What's on My Mind

The Summer Season

June 23, 2004

This summer has been INSANE and BORING. Two words that usually don't go together in the same sentence is always happening to many of us. The nights are usually incredible, the days are just so, so, so fucking boring. And with my lazy ass not working because I didn't want to get a job in the fucking first place, it makes it even worse. I got the job at Office Max, but I decided not to take it, because I'm not a loser and I've heard terrible terrible stories about how boring it is at Office Max, and honestly, I'm more of a comedian than someone who's stuck in boredom.

There's much brewing up with many people who were once or still affiliated with TW. Friendships are dying or increasing, relationships are all up in the air, and my love for my asshole, and its wideness, increases every day. I was so disappointed when I saw Justin Holt with more facial hair than me - but that's about to fucking change, as I take over Baytown with my intense girth.

I was going to go to San Antonio this weekend and get my orientation over with, but let me give you the reasons why I'm not going:

  • Continental Airlines has to shaft me with a 29 dollar airline deal from my frequent flyer miles, but those niggers ruined it all when I would have to come back the first day of my orientation and not the second. The airfare jumps to 200 dollars if I come home that day.
  • UTSA has booked orientation all next week, because people who are actually responsibile unlike me are sucking UTSA's fucking balls and I'm treating UTSA like they WANT ME, not I want them. Well I still feel that way, because I'm an arrogant mother fucker. No, I'm not claiming I'm Billy Brooks.
  • God told me San Antonio was going to have a Taqueria Attack, in with Al Qaida would slowly infect every single white woman who doesn't like greasy mexican food with a super burrito, preferably one like Las Delicias on Alexander near Evolutions. The white women will shit promptly every day for the rest of their lives at 4:20. (P.S. Smoking Marijuana is a good way to stop all stomach problems. I'm serious, it was a moral in one of Aesop's Fables!)

    So with that all said and done, I'm just going to talk about random things. Here we go.

    Living the High Life

    Maybe someone can explain to me why I don't have lots of money from my Italian families to the east, but then again, I've met most of my family besides my Jersey family less than half a dozen times in my life. So this is the story of Becky's boyfriend, Wade.

    While over at his house last night, I've noticed several things that make me really jealous. Not only does Wade have a hot Baytown Hot Babe Contestent girlfriend, but he lives in the middle of the Heights in Midtown Houston with his best friend with whom he shares a twelve pack of Coca-Cola every day and sits in this house half the size of mine, but parties the whole time. The stories they told were almost jaw-dropping: A silly idea they had for a t-shirt ended up on former N'Sync member Joey Fatone's body and on the shelves of Hot Topic.

    Neither of them work, but they're certified bartenders.

    That is the mother fuckin life right there.

    Staying in their house at night, I've realized many many things that are actually very important to everyone reading this site. Here's a few:

  • I'm having doubts on my sexuality. I think i might wanna start dating guys, but im not too sure yet. Oh well, I'm also having doubts on shutting down The Warzone for good, because for some reason I think I have a really good website when I don't update for fucking weeks and the numbers average between 3,500 - 7,000 hits a day. That's fucking ridiculous, what the hell is wrong with all of you people? I was telling Wade and his friend Chris last night about "this website that's popular, but I don't even know why."
  • In college, I am going to party a lot, but I'm also going to get a job and get rich and get a really fucking nice TV that can play IMax movies about beaver's building dams as well as Wade's
  • Femme Fatale is only good if you want a boner
  • I miss New York a whole lot, but San Antonio and New York have many similarities which is extremely weird to even think about, but they do!

    We'll see what happens. Sometimes, TW pisses me off. Sometimes, I enjoy writing. And sometimes, I'll go on rampages, like right now.

    My stupid fucking life

    I kind of want to know who makes up all these fucked up rules and regulations, for anything. Like, back a long time ago, someone said, "Well, lets fuck all these people over like this" and no one in the government thought it was a bad idea, and now its still in place today.

    I'm talking about how mother fucking stupid it is to go to the DMV and get that "temporary" paper. I went in on Monday to get my ID, and it takes two to three weeks to process. Ok people, its a mother fucking plastic card with a picture and numbers. This does not take fucking two weeks. I had my ID badge made in 10 seconds. This card isn't bigger, it isn't smaller. "OOOOh, its official, its the state of Texas!" Fuck the state of Texas, and fuck everyone for thinking that they can just put some huge time limit on things. Two weeks is a long time, you could have sex over 50 times, or go to a taqueria 28 times, that is, if you went for breakfast and lunch.

