WOMM - 3-24-03

Well, it's finally here. April. One month closer to May, which is days before summer. Soon we will all be leaders of the school, seniors, and finally begin filling out college applications, most of us outside of Baytown. Many of you however will become juniors, and in Rachel's case, sophomores. Haha. Rachel blows little boys.

You know, I'm just looking around, bored. I really don't have anything to say. Life is starting to get a little bit boring, and according to my dream in which I'm in an amusement park and all I can remember from it is that I have sexual intercourse with a girl - the amusement park stands for me trying to have more fun in my life.

I think Mr. HP II needs to get off his Spring Break and rejoin TW, because it's been almost a month since he's taken some pictures for the site.

Jeff and I just stopped working on Laughingstock. I don't know what happened, and I'm assuming neither does he. I think we had to fix our lives first before working on a movie about my life and the TW enterprise. Speaking of my life, I'm writing the newest history now, but it's taking forever. Sorry that I'm not too good at writing unlengthy, rather boring enteries.

I want to mention the new skatepark, Salvation Skatepark, is open for business. Your God in heaven knows he's never seen so many skaters before. I was pretty shocked. Herbie showed me the best skater in Baytown and he's not even in high school yet. Yep, he's under than our piece of shit freshman employee Rachel "I touch Clit" Barajas. Notice I capatilized Clit because I appreciate women's body parts.

Also, which will make Tommy hate me, The Broken has lots of talent and I apologize for making fun of them when I was in love with Walking 49 but no more of that. Walking 49's attendance is dramatically down and The Broken is probably going to take over in the fashion. Walking 49 still has some good songs, but in the current day of age of dumb emo being all over the place, The Broken wins in sastifying people with their music. I love you Herbie, and I support you, Harry, Linc, and Ryan all I can because you guys are great people and if we could fit 8 people in a Toyota Celica anything can happen.

Speaking of music, on Thursday, your very own Matt Impelluso of Brooklyn sang "Freedom" by Rage Against the Machine. At the end of the performance, me, Omeed Tabrizi, Nick Matula, and Chris Martinez recieved the biggest standing ovation of the night. My friends were in shock. Nathan Prihoda hugged me and thanked me for singing the song and is basically my biggest fan on the subject. I don't sing like Zack, no one will sing like Zack, and I'm pretty sure it'd my last singing performance.

If you never heard Freedom, I suggest downloading it now, because I'm going to be a pessimist and say we're not going to make Pop Show. Good luck to all participants, and to anyone singing A Thousand Miles cause that's absolutely hilarious and ironic Fart.

Mrs. May comes back tomorrow. How incredibly awesome because the sub we had, Mrs. Flood, was a fucking bitch from hell. She was nice looking and stuff but I mean, really, don't be a bitch if the pregnant woman even wasn't.

Derek Jones shat his fucking pants. How the hell did you do that Jonesie boy? Anyway, on Wednesday, I wrote the entire fucking article, and you can CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT JONES SHITTING HIMSELF

Alright, fat people, I got some FUCKING BEEF WITH YOU, AND IT'S MY FUCKING BEEF SO DON'T FUCKING TRY AND STEAL IT, FAT SHITS. Listen, if you're fat, and you don't feel like losing some weight, don't punish us. I'm talking about skinny families with one fat person, or a fat family with one skinny person, or whatever god damn combination it is. I live in my house worrying for my food. Constantly I worry about my mom's cookies being devoured in a second.

On Wednesday, my mom made a whole batch of cookies. By Friday night, they were severely threatened of plague. Saturday morning: One cookie left. This batch of cookies could serve an elementary class party. I ate three. DO YOU KNOW HOW PISSED OFF I WAS?? I WAS SO FUCKING MAD I ALMOST THREATENED TO SHOVE MY BROTHER'S MOUTH OPEN AND STICK MY HAND ALL THE WAY INTO HIS STOMACH AND RETRIEVE MY COOKIES AND STICK THEM UP HIS ASSHOLE.

That's it, I've had it. I'm declaring war on fat people who make the damn skinny people suffer. I'm declaring complete alliance with fat people who know they're fat and give skinny people food so we can all live and enjoy food. I hate fat people who think they can steal all the skinny people's food. I also hate my brother for being fat because I can't have non-lowfat ice cream, or any other fattening food for that matter at my disposal.

Oh, and something else. For all of you that love movies, I have a movie that will satisfy your minds just like Reqiuem for a Dream did. The Pianist starring Adrian Brody is one of the best movies I've seen in my life. It was so incredible, powerful, and moving that I wanted to watch it again but I just didn't have time this weekend. Go download it on Kazaa Lite.

God, I gotta take a shit again, brb.

Ok I'm back. So anyway, I got word that my annual trip to New York might becoming official by this week. I'm probably going to say three weeks, from June 20 to July 13 or so, but I'm not exactly sure. I'll be giving in more details.

Ok I'm bored now. I have nothing else to say. I'll try my best to get some Go Digital up. I love all of you. All of you are pretty. All of you are sexy. All of you are..not sexy. I take that back. Some people are really ugly and their names are Rachel and Rachel Barajas. K? Thanks.


Click here, its an attempt to try and fucking kill this guy who's playing against me in Outwar. As soon as I beat him, I quit Outwar.