISS today and I thought, "God damn what a fucking waste of time!" I will never, EVER, learn a lesson by sitting a room with a bunch of people who don't want to go to D-Hall. Half of the room are seniors, and half of the room also are in ISS for not attending D-Hall. In the words of the ISS teacher, "this is the smartest class I've probably had all year."

I realized TW is too precious to spread to someone else. Nobody could ever do it with my style. It's like the new Man Show. It will never be like the first Man Show. It also won't make any sense for it to continue. I would rather us end on the highest note possible then on the lowest note possible.

The entire TW history will be written by June 11th. I plan on keeping thewarzone5000.com up until my death, whenever that is. On June 12th, the second I'm done updating, I will download the entire site onto a CD, and make at least ten copies, hiding them within my house and in my mother, brother, and sister's things so if I ever lose my master copy, I'll be able to find the spare copies.

Until then, life we go on as usual. I plan on borrowing several different cameras to get the job done. The Masticators will still go on as usual. The Kitty Show, a planned sitcom, will also go on as one of the funniest ideas we've ever had. Go Digital will be slower than usual, but obviously, that's understandable.

I ask any of you who have digital cameras to take pictures whenever you can and send them to me. I can put them up on the sections and you can help keep Go Digital running. Any picture would be fine as long as no one is nude and no one is killing anyone. Therefore, Kelly Kincl cannot be in either sections.

The employees will still be able to post, and whenever I decide I want to archive the newsboard, probably monthly, I will. Other than that, I won't make any updates at all.

Death of THA

More eulogy notices are going to continue as we finally bid farewell to The Horrid Affair, one of the best bands ever to walk the face of the planet. For the past 8 months, we have been in love with The Horrid Affair (even in the days when they were Reform) and it's a sad thing to see go.

However, the video I took last Saturday is absolutely incredible, and hopefully we'll be able to have those for you soon in DVD quality. Pretty soon I'll be able to have a small music section with small collections of Pneuma, The Horrid Affair, and a special surprise after that.

If any of you were wondering the lyrics to Rose Pedal Trail, probably one of the best songs THA has, here they are. Thank you for the good times, you guys fucking kicked ass.

By the way, "And we're never playing here again." The Elbow Room was fucking TERRIBLE. It was small, it wasn't that cool, and the bouncers were fucking ridiculous. They should be shot in their ugly fat faces. And the pregnant girl should start talking to her real father of her baby, me.

This holiday
These roses
This tragedy
Thorns that kill, pedals of your blood
If you have the eyes to see
What horror beauty brings
Look inside and you'll see
How love died tragically

I'm dying to be wanted
Just killing myself to make you mine
Peel the white off your eyes
Sit down for a while
You look so beautiful hanging from this razor wire

If I could reach, I'd cut you clean
But for today you'll hang and I'll have mine

The Rose Trail, sorrow it will bring
The Rose Trail, her body it will lead
The Rose Trail, sorrow it will bring
Sorrow, sorrow, sorrow sorrow it will bring

Bleed dry, these three last words
Bleed dry, these three last words
Die slow slut
Die slow slut
Die slow slut
The rose brings your grave
Die slow slut
Death comes today

The Kidnap Soundtrack was fucking INCREDIBLE in every way possible. They have to be the best hardcore band not many people have heard of, besides in Houston. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we'll get them on the scene quick.

Some Baytown Ethics

For four years, I've dissed Baytown. I've hated Baytown life, I've hated Baytown dialect, I've hated Baytown's smell, I've hated Baytown economy, I've hated Baytown in general. Now, I think I will stand up for it in the biggest way possible.

I've decided after much thinking, I love Baytown. Now, before you jump to conclusions, let me also add that compared to a piece of trash on a street in the trashiest part of New York, Baytown would be the last thing I'd think about.

On Saturday at The Horrid Affair farewell show, a couple of girls from Houston talked to me and they IMed me the next day, praising "Baytown" people for the wonderful show we put on for the Kidnap Soundtrack. Most of the people rocking out weren't even THA fans in the beginning. That's what made it cool. If you watch the Fuel Cyber Cafe videos I have on my computer, no one is moving. At the Elbow Room, there's movement on every fucking song, especially Baby Don't Hurt Your Neck, where Jared from Kidnap gets kicked out of the Elbow Room.

I've realized several things about Baytown people verse EVERYONE else in Houston:

1) We're the LEAST stuck-up of any town or precient district in Houston.
2) We're the ONLY town or precient in Houston that doesn't have quick town access to many Houston amenities. For example, when's the last time you saw a Hot Topic or Abercrombie and Fitch in our mall? It'll never happen.
3) Baytown is the only town in Houston where you actually know where you are due to the water border and the I-1O border.
4) Including McNair and Highlands, Baytown is way fucking cooler than any other town I've been in Houston.

There's many reasons why I say this. First off, we all fucking hate Clear Lake people, minus Brad, Sheridan, and Amanda, for obvious reasons. Clear Lake people, minus Sheridan and Amanda, tend to just look down on us in general. I've seen it so many times.

Not to be arrogant or assholey, but they look down on us because we're actually better than them and more fun then them. Ok, I mean, why would two Clear Lake girls be dating Baytown guys, and hang around them every weekend? Eggfuckingzactly. Sheridan's last three boyfriends have been from Baytown, most notably me and Tommy being the last. She's also dating some guy named Brad Wilson, whoever the fuck that is.

Third off, I think we're the better town since we don't have Starbucks yet. Ok, I like Starbucks, but if you don't have a Starbucks in your town, your special. Baytown is unique in its own ways, and if we just took over the mall, rebuilt Texas Avenue, and told the high schools to stay seperate forever and never combine, this would be a decent place to live. You have Houston fourty minutes to your left, Beaumont fourty minutes to your right, Galveston fourty minutes south, and Intercontinental Airport fourty minutes north. We're the fourty minute town. In Clear Lake, you're 2 minutes from everything. It's never an adventure to go to Best Buy in Clear Lake because Best Buy is there. It's always an adventure to go to Laser Tag because we don't have one.

Is my point coming through? Yes, we're ONLY the 250th biggest city in America, and I used to live in the 1st, but who the fuck cares? The people of Baytown make Baytown what it is, and to be honest, it's brought me in more than New York ever has. That will change, but as of right now, I don't mind saying I live in Baytown. Back then, I was stupid and ignorant just like many of you, and some who still are that say Baytown is fucking lame. Sure, there's no scene here for anything, but you can't diss your hometown, no matter if it's fucking Mexico City or Baghdad. Or in my case, absolutely, New York, but I can't forget my Baytown experience.

Look at this right here, I mean, TW is a Baytown thing. Which is why I could never continue from where I'm going. TW is a class of 2004 thing, with other class participation when it comes through. That's why it can't run after June. And, this is a Matt Impelluso thing, and nobody will ever put enough time and dedication as I have to make this still one of the most popular websites in Houston.

Life is going to get boring around here without Mr. Canon, but hopefully that will change when I get my camera back, maybe near April. The 2004 Hot Dude Contest is still scheduled for March 19. I'm gonna need all girls to help me with that, individually.

And as I finish this up, I just want to put a shoutout to my grandma, who's birthday is today. She would have been 70. I love you grandma.

I hope everyone enjoyed the plays. And, I hope everyone agrees with what I said today. I love all of you.

-Duke Impelluso-