WOMM - 3-11-03

Hey everyone! Shit, what a gorgeous Spring Break? Everyday has been so far pretty damn...pretty, unlike Rachel's face. It's been a hell of a long time since I've updated, and I apologize for that. Sim City has gotten the best of me, and I've been busy with friends. We can all understand that - shit - it's Spring Break!

I'm so happy. I mean, we're off. I can get up as late as I want...I can go to sleep at 4, and I won't have shit the next day. I can take my time drying my hair because if anyone sees me in the morning at school my hair looks fucked up from under-drying....man. Happyness. In Physics 7th period on Friday, I was taking a quiz, and I looked at the third problem, and said, "Fuck it, it's Spring Break.." turned it in, and I expect to get a 33 on the test. You know what? I don't care either.

I proclaim everyone needs to stop caring. Summer is coming. My beard is growing. Come on. Everyone needs to be happy and not stressing over everything. I look at some people in the halls with sad faces and they look at my nonchalant look on my face and probably wonder, "Wow, no worries!" ABSOLUTELY FUCKING RIGHT BABY!

Oh yeah - one thing before I go into writing my columns. I got my Warzone's back from College Station unharmed and they're back in my hands. They are so pretty. Thanks....thanks for giving them back.

Galleria III?

What turned out to be a fuckfest...wasn't. It was the second ever fuckfest that wasn't. This time, I actually did have a camera though. It was great though.

Galleria III was going to be a major thing but it turned out we just got so tired. The flaw with everything was - we ate first - and hell of a huge meal at that, Bennigans, inside the Galleria. That totally put me into sleeping mode and I couldn't take pictures.

The best part, however, of the entire adventure was visiting the Apple store in the Galleria. Oh God...orgasm times 90. Better than sex. Better than....eating bacon. But not better than New York, so don't get that carried away. It was great. Here's the best best part - the Apple guy wanted to get rid of all these rolls of wrapping paper. Of course, I wasn't going to leave without taking all of them. Tommy, Jeff, and Nick took one each. I took sixteen. Matt III, my grandson, will have wrapping paper for wife. Hopefully her name will be like Elizabeth Hurley IV. (If you think about it, I'm like what, ten, fifteen years younger then Elizabeth Hurley, so if she has had a kid, I would be too old to date her, but my grandson probably won't if...ok I'm dumb).

The best best best part was of course, Sharper Image. The massage chairs. Better than Apple wrapping paper. Oh man. It was so...great.

Another sexy thing was Nick, Tommy, and Jeff wrappingpaperroll-fighting in the middle of Galleria III (not the fuckfest but part of the mall). It wasn't sword fighting, but wrapping paper fighting. Crazy shit. Nick even asked a lady working at Saks Fifth Avenue to referee the match. Then again, Nick claims he's allergic to latex and not a homosexual.

Galleria III brought in a movie, Session 9. It was alright. I mean, it was supposed to be scary. Maybe I was too tired to get out the "scaryness." If you want, rent it, I'd suggest it.

I also recommend Jeff's father's milkshakes and Baked Ziti. For more Italian food, see www.mattsfather.com. (joke btw)


THE PROJECT BEGINS! A movie about everything you see around here, the life of TW. If you want to read a long version without dialogue, check out the History of TW, and it'd be something like that, just not in depth. That, and people who are bitches and were once friends of mine and blah blah won't be in it, because 1) They hate me; 2) I hate them; 3) We hate each other; 4) They either graduated (Beachy, Zack, etc), don't live here anymore, or I'm not in contact with them (Lee kids who went to HMJ).

The trailer will be filmed this week. The trailer will include clips already shot on Mr. Sony from last year March to now. It will also include Jeff without a shirt on, in a bib, with a rattle. Intersted, ladies? I know Rachel is. Wait, nevermind, she's a flamer.

The real movie will probably start in the film process as early as two weeks. I'm writing the script now, another thing that set me back from not writing this column. But I guess it all works out, right?

You might possibly be contacted to remake a certain scene. If so, be happy. It's all good. I promise. We'll also be contacting people not directly involved too much and ask you to play a certain part.

Nothing Much

There's really not too much to say. My apologies for not writing in a long time, but you all will enjoy Laughingstock.

I was talking with my mom two days ago. Mr. HP II has set some incredible records. The 2500th pic was taken on January 19th, and the 3000th pic during Target IV. Currently, 3130 pics have been taken on Mr. HP II, which brings me to this point: How long can this guy last? It hasn't even been a year and he's taken almost 3500 pictures.

Another thing I'm going to be working on - putting WOMM's up, putting new Front Covers up for 2003, fixing certain sections for them to be working, and just adding some more stuff to make the hits go up. Go Digitial has definitely been slow this year, but when it does come into play, it makes a big impact to the lives of many.

This is one of the shortest WOMM's I've ever written. I guess I just have to say - It's been nice. Last year, this time, TW was in such a state of depression (me, and the site in general with no updates). I love all of you for being supportive of me and all that I do. I can't do this without any of you by my side. TW till August 2004 when I shut down, right? Right.