What's on My Mind


March 25, 2004

In the four years of TW existance, there has never been a time where I would ever think anyone would call the Baytown Police Department based on something we would say. That thought has now gone down the drain, and we may now start a celebration. On March 24, the Baytown Police Department recieved a call, saying I called William Robert Brooks II, a nigger.

First off, LOLOL, Billy Brooks, is white.

Second off, I can say the word nigger all I fucking want. I can also say gook, chink, wop, spic, wetback, gringo, George Bush, wait, whoops! Either way, its not like I actually mean the actual meaning. If that was true, school would actually be school, unlike prison! Correct Webster's fucking Dictionary right now, you jew!

Third off, there was reports that I am accused of being a racist. Congratulations, I just made fun of myself TWICE in the above paragraph if I'm a racist.

Fourth off, if I can't say the word nigger, then neither can anybody fucking else in this world, and when the word nigger is abolished from the English language, the world will save over 100 years of talking time for the abolishment of one of the most used racial slurs of all time.

Fifth off, I am once again not racist, considering I'm highly good friends with many African Americans, I'm running for political office in the future, and, AND, here's the biggest one, I want to have sex with as many black women as possible. HOW CAN I BE A FUCKING RACIST?

Sixth off, who the fuck cares if I said it? The person who called in is white. Mrs. Floyd confessed to her 3rd period class that the KKK put a burning cross in her yard because she and her family were "nigger-lovers." She didn't even call the police for that incidient, and when I, Matt Impelluso, someone who doesn't say the word nigger ANYWHERE CLOSE to as many times a BLACK PERSON says nigger (or nigga). Actually, the top 5 people who say nigger in this town are:

1) Billy Brooks (Non-Racist)
2) Tom Currie (Non-Racist)
3) Tim Brockman (Hates Everyone)
4) Dragon of the KKK (Nazi Fascist)
5) Lady (Racist to everyone but self)

I mean, listen everyone, I know I'm trying to make a "Serious" topic sound funny, but this is no joking matter. I should be tried and pressed immediately for calling a white person a "nigger" and I should never be able to have any say in what I want, even though the KKK do exist, and even though this is the fucking internet and I can say whatever the fuck I want about anything unless its life threatening, and the only thing that is life threatening about that between a Matt Impelluso - Billy Brooks - Tim Brockman slur is that one of us might die laughing.

This column is directed to one person in general, and she knows who she is. And, she knows I know who she is. And she knows that she's an absolute idiot for trying to dictate the life of a seventeen year old boy she doesn't have in her posession, and she's trying to make every kid look holy in the way she seems fit, when no one was harmed at fucking all considering we've been using racial slurs on this fucking website since even before it was a website.

Thank you Baytown Police for all of your fucking help and I hope ANY OF YOU PARENTS who depise us reading us right now got a fucking kick out of what I just said. Immature? Fuck you, I'm probably smarter than all of you and I haven't done my homework since Kindergarten. I guarantee you, I fucking guarantee you the person who called me in supports George W. Bush and the Conservative Republican Fascists that run this god damn forsaken town. The BPD should fucking take off the rapists and theives off the streets instead of investigating one of the most harmless websites on the internet.

This website is for entertainment. Nothing we say is to harm anyone, unless we decided it was time to give Rachel bashing another shot. (Which in turn is actually one of the biggest jokes too!) An outsider can't come in here and throw around accusations about a group of people she doesn't know. In one town, the word nigger might be considered the most horrible and tragic thing to say and you can get your fucking ass beaten for it, but on this website, right fucking here, nobody is complaining, because nobody takes that word seriously, and none of us are racist. If anything, we're the more liberal ones demanding equal rights then you fucking people who complain about us any chance you get.

This website is shutting down in August, give it a fucking chance to shine for four more months. Jesus Christ, go fucking watch a basketball game or something. Buy Astros Season Tickets, do something else than fucking read a seventeen year old liberal democratic New Yorker ranting about stuff he does in school when it doesn't fucking pertain to you at all.

And thank you for all the parents who read us and actually take the time to tell me what I do is hilarious and funny. There's a select few, but that's more than enough against several who are so god damn stupid and have nothing better to do.

Go read the first fucking amendment. Then go check anything I've ever said in here that could be illegal and could cause harm to anyone. If George Carlin can use racial slurs and say all that shit on TV and he can be the conductor for Thomas the fucking Tank Engine, then I can do what I'm doing with ANY fucking problem. Thanks for your time.

In other news, Matt Impelluso will attend a charity benefit for...

No, this actually isn't a joke. Since I am a good person, and not the fucking Anti-Christ like all these stupid parents think I am, I'm attending a charity benefit behind endorsed by UST and Nathan Prihoda. It's a benefit for a woman who lost her job due to her becoming pregnant. Many people at UST are extremely angered by this occurance, and they're putting on a benefit in her honor. The food and concert is free, but donations will be gladly appreciated.