    So I'm at the DMV, and we're all waiting....for something. When I finally get called, we go to the back room where I know most of you have been, and we're just standing in a row, and three cashier customer assistance people come up and help everyone. Why the fuck couldn't they do that the ENTIRE TIME? We were just sitting there, tweedling our fucking pussy lips, waiting to be called. There's so many fucking stupid people there too. Here's an example:

    "I need another form of ID, sir" - receptionist
    "I don't have one, that's why I'm here" - shitface
    "Well, are you married? Divorced? Graduated high school?" - receptionist
    "No....I'm not any of that" - shitface
    "Nothing? You don't have any certificate? You were never married?" - receptionist
    "Oh...well...I was married, but now I'm getting a divorce" - shitface
    "But...you have a marriage license?" - receptionist
    "Yes I do" - shitface

    DAMN! I mean, DAMN! What fucking IDIOTS! But this is the part that pisses me off the most. I mean, this is the most stupidest fucking thinking I've ever seen in my entire fucking life. Why would the state of Cunt I mean Texas give me a piece of paper with my DOB, shit like that? For me to be a "valid citizen with an ID," right? RIGHT! WELL, IT DOESN'T TURN OUT THAT WAY. THE FUCKING COCKSUCKERS WHO RUN THE TEXAS GOVERNMENT SAY, "GIVE MR.IMPELLUSO THIS PAPER. IT HAS A NUMBER ON IT, BUT ITS RENDERED USELESS UNTIL HE GETS HIS ID IN 2-3 WEEKS"



    I found all of this out when the next day, me and my mom went to Washington Mutual to get my checking account. First off, those cunts asked for two different forms of ID. Jesus fucking Christ, we might as well get our god damn ID's when we're born and every fuckin year after that! So, I give my school ID, which I might add, is fucking older than the phrase "Make you say uhhh, uhhh, nananananah, nanananah" and I give my "temporary paper identification" from the state of Texas.

    My account status: Not approved. Why? Because the state of Texas has decided not to update their computers with my number.


    So anyway, I try to remain calm, but the only thing that was calm at the time was my fucking flaccid dick, because everyone at Washington Mutual was either a hispanic male or fat white women. If I would have gone two hours later, our favorite greasy friend Rachel "I haven't been mentioned on TW in about four months because I got caught crossing the Rio Grande" Barajas would have probably helped me, because, for SOME FUCKING REASON BY GOD'S WILL, SHE HAS A JOB AT A FUCKING BANK, AND I'M STUCK WITH A JOB ENTERTAINING 6,000 COMPUTER HITS A DAY. THANKS JESUS, FUCK YOU TOO!

    I left. On Friday, many of you know, it was raining. My mom and I pull back up in our Caddy (no it doesn't have rims, but I'll try and get Mark to talk some "Thug" into my parents) and we walk inside. I'm wet, I'm agitated because Sprint decided "Hey Matt, today is your best friend's surprise party, and because we're in the sky with God and Jesus and Jehovah and Nigger, we're going to cut off your service and make your life a living fucking hell. Thanks, now stop cussing on your god damn trash website. Love, Sprint." Too bad I have such a fucking love for Sprint. I'm the only one in this town. It turns out that my room has the best reception in all of Baytown.

    Ok I'm getting off subject. So, we go back in, we go to the same teller guy, and we wait. And.....THE FUCKING STATE OF TEXAS...AFTER FOUR DAYS, STILL HAS NOT UPDATED THEIR COMPUTERS WITH MY FUCKING NAME IN IT. MOTHER FUCK.

    Does ANYONE, ANYONE HAVE A LOGICAL EXPLANATION OF WHY I'M GETTING FUCKED IN THE BALLS? What did I do to deserve this fucking nonsense? What did I do to deserve getting a fucking tube stuck up my dick, pulled out, and shoved down my throat? Huh?

    If anyone is getting grossed out by my profane comedy, get the fuck out. But I know you want more! :) !

    So while I'm hating the state of Texas for fucking up my life because I need a checking account to purchase a hotel room stay for me and my best friends' 7 day vacation in New York, I've been basically doing absolutely nothing. I havent' updated in the longest time, mainly because I fucking can and choose when I can, but that doesn't matter. My arrogance shouldn't be at your expense. And I'm sorry.

    LMFAO, I'm not sorry, you sick sons of bitches who come 5 times a day to see if I updated! JUST KIDDING AGAIN I LOVE YOU ALL.

    A Baytown Music Venue

    We don't have one. Period. I don't care who the fuck you are. WE DO NOT HAVE A MUSIC VENUE IN THIS TOWN OF 67,000 PEOPLE.

