What's on My Mind

Fajitas, The Matrix, more shit.

May 16, 2003

Dead Week! A week closer to everything being over, a week till final exams, and a week till the ever so wonderful summer break countdown begins. As you can see, the countdown above is going precisely to the second, and at 11:30 on May 30th, it's going to go off, and read Summer. It's going to be mighty pretty.

There's really not much more to say, so I'll just talk about our adventures with Fajitas, and how the Matrix was a really great movie. Maybe I'll talk about other things as well, but I really don't have anything on my mind right now.


This week, the Masticators, the newest TW group to be in existance, created Fajitas at Jeff's house, originally scheduled at my house, but it turns out I didn't have any propane. Damn propane. Anyway, it was really pretty.

The only bad thing was us going all over town all day long, because KK's vehicle had serious problems. For some reason, the doors magically locked by themselves (I'm not bullshitting you - the back doors locked too, no one was sitting in the back seat, and there are no automatic locks) and the trunk, which can't be locked in the first place, locked itself in as well. The wonderful old Mercedes of the days seemed to have problems with auto-theft systems like that, Tommy's dad says.

The pictures went by pretty well, but probably won't strike as really popular. The most popular Masticators page is still Apple Pie, with Queso, Hot Dog Fried Rice, and Bacon in behind it, but most of these pages are ahead in most stats I'm recieving for TW.

Speaking of stats, it's been a really steady over 1,000 margin for TW. I was expecting yesterday to go into hundred digits, but it continued above a 1,000. I was really proud - we've never kept over a 1,000 that long.

Several individuals are still pointing fingers at me and saying what I did with the Tim shirts and putting the site link was wrong and I was just attracting visitors and not paying any respect to Tim. Well, that's fuckin stupid. Since April 15th or so, the revival of TW has been the Masticators section, and the week Tim died, because of the memorial and everything, the hits increased greatly. Like I would have thought, the hits basically went down and stablized around 1,000, where it usually is, but there's usually points in the week where it's lower than usual, especially when a Go Digital isn't taken. But, that didn't happen, so I thank you all for visiting.

The Matrix

Ian said it was perfect. When I asked Chad, he started pelvic thrusting. It was a really good experience. I went Thursday and realized it was probably the greatest special effects I've probably ever seen.

The Matrix beat Spiderman for an opening day total, which makes me happy, considering Spiderman is no where as cool as the Matrix is, and I basically hate Spiderman because I've seen it like fifteen times. It was cool while it lasted. The Matrix however was so beautiful. The teaser for Revolutions made me even happier, and excited about the November release.

Tommy, Abdul, Ryan and I got so pissed off during the previews. The new Freddy vs Jason movie is coming out soon, and these INCREDIBLY IMMATURE AND STUPID group of people decided to make extremely loud noises during the preview and laugh the entire time like Azuree Benard and Angie Pearson. I felt like I was in my fucking Physics class. I don't condemn talking in movies, but when it's high pitch screaming, that's it.

The Lizzie McGuire movie still rules, don't care what anyone says. And, I don't care what you think, she's still a very hot girl. My girlfriend calls me and Nick gay for liking the movie, but I'm thinking to myself, doesn't that make us MORE straight? Blah.

Unnessassary Work

Casablanca. I don't like it. I just don't. Everyone has their own opinions, I'm glad almost all of you like it, but many of you can agree on this. We bust our assholes doing those dialectical journals and get 100's on them - and then this quiz comes into play. I'm horrible at remembering details in movies I see the first time, even if the detail reoccurs more than 5 or 6 times. Therefore, by seeing this movie, my entire quiz average and grade average, a 94, will go down, NO MATTER WHAT, because I won't make a 100 on the quiz.

I think it's so lame that I have to watch movies and get quizzed on them. I'd rather do book work to be honest. And then, why is Casablanca loved so much? I agree with Mr. Smith, "It's an old chick flick." That's it. Everyone wants to make out with this movie, and I'm just like, "Ok, Die Hard, time to watch it."

Then I hear Mrs. Wash is giving her classes a research project. Should have gotten Mrs. Stanley, cause we're reading Hamlet, and it's nice.

Basically, that's about it. I'm just mad that we have to do that bullshit in history. I still love you Mrs. May, but it's not fair to boys who enjoy violent movies and hate slow moving romance black and white films. Thanks.

I'm gonna go, it's pretty boring and slow tonight. Nothing really happened this week, or, maybe I should say, everything happened this week for those of you who actually have more interesting lives.