WOMM - august 4, 2002

Ok, we're back in black, again. What happened you might ask? This is what happened. America just sucks, ok. Its just a country where you can't even download MP3s without the entire society of rich assholes go, "Hey, you should buy that! Those artists worked hard on making those tracks!" Bullshit. You can't stop people from downloading MP3s. New programs will come out. In MusicTech, we had MP3s for download. The last server we were on saw this, and deleted us, because they are absolute assholes. On with piracy guys. Download off Kazaa like madmen. Get Roadrunner to download faster. Oh, and fuck artists like Eminem that don't want their music on the net.

Hey, is The Warzone filthy? Yeah. Do you like it filthy? Yeah. Do adults like it filthy? No. Do we care about adults? No. Ok, I'm done with this paragraph.

Now, many of you have been asking me over the last week about band. Yes, its true. Being the second best bass clarinetest in Baytown right now, I got kicked out of band on Wednesday Night, one day before the notrious band camp was supposed to start. The reason? I have a filthy mouth, my website is filth, and I better watch what I say on paper. That's not really the reason though. Its cause the director hates me, and he hates me talking about this right now. 80% of the band members excluding the freshman were in total shock when they found out I was kicked out. Many of them were pissed and said, "Band will never be the same." Damn right. Props to the new music and sets, heard they were good.

I fight to get back into band tomorrow, but you know, the respect I'm given for being "a decent student" in band, because I don't just start yelling obscenities in the middle of class, I actually pay attention more then a lot of people, and I practice occassionaly, and when I mean occasionaly, I pick up my horn at least 4 times a week and play through some music. No respect. Oh, sorry, I said the freshman were dumb, so I lose. Man, don't we live in America, the same country that disallows MP3 downloading but allows freedom of speech? Uh oh.

My top rewards in band were making 4th chair in the Concert Band of All Region, which is pretty good considering the horn I used breaks every 3 minutes. It even messed up in the tryout room. Of course, all of you are laughing and just saying it was nerves, but people heard me before I tried out.

Oh, and to a new topic, directed to a SPECIFIC someone, jealous people that think they can get whatever they want suck, and they shouldn't be able to make decisions with any friends. They should be loners, and they should watch movies all day long and play with themselves. They deserve nothing.

Nick's Van died recently, and Kelly and I saw it going down Main Street on top of a huge flatbed truck. It was sad guys. We all miss the van, and we all thank our superior worshippers if you have one that Nick and Brian Disgustin are fine, and just a had very very minor injuries.

School starts in two weeks. Someone better throw a party beforehand.

Many of you have been complaining about the flash text. Stop whining. Just keep clicking it till it goes. Its still cooler then what we once had.

This tax-free weekend sucks. Just buy online. That's tax free. They should have a national no-shipping fee day. That would be SEXY.

My supercomputer right now is sitting on my desk. It has 11 fans in it so far, and a 450 watt power supply. Oh man, its gonna be sexier then anything.

Time to go. Love you all.