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July 9, 2004

Well, here it is. Feel special. It's 1:07 in the morning, and I could be having a great time, but instead - someone reminds me about TW, and I realize, "Man, wouldn't I be the biggest asshole if I didn't update?" I love myself more than that. So here's an update. Situation: My room is a complete mess! (Doesn't that seem to ALWAYS ALWAYS HAPPEN when you go on a trip? It NEVER fucking fails)

This column might be a little bit patriotic, but....I did jump on the bandwagon and watch Farhenheit 911, a movie which clearly shows to me that the world will end...tomorrow. SYKE, NIGGA!

Also, I just want to mention one thing about the show at Fitzgeralds: Trey, stop making the members of Pneuma think you played a bad show, because it was great. We all stand by it. Good job guys! I'm a Pneuma slut!!!


Liberal should just now mean common sense, because, well, you know. If I was God, by any chance, Bill O'Reilly wouldn't have a job. Cause I would fucking KILL Fox for being a television station showing such horrible newsreporting. Every time I watch it, I just get more and more democratic, I just can't fucking STAND IT!

So F911 is this movie that basically says "George W. Bush and father, and a long list of mob bosses in the background singlehandely have destroyed what America should be in Michael Moore's extremely liberal eyes." This movie definitely wasn't something I would jump up and have sex with any random girl about (but I definitely would) but it was definitely interesting. And well done.

So here's my opinion about all this Iraq bullshit: It's so mother fucking simple - clean up the fucking mess, get the fuck out, sit down, open a fucking beer and lets legalize marijuana or something. Fuck this war, we got some fucking priorities to be done in this country. And this first one is to lighten the fuck up. Iraq isn't the fucking devil, the fucking devil is ourselves. It's the conservatives that are fucking it up too - I mean, come on, Bill Clinton was the most famous US President, EVER - ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS GET A FUCKING ORAL OFFICE GANGBANG AND CREATE JOBS AND MAKE MIKE MAGLITTO A HAPPY, HAPPY FUCKING MAN!

John Kerry - John Edwards opinion: In 1985, my mother wanted to name me Jonathan - and nickname John or Johnny....Johnny Boy Impelluso. Fucking tight. But that didn't happen. I was Matt instead. My dad wanted to name me Oohgo. LMFAO. Oh anyway, two John's can't be good cause I wasn't a John, and shit, look how cool I am (sports very long fine Punch cigar). But the real thing is, John Kerry isn't a conservative. No matter how fucked up he is and how much he contradicts things like everyone says he does (and he doesn't about everything, I mean, shit, then NOBODY would support him. His morals are definitely that of a liberal, he just has stupid things in his background, like:)

Kerry supports enviornmental growth, but he also wants to make that growth not just for the animals' well being, but the hunters THAT FUCKING HUNT the animals! Shit, what a crazy fucking Massachufuck! I can't spell it, give me a fuckin break. Or hot pocket.

Honestly, I think everything is going to be ok. Just vote John Kerry, hopefully he steals all of his wife's money because she fucking owns the most popular ketchup in the fucking WORLD, and we'll have a funny scandal and watch funny movies, but STILL BE DEMOCRATIC AND LIBERAL AND NOT PUSSY CONSERVATIVE! YEAH! FUCK YEAH! WHO'S IN? WHO'S IN, BITCH???

IHop gone WRONG

Everyone knows, the place to go when you got the munchies is IHop. Damn. Boysenberry. Can you taste it? Can you taste it coating your tongue, then touching...your dog's pussy? What the fuck??? Sick! Mark! LOL!

Just kidding. Ok, so we all go in a big group to IHop. We all get food. Jeremy orders pot roast with broccoli. No big deal. Broccoli comes out more rubbery than my fucking unexistant car tire. Jeremy asks for corn. Waiter brings it out.

We eat the food, and Jeremy, Lanie, and Mark head back to Briarcreek. Walter wants to smoke a cigarette (HE'S LEGAL!) in the smoking section, so we accompany him. The check never makes it our way. Turns it out, our fucking waiter is on THE FUCKING ROOF WITH SOME OTHER CHICK THAT WORKS THERE! ISN'T THAT FUCKING UNBELIEVEABLE? I MEAN, SHIT, ON THE JOB?? Well, if this was my job, I'd fucking do it too. BUT NOT IF I WAS WORKING AT IHOP.

So we FINALLY get our check. I walk outside, paying for Jeremy, Lanie, and myself, and it was only 5 minutes later that Danny Kemp runs to the Maxima and says "You have to pay for some extra side of corn."

I was fucking ON FIRE. I ran inside and fucking powerbombed the host, and said, "Listen you fucking chink, I didn't pay for your fucking shit, and I'm not either. So fuck you!" Sorry, case of terets. Anyway, it was fucking nuts. I went back in there and the waiter told me that he couldn't exchange sides. WTF? "But that's your fuckup. Not his." He didn't touch the broccoli. He wasn't fucking sastified! He got corn instead! But they made such a big deal about it. That's when I said this.

"Ok, I'll pay for it, but with your fucking tip." And I paid for it, and that little weasel came in his fucking mami's mouth.

The next day, I called the manager and told her what happened. She was so appaled that she was apologizing UNBELIEVEABLY. It was fascinating how many apologies came out of her mouth. I was extremely happy with the outcome and I hopefully have gotten that son of a fucking Sieux fired. FUCKER. FUCKER. FUCKER!

God I'm so immaturely violent. COOL!


How in the world...how in the fucking world could anyone comprehend this fucking BULLSHIT. MARY KATE OLSEN HAVING A COCAINE ADDICTION? REHAB TWICE? LOL, Mary Kate Olsen doesn't know what a fucking 8-Ball is. And neither do half of you. But still, we're talking about some little bitch who just doesn't want to eat because she's a fucking freak.

How could ANYONE in this world feel sorry for her? It's like, "Yes...I don't eat...because I want you to like the way I look, now...feel bad for me?" FUCK! YOUR SISTER, WHO'S AT WEIGHT AND JUST AS GOOD LOOKING AS YOU WILL GET MY ATTENTION, YOU ATTENTION STEALER. THAT'S FOR STEALING MY NYU SPOT, CAUSE I DESERVE TO GO THERE TOO!

This came from some forum, by some guy:

"First of all, I am not saying that MK used cocaine. I do not know the truth any more than any of you.

But it seems like people are sympathetic towards an eating disorder but angry if it was drugs.

Well, anorexia can lead to cocaine use. Yes, if you use coke your appetite is supressed and you would lose weight if you did it a lot. But with MK being in the spotlight so much I think it is really doubtful that she was addicted to coke bad enough to have become THAT skinny. She would not have been able to do interviews or make movies if she was doing coke every day. It is unlikely that her ONLY problem was cocaine addiction.

But being anorexic could have caused her to use cocaine. Being anorexic is HARD. Your body does not want to starve itself. That is why often time anorexics use diet pills or drugs. If you do coke you are not hungry. So MK may have used coke BECAUSE she was anorexic."

Ok, true, they're FUCKING HOT and we want them. But at the same time, they fucking are on the world's top 100 women. They are gonna be PMSing like NO TOMORROW lol.

All I want to say is, Mary Kate, honey, you're pretty. End of story.

Fuck it all

I'm about done, I've just been rowdy lately. I hope everyone has a good 10 days without me - when I come back I'll be 18. Whoopty-doo. I don't really care. I hope you don't either. Keep coming to The Warzone daily, cause...I'm gonna be not updating as usual! AWESOME!