I'm going to go and support someone who needs the help from us. There are many people out in this world who deserve the help from others, and there are many people in this world who don't deserve anything. And, the people who don't deserve anything get treated that way by me, and those who do deserve it get treated the best. I've helped out with the Aaron Stanley benefits, and this benefit for a woman I don't even know seems like the perfect community service deed I should fulfill. It's fucking bullshit that anyone should be discriminated for the miracle of a child coming into this world. Especially for that reason.

Trey Gammon, Freshmen President, and I are going to the event at 7:30, Friday, in Gunian Hall at University of Saint Thomas near the Galleria and Westheimer. It should end around 10:00. If you're interested in donating or going actually, contact me or Trey and we can probably squeeze you in (since its only official that we are going).

Try and get out and help these people. Other projects coming along include Relay For Life, the Coke Tab drive at school which will help the enviornment plus a charity I can't even think of at the moment, and just numerous other projects. Hell, picking up a piece of trash on the street helps out the community, so lets get to fuckin steppin!

Mr. Canon is back!

If it wasn't for all those pompous assholes making a big deal about our racial slurs, the Mr. Canon comeback would have looked much bigger in my fucking eyes, and to all of you as well. Its been almost exactly a month since Mr. Canon has been away from us, but he has rejoined TW's force and we are back in business.

However, because I don't want to get 6 days of ISS, which is bullshit anyway, and because I don't want to not have Mr. Canon ever again, I am forced to officially resign Mr. Canon from RSS and never, ever bring him inside the building again. I think that's fair, we didn't start off with a camera, we won't end with one. But, we have a lot of things to do. Some of that includes Target V, which still hasn't been announced.

There's a lot of events I want to take pictures at of course. Powder Puff Pictures should be up very soon. The pictures were contributed from an outside source, most beautifully known as The Rabbit, who wants to keep MEMORIES with him when he goes to college. Thank Best Buy I was able to save those pictures from Powder Puff. My temporary cheerleading -ship was absolutely wonderful and everyone seemed to have a great time with it. Thank you crowd for all your support LOL. And Trent Coots, for supplying the most beautiful outfit.

This weekend is UIL in Kingwood, and I also have that benefit on Friday. Trey wants to go to Louisiana to eat Cajun food, which seems like a fucking idea to me, and I have many other things to do before our voyage out of high school.

If you noticed, I've moved the closing date to August, right before I leave to college. I realized that since Target V wasn't done, we just needed some more time, and I'm guessing that you do as well. Well, except the people who want us down, LOL, but that ain't gonna happen is it! (Everyone laughs and slaps leg, yee-hawing)

Mr. Canon will work routinely outside of school in the next couple of days, but we go full fucking track this weekend once I can get all the Hot Dude stuff out of the way. This is the biggest week so I'll be done in a second.

BTW, The Hot Dude Contest went fucking amazingly last week. The voting was very good, and I enjoyed that people read the instructions. There was also not that many close matches which was expected, but I'm guessing this week there's gonna be a couple of backbreakers, which is gonna be fucking awesome. And oh yes, Matt Impelluso is competing this week in his own contest. I'm probably gonna get one vote, and that one vote is from...yes, Calpurnia from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Next week, the Robotics team is going to Reliant Stadium to race the Robots and take part of the festivities. I challenged Jon Reese to play chicken with the light rail with me. (OH NO THE ENTIRE BAYTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT TAKES DOWN NOTES AS TO HOW EXACTLY MATT WILL TRY AND DODGE THE 100 TON TRAINS HEADING TOWARD THE SOUTH FANNIN TERMINAL). After my idea went down the drain for taking the Light Rail to the festivities, I yelled and ranted about how people don't like to take adventures and go the easy way with everything. This is why Bill likes to make a fire 6 days a week. The 7th day, he enjoys tea, goat cheese, and Asian Bukkake porn.


I never get viruses so I must stress that this next message shouldn't go lighthearted. I keep getting these weird fucking emails in my box and I'm deleting them immediately. They all have attachments, and in the body of the email, it says that McAfee checked the file for viruses, which absolutely untrue. Anyone can see its a virus.

If you get this in your box, immediately delete it. Don't even TRY and investigate. I don't know what this virus does, but if you're like me, you fucking delete that bitch and never see it a-fucking-gain.

Closing Words

There's many things wrong with this society that I can never change. My morals as an individual are actually very high. I stand true to lots of Democratic issues however, and I'm extremely liberal and laid-back. Therefore, a lot of things everyone freaks out about to me is just mere child's play. So, therefore, I have a statement.

Don't fucking care. This website isn't going anywhere till August, and in August, it'll be forever left in the glory it was remembered in, and in ten years, nobody is going to remember anything about it.

Everyone needs to chill the fuck out. This website has been around for four years, and we haven't done anything remotely bad to the citizens of this city. Therefore, everyone needs to chill the fuck out. We won't turn violent anytime soon, we won't start a war anytime soon because we're not George W. Fucking Bush, and we're a people just trying to laugh. You destroying our laughter will only cause more controversy on how corrupt the government is. Let it go. Movies are way more violent than this website. Real life is much more violent. Go fucking prosecute Robert Acuna and Troy Andrews for their murders and leave the fucking good guys out of it. Cause we are good.

We Are TW.

I said fuck 41 times btw. Not as much as 68 but still awesome.