  • The Harbour is actually a place I enjoy going to. The people are extremely nice, and the accomodations are always right. The place is never hot, and there is always a place to sit down. The stage is perfect...EVERYTHING IS PERFECT EXCEPT ONE HUGE, MAJOR THING: You can't mosh. Now granted, I'm not even a mosher, but all my friends are. And for the love of Christ, Trey, NEVER, EVER HARDCORE DANCE IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN. FUCK! Oh, and did I also add that The Harbour contradicts every single belief I believe in? Well, that's just a personal problem I have. Other than that, I love it. But it can't be a music venue without moshing. To be honest ,you can take The Harbour's sound system and put it in a fucking kindergarten class, and you'll have the same result: No moshing. And that sucks. And I feel sorry for everyone who needs to mosh like people who need cigarettes.

  • The Elblow Room, or Chilly Suck my fuckin Willy has to be the WORST VENUE IN THE WORLD. Ok, first off, you got these cock suckin owners who think that they're the shit, and they schedule all these bands to play without them even knowing. Brillaint? Absolutely, that's the way to run a fucking business! I can't wait for Britney to come play a show here in fucking Dirty Bay! Let me tell you something: If an out of town band accidently booked themselves at Chilly Willy's, I'd be ASHAMED to be a resident of this town knowing they went to that venue. It's so bad that I can't even describe it. You can't mosh; You can't suck dick; You can't suck pussy...I mean, its TERRIBLE. The stage is smaller than my ass, (for all girls out there, I don't have an ass, its just a slope. That rules, cause I'd fucking HATE female domination) and the music sounds terrible in a joint half the size of my house. Actually, yes, its the size of Wade's house in Houston. Let me also add, if you try moshing, don't bother coming back again. The owner will kick you out the fucking door. And you will stay out, because you can never EVER respect the place again. This place is almost as bad as Cardis,' where me and Jared Wilson got shit stolen. At least if it was in Baytown, they wouldn't steal a fucking letterman jacket.

  • Salgaytion Skate Park isn't a bad place at all, if you like the hot steamy tropics of the Amazon Rainforest or you're trying to lose weight by a sauna. The skate park has no air conditioning or heat, for that matter. In the winter, the cold is bareable. Just don't take off your jacket, and huddle around the gathering of hardcore fans. In the summer, its so bad, Trey gets an extreme heat stroke, I lose ten pounds, and I see the Devil chillen, drinking a Lipton Ice Tea. He's wearing a shirt that says "FUCK NESTLE!" Oh, and moshing at the park is fine, but watch out: A huge metal bar the skaters grind on is right in your path, and the only thing you have between that and your skin is a pillow. Sometimes, there's not even in a pillow. God, I can't believe I was the webmaster for this place.

    So, why am I talking about our three horrible music venues? Because I have the best idea EVER for the new music venue in Baytown! If you don't go to Sterling, then just apply this to any principal you really dislike.

    What I was thinking was, me and a team of about 50 men (including the physical labor feeners Bill "I've seen enough munure in my day to scare off Lowes" Vickers and Walter "I'll be there in 5 minutes but make that half an hour" Jones) (j/k guys) get a huge wrecking squad. This includes bulldozers, fork-lifts, huge cranes which I might add, has a huge wrecking ball. We go over to a certain freshman class principal's house, and just tear her fucking house down to shreads. I'm talking about, take that wrecking ball and wreck it like there's no fucking tomorrow. I want god damn HELL to break loose on this house. The big question: Are there people inside? I don't give a fucking shit, I'll tear them apart too!

    So after the entire house is set apart and she's outside bitching to me about destroying her house, I say, "Excuse me bitch, you caused 300 people A DAY to miss out on a month of Go Digital...what do you have to say to that?" And she'll say, "Well I'm just a skinny fuckin bitch and I can't believe I got laid and popped out a kid and Matt and all of Matt's fans...I just want to tell you right now, that I enjoyed it, so much, taking that camera from you. It showed the world who's right. Cameras do not belong in schools. Fucking bitches like me do. " Hey....I can say that, CAUSE I'M A HIGH SCHOOL FUCKING GRADUATE! *kicks Lady in the ass, Lady barks, then pisses*

    Ok, so the house is totally destroyed. We make a four story music venue. This is what it contains: The first story is this huge extravagant lobby that has pictures of every band, every genre imaginable. The second story is stage one, where all the shitty country bands and shit like that play. The third and fourth stories is something that looks exactly like Fitzgeralds, just cooler and more spacious. And Pneuma gets to headline every show, whenever they want. I like this idea!

    Oh, let me add, I will be serving beer to minors. If the cops show up, I'll just speak in Arabic, and when they beat me, I'll claim it was racial profiling. God, I'm the smartest bitch in the world!

