WOMM - 4-07-03

Stupid Ass Test. That's the new version of the SAT's, because well, no one actually knows what it means, and if you do, you're a fucking loser. I'm going to go straight into things that piss me off more than anything, and it's going to start with the Stupid Ass Test.

Because of people cheating on the SAT's before by getting someone else to take the test for them, new rules and restrictions are being placed to take the SAT test. One of these is to bring some sort of photo identification.

Well, even though it says that on your SAT ticket, or your computer printout, some stupid asshole in my class, yes she was a girl, just like stupid ass girl drivers who have her high-beams on in the middle of Garth and Baker, the most lit intersection at night, ok this sentence is too long so I'm just going to stop it here. Ok, so this girl, of course, doesn't bring in her ID badge.

OUR CLASS HAS TO WAIT THRITY MORE MINUTES FOR US TO BEGIN TAKING THE TEST! Sarah Guest put her head down on her desk in frustration. I looked around, saying the worst obscenities in my head, like fuck, bitch, shit, cocksucker, and titty bon-bon. Most off, I could have added "UGLY OVERWEIGHT BITCH" when the girl came into the room cause that's what she was. I have no tolerance for this sort of bullshit.

So, Nick had to wait 20 minutes outside for me, but luckily Andrew was there to talk to Nick.

Another thing - they told us not to talk before the test. WHY THE FUCK NOT? We don't have the test yet. It's not like we're spreading answers. No one else got their test yet, it was just us. This was at like 8:15 in the morning. Not talking at 8:15 in the morning is a sin.com/sexbeforemarriage. You know, off topic here, I was just wondering, if sex before marriage wasn't a sin, would everyone not be virgins? Go Atheists and people who don't give a shit about the adultery rule!

Go Syracuse! I didn't care who won but Texas doesn't deserve anything cause they're from Texas. Syracuse hasn't won either, but who cares about basketball anyway? Oh you do? Fuck you.


I LuV SLC PuNk: dude
I LuV SLC PuNk: u need mr hp to wake the fuck up
I LuV SLC PuNk: cuz i miss gd
PsYcHo MaTt 316: i know
PsYcHo MaTt 316: me too
PsYcHo MaTt 316: i think he's having sex with mr.sony cause they're in the same bag



After so long, TW has now ventured to a land of no other - t-shirts! Walking 49 made t-shirts so why can't we? Well, we are. TW is now making the notrious and beautiful Hot-Babe t-shirt, the one all of us wanted to wear, including Nick who was going to wear the sample last January.

Gorrila on Cedar Bayou Lynchburg and TW talked Thursday. It's a very good deal. The shirts will sell for around $11-13 depending on the reaction and the amount we should get. Support your TW pride and get your girlfriend to buy this shirt or even better, buy the shirt for yourself if you're a boy!

With this coming up, all profits going to the shirts will go to other setup fees, but most importantly they'll go to this one. There's a $20 setup fee so we need at least like 7 shirts to be bought or else we'll be stuck in setup fees. With a more colorful shirt, the setup fee will be more expensive, so we'll save them for that. I'm not going to take this money. I'm not giving it to anyone. It's going straight back into our t-shirt budget.

Here are some examples of the Hot Babe shirt. They came out kind of smudged because I had to make it smaller for web-site reasons:

[Baby Blue]



[Hunter Green]






Old Man

On Friday, Nick, Tommy, and I saw the new Vin Diesel's new movie, A Man Apart, and it was pretty pretty, unlike what Jeff automatically assumed of it. The best part however, was not at the movie at all.

On the middle on one of Clear Lale's main arteries, Bay Area Blvd, some old ass guy in an Eclipse decided to go less than 5 miles per hour right adjacent to Clear Lake High School, the third snobbiest school in the country so don't go to Clear Lake to visit people cause they're snobs minus Sheridan. K? K.

So anyway, I'm lying down, and I can't see out the window cause Tommy has shotgun. Suddenly, I look up, and I see an old man OUT OF HIS CAR in the middle of BAY AREA BLVD, THE BUSIEST ROAD IN CLEAR LAKE, AND I CAN READ THE GUY'S LIPS "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" and he's motioning with his hands like he's an Italian!

He then runs back into his car and Nick loses patience and starts honking at him. He doesn't move. He's backing up traffic on the middle of Bay Area Blvd. No one does this. This is the stupidest thing to do.

So, of course, Matt Impelluso the rescue. I say "Ok, I'm going out there" and as soon as I get out there, I walk toward the Eclipse yelling and screaming, and he zooms off scared off his ass! I then flicked him off and I jumped into the van which was speeding away without me of course cause Nick does that to piss all of us off everytime he's usually driving, and we started following him. When we got in front of him, he slowed down so much because he was scared of us.

Tommy thinks he zoomed off because of how I looked. Well, I'd be scared of myself if I saw myself yelling and screaming at me. Of course, the only thing I can beat up is the occasional roach who comes in from outside into my room, and maybe a few people in the world. But, I do look scary, especially with a beard.

Reason for this story: Don't ever stop in the middle of a busy artery in my old town cause I'll get out of the car and give you some Italian culture in your face.


No one gives a flying fuck anymore.

Ewwie Classes

Don't take Pre-Cal or Physics. You don't need them unless you're gonna do something stupid like designing computer games like Jeff.

I'm being serious too. The only people that actually enjoy physics are people that basically like math and science, two things I absolutely hate. If you hate math and science, don't take Pre-Cal, and don't take Physics. They're evil and horrible.

If you like good teachers get Mr. Smith and Mrs. McRenyolds cause they still make me laugh and at least enjoy being in the class. But, the work, gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.

As soon as I get my credits in those classes, I'm going to celebrate.

Another ewwie class? Not History AP. I love you Mrs. May for coming back cause I hated Mrs. Flood so much.

Ok I'm done. Go Digital I PROMISE this week take my word for it. They might be of Nick's butt but what are you gonna do huh?


P.S. You know, I know for the last several months many of you have been wondering, why do I pick on Rachel so much? Truth of the matter is, Rachel is one of my best friends in the entire world and I love her more than queso. She seriously is someone you should talk to because she's freaking awesome. Everything we talk on the phone I think of her as someone older than she is (she's a freshman) and she isn't a bitch and immature like most stupid freshman. Intelligant, smart, and funny as a niggie, she's awesome. So, for once, I won't make fun of her in every paragraph.

I lied. Rachel eats fetuses.