What's on My Mind


July 27, 2004

For the past few days, many of you have been hearing, reading, researching, and comprehending the horrific attack to the Briarcreek Regime - a fun night out becoming one of the most disasterous decisions I've ever made in my life - and I think it is time to now face up with these challenges and show everyone who knows me that this event will still not stop my never ending struggle to make this society more liberal than the facist conservative outlooks we live amongst the entire Baytown city area.

Although I will not go out in details, let me just brief you in the calmest way I can describe it possible: Baytown, Texas's new government under Calvin Mundinger has absolutely destroyed the many evenings of MANY teenagers under his new, "more police on the streets" act; Instead of people minding their own business, everyone is now butting in due to the murders, senseless vandalism, and its causing ALL of the teenagers who are good at heart become criminals as well - and this society of living is not only unproductive for any type of progress the United States Government needs to see, but its ruining the moral of every young adult Baytown will ever produce - and this goes from the local city police all the way to the government in Washington - and it needs to stop.

For the past three months since May after Mundinger has joined office, the police patrol in the Briarcreek - Massey Tompkins - Main Street area has been staggering. The police are on the streets, and they're cleaning up the wrong trash. The real trash - the ones wrecking havoc all throughout the city, have slowly been contained, but only to the expense of the young adults, being stopped unnesscessairly for many reasons: failure to stop at a complete stop at a stop sign going 3 miles per hour on a curve in a neighborhood road during the day surely is not a reason for anyone to spend $125: The police want this money, they want to continue the absolute corrupt system they are running to this day.

After last night's ordeal, today in the neighborhood, a police officer had his lights on for over 20 minutes - studying Ruthie Light's Trailblazer, girlfriend of Briarcreek Gang Nick Lloyd, and didn't do a single thing. He looked through the windows. He checked the inspection. The car wasn't even moving. On the back of the car were "Texas Troopers" Stickers, showing the family's allegiance with the law.

This entire time, the cop doesn't seem to notice the real problem with the sidewalk directly across the street from Jeremy and Nick's houses: A huge, huge pile of branches cut off from a neighborhood tree have blocked the entire Briarcreek sidewalk, forcing children ages 2 to 17 to walk on the street all day long for the past week (at least a week, its been there since I've been back from New York). Almost everyone in Briarcreek has blamed hands on one man, but nobody seems to care. Fuck up the way the neighborhood looks by blocking the sidewalk.

In this neighborhood, criminals have obstructed the new houses in the new edition to this neighborhood shortly after Mundinger's entry into office. $6000 in damage was made, and the neighborhood was shortly on survelliance. Stop signs were spray-painted by fucking useless faggots: "Out of order" mauled drivers going down Briarcreek, a major thurway into Barkaloo (along with Hartman, and now Christopher, Chad, and Charles streets). That's fucking stupid. Spraypainting public signs that designate safety - EVEN IF this safety precaution is taken to a bare mininum of yielding to the stop signs during the day - is absolutley ridiculous, and its a reason why I'm pissed off that THE POLICE GOT ME and not THEM. Not the people who DESERVE the time. Not the intelligant (or so I thought) members of Briarcreek, minding their own business, not causing trouble with anyone.

Briarcreek is now under some kind of police lockdown. Notice the diminishing parties and events in Briarcreek, excluding the residents of the neighborhood. What would you rather see in your neighborhood? Police cars, picking up teens that aren't destroying society and charging them 500 dollars to leave a metal and concrete room after sleeping on a skinny mattress with no pillow - or young adults taking their own responsibility and their own actions to their own hands - as long as everything is peaceful, stable, safe, and uneventful in anyone else's lives - their actions should be respected with that of any other going citizen who would rather treat themselves to a bowl of peanuts (PUN INTENDED) then enjoy themselves in more fashionable ways: Both ways should live together in peace without conflict, and that has not been happening.

With all this defense that the government is unfairly picking us adults, I now have to begin to defend dignity of myself: Why is it when an event like this happens, word spreads like wild fire, just as if we live in a newspaper tabloid? Instead of spreading news of hurt to anyone of us that are friends, we should just continue going on and ignore all the so called "mishaps" our friends and "WE" so-called are making, and enjoy the lifestyle we currently live in.

And that's not possible. It will never be. We live in such a conservative, up-tight city that is so old in tradition that even I wonder how the fuck I ended up here. And this is my fucking mission, I am here to try and spread this liberal knowledge to more people. And many of you that come here have it. And sadly, many of you that come here read my writings and consider them trash - totally against everything you've ever grown up.

We live in a society today that must continue on and not pile on loads and loads of obstacles that stop today's society growth: Look how stupid this is: The money I'm paying next week at court could have gone into the economy. So could anyone indicted of a silly crime, whether speeding and cops just want to butt into your business, or whether it's having the smallest amount of a drug that's proven to be safe and is legalized as MEDICAL in SEVEN United States and over dozens of countries in the world, the cops will end up squeezing out the main source for their own city's growth - you're driving them away.

And this is when I make my final statement. It is official. TW will close on August 19. And the next day, I move to San Antonio.

On August 20, 2004, I will leave Baytown, and never, ever, in my life, for the rest of my life, come back and live in a residence that bares my own name. I will never come back to Baytown to settle for residency, because I could never ever tolerate the tens of thousands of stupid, conservative pricks that ruin any kind of fun we can have in this God forsaken city.

Maybe you should take after other states, who have much less strict regulations on every rule - and realize why those states flourish more than Texas. Texas sucks. Liberal Austin will only be 45 minutes away, and even though its packed with conservatives, its still less harsh than a city run by George W. Bush patriots who have their fucking dicks stuck up their asses.

My name is Matt Impelluso, and my website recieves 7,000 hits a day when I don't update. Thank you, mother fuckers.