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April 15, 2004

FUCK! WHAT A SHITTY WEEK! But who cares, who the fuck cares, because this weekend is going to be...a weekend, and we get to rest. Next week is going to be really fucking shitty, hahaha, especially for you rapescout underclassmen who have to take that fucking gay TAKS test. Thank the fucking Best Buy God that we didn't have to do that stupid shit last year for a grade. Remember when we all failed on purpose? Hell yes. Hell yes. And I was the only white person in my class who decided to bring a book on Urban Politics into my homeroom. Noteables in my homeroom: Derek "I take shits in my pants" Jones, and Chad 'Grab it. You know you want to' Kell.

Go get your gun, cause God won't show. I yelled that at Keith Buckley, and he yelled it back at me Saturday night. One of the most amazing concerts ever, the TW gang went to Fat Cats Saturday and rocked the fucking house out. It was amazing, besides the show being sold out and us having to go to a second show.

What is TW, and what it means to me.

In the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed a little bit of a chippier mood on my part. The Warzone has been doing excellent, and I would like to thank the hundreds of people who show up daily to check out our material. I emphasize our, because I cannot do this job by myself, but I can make it all work together, and that's what I'm standing by.

I've never really had to battle with my words on this website, because, the thing is, it is mine. For the past seven years, all of you have come to this website to see pictures of friends, comments those friends make, conversations these friends have, technology that lets us put that together, contests that determine the most gorgeous and handsome of these friends (all in fun and games), and columns by me, which I think is the LEAST most important part of this website, even though many of you enjoy reading.

I stand by word that every day, I work to make you laugh in any way possible, and to have a fun time in any way possible. And, I have hundreds of people who help with this site that I can't even begin to state how much I love each and every one of them.

I have to say one thing in my defense though. If you don't agree, fuck you, this is what I think. I put more superiority on my part - and this is why. I should have the right, the absolute right, to determine what does and does not go on this website. And, if I deem it wrong on MY MORAL STANDING, not anyone elses, that should be what goes. And, if you don't agree, that's fine, go to Yahoo.com and check some email. That's all I ask for payment for putting it all together. No one has to pay for The Warzone like a newspaper, and nobody has to contribute anything except that of Billy Brooks, who has generously paid for the website since September. Thank you so fucking much dude, and thank all of you who have stuck in with this site when times were rough, when times were awesome, and when times are about to end..which is coming to now.

The Most Insane Playoffs

For the first time in TW history, a contest tied three times in a row, IN A FUCKING ROW, because nobody could determine the hotter guy, Ryan Munro, or Zach Werth. It's fucking astonishing to think that if every other vote is tied, how can the freshmen class vote so overwhlemingly 28-3 for Ryan Munro when the senior class stood at a dead tie at 18 a piece?

I never ever thought when the match started this would happen. Ever. I thought we were going to find a clear victor. I didn't mind the online playoff, that was fine, but when they both tied that one, I was just pissed fucking off. Then, today in class, when I counted Andrew's Senior Ballot, it was tied again!! THREE TIMES!

However, the other ballots didn't say the same. Ryan Munro cleaned house in the other two ballots, taking the election.

I really enjoy the school primaries. Of course, today was probably going to be the last one, for several reasons. The biggest one is that I didn't want to do today's at all in the first place. It was fun while it lasted.

Colby Jones and Brian Howell will be facing each other for the Hot Dude Junior Championship, and Ryan Munro, Andrew Masterson, Brad Wilson, and Trent Coots will deck it out for the senior class. It's going to be so interesting to see who's in the finals. EVERYONE VOTE! EVERY FUCKING ONE!!! THERE'S ONLY THREE WEEKS LEFT IN THE HOT DUDE CONTEST LETS MAKE IT AN AWESOME ONE!!!

TW Primary

There's so many fucking primaries you'd think we're the government now. Ok, all the employees (well, most of the employees, the ones that didn't do it are being scolded by me) filled out an election for eight different questions. Here they are.

Issue 1

What sections should we delete to save server space?

Designs: 85 ELECTORAL
Digipen: 63 ELECTORAL
Babepics: 23 ELECTORAL
2001: 17 ELECTORAL
2002: 14 ELECTORAL

All of those sections above except the 2001, 2002 sections of Go Digital and the Hot Dude section have been deleted. First off, I'm not deleting the history of The Warzone no matter how many fucking people vote it off, and second off, I can't delete the Hot Dude section till the Hot Dude page is totally over.

This weekend however, I will be deleting pictures of those Hot Dude's who are no longer in the contest. Therefore, all weekend, from Friday to Monday Night, you can view the 2004 Hot Dude Contest Pictures.

Issue 2

When should the TW Banquet be held?

AfterProm: 95 ELECTORAL
AfterGrad: 35 ELECTORAL
BeforeProm: 1 ELECTORAL

There it fucking goes. However, there might be a chance it will be After Graduation anyway, but if there is anyway we can do it the weekend before, I will try my very best. Tim told me it was after Graduation last year, but that isn't true, due to the fact that I stubbed my toe in his pool and I was dying at school the next week with a toe infection. LOL.

Issue 3

Would you like the Hot Dude or Hot Babe Contest to continue even if there isn't a site update after TW shuts down? [See Issue 7]


This vote is very close, but if I decide to change my vote, then NAY wins, because I chose YAY. See how the electoral college system works below.

