WOMM - 4-14-03

Sometimes in the shower back in around 9th grade, I imagined giving myself a speech to over 500 kids, like a presidential debate on all the major television networks. Last week, my daydreams came to reality, and now, they've been all shot down the fucking drain.

According to the stupid goose creek handbook (not-capitalized for the incredible shittiness this school district is), a person who recieves a conduct report in the same year has a loss of honors, and can't run for office in a club, such as Student Council.

If you read WOMM Archives from August, you'll read about me getting kicked out of band. If you read WOMM Archives in September, you'll read about me getting even more unnessassary punishment: five days SAC. Now you're reading about even MORE torment: Me being rejected office of the presidancy because of something that happened last May 24.

At least Mrs. Smith was a good sport about it. She even asked me if she did the right thing in telling me now. For those of you that didn't know, I was planning the largest campaign in the history of RSS. I was going to make thousands, literaly thousands of fliers, and put posters up all over the place. I would have won. With everyone's support, especially Peri's, I would have probably won. I would have been the greatest symbolic leader ever considering no school political experience at all besides that of me trying to turn the school into not a school, but jail. Too bad that already has come true.

Mr. Smith said maybe this will be a lesson in life. Yes and no. What I did back in the day was wrong. I basically wrote something stupid to freshman about how band was, my band director decided I was leader of the Satanic religion, he decided to try ruining my life by sending in what I wrote to every single law enforcement agency and school administrator in Baytown, kicked me out of the thing I loved most, band, and I was sentenced to 5 days of SAC.

Let me not begin on how much torment and mental torture I was going through. All my friends out on Friday night at a football game was horrible. Watching them march was even worse. Being kicked off the band field supporting your friends, oh that's nothing, I just wanted to cry because it was like I was some sort of disease.

If there was anyone more loyal to the band program, it was me.

One day in Music Theory, Kristen West asked why the band was so big back in the day, and why now it's so small. My band director replies with, "Because I kicked out all the trash." I'm sitting in the room.

What I did didn't deserve all of that. There was so much more. I couldn't be in Baytown Community Band because I wasn't in band. I had to be sent to SAC, a land of animals and people who deserve to be in jail and do my work in there. I lost many band friends, although at the time many supported me and my cause to get back in.

Now, over so many months later, and even starting to finally give in and start liking my band director again, everything going good for me goes STRAIGHT DOWN the drain. My past has come back to haunt me, again, for the 60 billionth time. And all I was trying to do was run for president and serve the people. I almost cried when Mrs. Smith told me what happened, and when I looked at Peri, I just wanted to burst into tears. She knew too. What a horrible day in the autobiography of Matt Impelluso.

I wrote Sarah. I congratulated her and told her I didn't hate her at all. It was pretty difficult writing her. I planned just apologizing for the speech but not congratulating her. I'm glad I didn't start writing it in English. I found out one period later what happened.

I feel like an Ex-Con. Underpriviledged. It's not fair at all. Things happened so long ago. It didn't matter. I still got the conduct report. Even if this what have been for me not paying for my ID badge, I would have recieved a conduct report and not been able to run. That's the most pathetic part.

What else can I do but apologize to all of you for getting in trouble almost a year ago at Graduation? Yes, you heard me right, this happened ALMOST A YEAR AGO, on May 24th. That's not far away at all. That's right down the corner. What a price to pay. Walking off while Kaci Fink is being dedicated in front of about 15,000 people. I stopped in the middle of the band field when they were dedicating her.

I drew a little line graph for my baby, showing her my life since January. Increase, increase, increase, level out, total dramatic decrease. It's kind of hard knowing that something you dreamed about since 5th grade goes away down the drain just like that, and gaining all your friends and trust from them to all rally and win something we can all truly agree on, is just destroyed.

But, I must pull through on this horrible moment of my life, and continue serving you through comedic relief on this wonderful, large website. Ever since I've been updating Go Digital, the hits have been improving by almost 3-5 times. It's really incredible. When I placed the order for the Hot Babe shirts today, The Warzone has stepped into a new era of great web-sites.

I would like to thank absolutely everyone who supported me for presidancy. I would like to thank absolutely everyone who supported me when I was kicked out of band, and to Stackey, Cassie, and Jill who wore Subway shirts in regards to me at practice one day just to show Mr. Clem you all cared.

I would like to thank everyone who's supported me in everything I do, and to let you know that I'll never forget everything any of you have ever done for me, whether it's bring me to school, help me run for president, or lift me up mentally when my spirits was down. I love each and everyone one of you.

And now I present to you the winner of the 2003 election for the 2004 class president, Sarah Guest.