What's on My Mind

To Tim, Asians Suck, Prissies Suck, Stuff

April 26, 2004

It's been a long time, but in the process of the next three or four busiest weeks of our lives, it comes down to the summer for everything to slow down. Mr. Canon is back everyone, and Go Digital should be pouring in any minute, with me already taking pictures in preperation for the biggest weekend of our lives. I can't fucking wait. Prom. This Friday.

Brad corrected me - I said Four Early Release Days; In a way, I just worded it wrong, but seniors get the full advantage of three late arrival at 11:15 (or 11:45 if you have first lunch), and Friday's third period early release.

There's been no updates because, God fucking damn, I've been doing SO MUCH. This weekend, I think I was home for the smallest amount of time than every other place I was at. FUCK! But, we're getting back into order.

In Dedication to Tim

It's been a year, but it's been a tough year to be without Tim Stuart. Throughout the year, many visits to the cemetary, the monument cross on Main Street, and the observance of the orange Tim shirts in school make me glad people still care about such a great human being.

On April 27, 2003, Tim got in a fatal car accident near Archer and Main Street, and the next day, April 28, he passed away in Houston.

There's nothing more I can say in all honesty besides that I miss this individual very much. But, Tim is fucking many many many hot girls in heaven, and that's fine with me, cause I'd be doing the same thing. And getting drunk. Very drunk.

So remember these next couple of days. They're very tough, but we've made it through, and these days should be in observance.


Fuck Asians

You heard me. Not the people, computer parts. Hitachi fucked me over, and I'm ready for some fucking Asian racist comeback. And I mean the following:

  • Teabagging any Asian within 200 miles of my computer;
  • Casual scat sex with any Asian teen, preferably of about 10 years of age;
  • DVD insertion into Rachel Barajas's pussy

    Honestly, I think the rules work well. This is why:

  • This is my fucking website!
  • I have not one single Japanese technology brand name in my room EXCEPT my TDK burner which I've had no problem with
  • My old Maxtor 40 Gig 5400 RPM was slower than Hitachi's Asian Dog Nigger 160 Gig 7200 RPM 8 MB Buffer
  • How many Asian people do we actually like?
  • The answer of the last question divided by the circumfrence of Tom's butthole

    All in all, I'll say it once, I'll say it again. America might not have the best rules, or the best president (fuck no we don't), but we do know how to eat fuckin steak, drink a beer, take a shot of whiskey, take a shot of vodka, take a shot of gin, take a shot of tequila, take a shot of everclear, then smoke a Philly while reading Ebony magazine. And we sure as hell don't like any Japanese pussies ruining any of this, and since Hitachi did, Hitachi is officially banned from my house, and I will take a shit once Hitachi enters yours.

    Fuck Prissies

    "I like Simple Plan"

    "God, Blink 182 is so rad!"

    "Good Charlotte. Touch me where I like it!"

    "The Usual Suspects are just sooo good." No they're not. No they are fucking not. They're fucking ska. SKA. Does anyone in this fucking world understand the meaning of ska? It's like taking out a trombone, sticking it on top of your penis, then you playing a game of water sports with some towel head from Iran, probably that scum bag Omeed, but just kidding. SKA!! Well, congratulations anyway, for getting second place.


    Anyway, all I really wanted to say was, if you're just into that whole movement where you think its cool to just be a fucking pussy, wear pink shirts when you're a guy, and think its cool to be a homosexual, just go to fucking Wyoming or something. I'm just sick of this bullshit where everyone wants to be treated the same yet they look like such fucking idiots while doing it no one can give them respect. How the fuck can I respect someone who has a boa going across their chest and they're 20 years old? I can't, I just fuckin can't, I just want to stab myself in the chest.

    I'm just sick of all this anti-racism movement. If you're racist, fine, just get the fuck out of my way, cause I'm not. But I'm sick of all this stuff where people piss other people off on purpose to anger them about a racial slur, (RIGHT LOBSTER GIRL? I LOVE YOU!!!!) or when people are just like, "Hey Jew, shut up" and some idiot in the corner has a fucking seizure cause someone said Jew in a negative connotation. Believe it or fucking not, American is a bad word in some countries, so lets just cut all the fucking shit and realize that we're not all some supreme fucking being.

    Anyway, fuck racism, fuck prissies, fuck asian computer parts, fuck the Currie Twins, and fuck the fact that I have to choose between the 1st, 4th, and 8th biggest cities in the United States in less than 3 days.

    Final Hot Dude

    The hottest dude in the school will be chosen on all week. From Tuesday to Monday Morning, you may vote in two contests: One featuring the Underclassman victors Al Johnson and AJ White, and the other featuring the Upperclassman victors Brian Howell and Andrew Masterson.

    On Friday, TW is scheduled to distribute about 2,000 flyers around the school, so get ready to start picking up a lot of fucking trash.

    Of course, the hits haven't been good, and there's only one person to blame for that. But, I can't blame how long Canon took to bring me Mr. Canon II, but since we have that, I believe we are back in fucking business.

    Upcoming Events

    Ok, there's a lot going on this week, and I'll try to elaborate in all ways possible. The following must get done:

  • Post The Harbour pictures
  • Post pictures from the auction
  • Go to University of St. Thomas
  • Go to San Antonio
  • Go to Prom
  • Go to the Lakehouse
  • Eat pussy
  • Drink beer

    Of course, much of our general aim is to the last two subjects, but we will be getting things done. As for The Masticators, that's all up in the fucking air.


    Some people have been asking me questions lately. Here they are, answered.

    1) Matt, who are you taking to prom?

    I'm taking nobody to prom, and that's for several reasons. One, my original date couldn't go because of unresolved money issues, then I decided there was no girl good enough to be my prom date unless she had the following credentials: Cameron Conder with a taste of hardcore music, and then I came to the point where I said, "Fuck, I'm not spending 50 bucks if I'm not getting any action. FUCK THAT!"

    2) Matt, where are you going for college?
    Well, I get to choose between three different cities. The first is right here in Houston for the University of St. Thomas. The second is in San Antonio, UTSA, and its a famed school with many RSS graduates signed up to go. The following is the New York candidate for me, St. John's University, who originally wasn't even in the candidate race in the first place. I will pick on Thursday, but I won't tell anyone it on here till Monday. CUNTS!

    3) Matt, why don't you update, like hardly at all?
    Hey, why don't you stop sucking dick, like hardly at all? It takes fucking patience to run this website, and I'm tired. Give me some slack, I have senioritus, it's prom week, and God has already declared martial law on

    4) Matt, have you ever kissed a black girl?

    Yes, Thomas Jefferson and I have both kissed black girls.

    5) Matt, how do you say good bye?
    Fuck you -Matt-