The fact of the matter is, I'm going to be blunt and say that no one will ever be able to match up with the consistancy and seniority of my contest idea that started my sophomore year. The contests are the most draining part about TW because the first rounds take SOOOO long to complete. But, so many people love the contests, therefore I enjoy seeing the good outcome after a long day's work.

We'll see what happens.

Issue 4

What would you like to see happen for Target V?

Target V was supposed to happen in February, but due to busyness and Mr. Canon being taken up by the facists at school, we couldn't have it then and we can't have it any time soon.

Target V will probably take place in the summer. Here are the three options that were allowed to vote for

Here's the vote:

State-Wide = 86 ELECTORAL
Remake = 34 ELECTORAL
National= 16 ELECTORAL

Issue 5

Should The Warzone's employee newsboard remain open after TW shuts down in August?


That's pretty fucking simple. THE NEWSBOARD WILL REMAIN OPEN FOREVER!

Issue 6

Would you like to leave your immediate contact information (screen name, maybe possibly cell number) on TW for people to contact you after Season 4 ends?


Obviously, that's fucking approved.

Issue 7

When do you think it would be the best time for TW to shut down?

When Matt goes to college - 89 ELECTORAL
August 1 - 35 ELECTORAL
June 30 - 4 ELECTORAL
May 28 - 2 ELECTORAL

Well, I agree with all of you. If I go to UTSA, TW will shut down on August 24, 2004, the second I am totally situated in San Antonio. If I go to New York or New Jersey, the date may be later, so we'll see what happens.

Issue 8

This is the best Issue of them all. As you can all see, Steve Terry's name has been popping up on random ballots all around for the Hot Dude Contest. Because Dottie is one of our favorite people in the world, I decided to let TW employees decide the fate of Steve Terry, someone who apparently, from at least ten or so females, should have been in the Hot Dude Contest (I don't know why everyone's looking at me, I wasn't a fucking judge). Here are the results to let Steve be in the final round:



Electoral System

Every employee recieved a different amount of votes to vote in each question. This is how the electoral college of TW works:

President - 10 votes
Untouchable - 7 votes
Senior - 5 votes
Junior - 4 votes
Sophomore - 3 votes
Freshmen - 2 votes
Spectator - 1 vote
A Class Presidency - +1 vote
John Ascroft - -500 votes

There were some exceptions, such as Brian Clay and Billy Brooks, who have both paid their dues for the website by buying domain names and server space. Thanks guys!

Texas Massacre

Ok if you don't know what this is, you're a fucking faggot beyond recognition. The biggest concert to come to Baytown since Ozzfest, Texas Massacre II will definitely be the coolest thing that will ever happen on April 17, unless one of my babies is born that day. Then, fuck that. (KELLY HAVE MY BABY THAT DAY, PLEEEEEEEASE!!)

Here's the schedule. Go support our friends [Pneuma], The Kidnap Soundtrack, The Last Starfighter, Saturday is Dead, and By The End of Tonight. Of course, there are other bands there that are going to kick ass as well, I just don't know it yet.

The biggest concert to come to Baytown since Ozzfest, Texas Massacre II will definitely be the coolest thing that will ever happen on April 17, unless one of my babies is born that day. Then, fuck that. (KELLY HAVE MY BABY THAT DAY, PLEEEEEEEASE!!) 3:30 the dolliver romance
3:55 jonbebet
4:20 half man half buffalo
4:45 that. i am dead
5:10 dead on the dance floor
5:35 days from waking
6:00 [Pneuma]
6:25 fung shui
6:50 saturday is dead
7:15 yuna
7:40 far from jane
8:05 mr hinkus
8:30 thumbscrew
8:55 no hope in texas
9:20 highwater waltz
9:45 letter 12
10:00 condoleeza rice
10:10 the kidnap soundtrack
10:35 by the end of tonight
11:00 at all cost
11:25 the last starfighter

There will be two stages, so there will be band after band, and I think that is fucking AMAZING. I can't wait to see Kidnap at 10:10. That's goign to be...fucking..amazing.

And, of course, I mean, absolutely fucking of course, is our boys from Pneuma. Andrew, Trey, Brad, Kenny, and a new guy I need to get to know quickly, Eric. They are going to rock the fucking house. I even hear rumors that their might be a three-state tour this summer featuring Pneuma and another popular band.

Congratulations to Two Years Apart for releasing a CD!

Next weekend, the 24th, will be the Battle of the Bands at the Harbour. I've always liked the Harbour, so that should be amazing. Pneuma will be playing! We're going to go in fucking buses if we have to. And, we will use the buses to take any band that has more people than Pneuma out and bring them to the Veranda Cafe, where they will eat the shittiest food and everyone will fucking die of heartburn and indigestion. Fuck the Veranda Cafe, fuck not being able to mosh at that SHITTY FUCKING PLACE Chilly Willy's (The Elbow Room), and fuck anyone at the Every Time I Die concert who was being a pussy and not crowd moshing with me, Kelly, Tommy, Jeremy, Bill, Brad, and Condoleeza Rice.

P.S. Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahila Murder, and SCARLET! were awesome last Saturday! Fuck yeah!!



P.S. The employee section is going to be under some renovation in the next couple of days, keep an eye for new employees!