    Too bad this is only a dream....only a dream. Damn. I felt a bulge in my pants.


    For those of you who don't know Chris Haney, he kicks ass. He kicks so much ass, I'm afraid to say on this website. It's THAT bad. But, I promised Chris something that I never gave him, because yes, I do break promises, but only for keeping secrets and not telling your boyfriend that you still want to try different types of drugs. Comprende? I promised Chris a hardcore cd. And he doesn't have one. And I apologize, Chris, my most loyal and beautiful fan.

    The reason why I'm bringing this up is because about two months ago, I publicized "Into the Moat" on here, and Brad, Andrew, Kelly, and others all got their panties in a twist because they heard what was and still is one of the best hardcore bands ever. Benny Jean, the booker for the Horrid Affair and many shows in and out of the Houston area, was about to bring Into The Moat, with Psyopus, another INCREDIBLE band from Rochester NEW YAWK. Into the Moat is from Florida.

    This show was going to be so incredible that I moved my entire New York vacation, which at one point was EXTREMELY scary to Becky, because she has auditions the day we get back from New York. And guess what? Two days ago, Trey tells me the saddest news, in the entire fucking world:

    Into the Moat isn't going on tour, at all. A long message on their website states how their record company fucked them over and wouldn't supply them with a van. Bill and I said we'd drive my dad's van and pick them up. It doesn't seem too likely though. It seems as if Into the Moat will never come back to Houston.

    Instead, one-hit wonder Ed Gein with their incredible song "Bathed in Orange" might come instead. Ed Gein isn't even a quarter as good as Into the Moat is, but, this is what's going to happen instead.

    Once again, these are all the fucking reasons why Chris Haney wants me to be religious, so that God will give me the best hardcore show in the entire world. FUCK IT, ONE HOUR EVERY SUNDAY FOR FOUR HOURS MAYBE ONCE EVERY FOUR MONTHS? That's no deal! LOL!

    I thought, wow, since Into the Moat became an instant success here in Baytown, I thought you readers would like to check out other bands that are extremely talented and DEFINITELY need attention:

  • Botch - although they recently broke up, Botch is a major influence for the Houston sensation "The Kidnap Soundtrack. Botch's best album in my opinion, is "We Are the Romans" The songs on this cd are absolutely fantastic, and many of you definitely need to check them out. They're on Kazaa and Soulseek.
  • Burnt By The Sun - one of the classiest hardcore bands to ever come from the Northeast, Burnt By the Sun totally destroys competitors with its unforgettable guitar riffs and awesome vocals. This is all over the internet. Any song from "Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution" is a top pick for me. Want more? Here's their website: www.burntbythesun.com
  • Forever is Forgotten - one of the most insane and incredible hardcore bands ever, Forever is Forgotten is DEFINITELY a pick by me and Bill. Bill lives off it - he can't get enough of them. Every single song by them is something we can all relate to, and every song has such incredible melodies that I just want to die over and over again. Their entire album is online too. Their un-updated website is www.foreverisforgotten.com
  • Ryerson, Ned - more of a Houston favorite because they're from Houston, Ryerson, Ned CANNOT be overlooked. They are so fucking incredible live that I just want to die sometimes. They also make me laugh with very short songs and their very funny, humorous way they put EVERYTHING. For some entertainment, check these guys out: ryerson.hxc.com
  • Scarlet - from Virgina, a hardcore band that has the right to have their name flashing while they play, Scarlet is an incredible band that just went wrong in their second cd. Their first cd however, is absolutely amazing, and their performance live is nothing short of incredible. I'm not talking Dillinger incredible or anything, but very good. They have a new music video that's actually pretty good, because the song is one of the only good ones on their second album. Their website sucks, so I won't put it on here. Just look for them on Kazaa, but definitely find "Revolver" and "Erotic Antibiotic" and "Untitled"
  • I'll just casually list other bands you should know about: 7 Angels, 7 Plagues, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Blessed is She, Caliban, Eighteen Visions, Evergreen Terrace, Highwater Waltz, Hopesfall, Horse The Band, Jude the Obscure, Killswitch Engage, Knife the Glitter, Paria, That.I.Am.Dead, The Nine Orders of Angels, The Valentine, Tomorrow will be Worse, and Stars are Falling. You should already know about all the bands on the left links column, except Two Years Apart, they're just friends who play sad stuff but its still very good.

    This column was absolutely insane. It involved me cussing a whole lot, me not making a lot of sense, and me portraying myself with no maturity. Actually, I'm very mature. See? My dick is as long as this column!


    P.S. Hey post on the newsboard! Thanks! (slowly waits and tweedles thumbs till July so Brad can post 'Weird July Holidays')