WOMM- september 26, 2002

Ok, stop. Just stop. Stop everything. Stop reading. Close the window. DAMN YOU FOR NOT CLOSING THE WINDOW, SATAN WORSHIPPER! Speaking of Satan, that's who was running the Crucible test. Mrs. Stanley is most likely a witch posessed by Satan who wrote out the test. Now, for any other test, she's cool, but this, nah.

I didn't read the Scarlet Letter. I made an 82 on the test. I hated it, with a bloody passion. I want the Scarlet Letter to be burned. It is the most disgusting book, ever. Thanks. Now, The Crucible, which is fucking awesome, I loved it more then I love bacon or sausage, was like, one of my favorite plays. I make a 64 on the test. WHAT IS THIS??? WITCHCRAFT? YES IT IS, ITS WITCHCRAFT. SALEM IS NOW IN BAYTOWN TEXAS, AND PEOPLE SHOULD BE HANGED FOR THESE MISDOINGS!!

Something else I would like to say. Lately, some people have been questioning my web design, and how good it is. Well, let me just say this. First off, one, you're not better then me at web design, I've been designing pages since I was born. Second off, if you think you know more about me in web design and you read an online tutorial, you just broke the ten commandments, Thou Shalt not Lie. I wanted to fucking SLAP someone today for trying to tell me I didn't know what I as doing in Web design, and I wanted to tell them to blow it out their asshole.

First off, If you EVER want to learn web design, just come to me. Seriously. I can teach you in about three hours, not 35 lessons online which are complete and total bullshit. There is this one statement that says: "Don't make large graphics, not everyone has a 21 inch monitor." JUMP OFF A BRIDGE TUTORIAL WOMAN!!! GO TO HELL! YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!! (Mr. Garrison) YOU CAN HAVE A 15 INCH MONITOR AND READ WHAT A 21 INCH SAYS, ITS JUST NOT MAGNIFIED LIKE A 21 INCH!!! AND, A 21 INCH MONITOR CAN READ THE SAME THING A SUCKY 15 INCH CAN DO, SO YOU KNOW WHAT TUTORIAL WOMAN? YOU LOSE. YOU TOTALLY LOSE. I WIN IT ALL. I WIN GOLD. I WIN SILVER, AND BRONZE. I WIN EVERYTHING. YOU? YOU WIN A FUNNEL TO STICK UP YOUR ASS WHILE I POUR HOT ENGINE OIL DOWN IT!!

Second off, stop talking about how you like blocked scheduling better. You know what I like better? NO SCHOOL AT ALL. Steve fn McRenyolds, is graduating this year. Yes, you heard me correctly. He passed out of like Senior English, and everything you can think of. Lets ALL do the same. Lets stop doing work, seriously. Peri Arthur should be 2nd in the class. I should be 1st. I mean, guys, we all know Brandon Allport is gonna give the WORST SPEECH EVER, so why not give Valedictorian to me, because I'll write the most hilarious speech in the entire world? Well, ok, I lose, cause I'M 95TH IN THE CLASS, AND THAT PISSES THE HELL OUT OF ME OFF!!!

Third off, if your parents say you can't do this or that cause you make a bad grade, just don't go to school, at all. Stop worrying. Just stay at home, lie in bed, and think of pretty things, like butterflies, or girls. Especially the girls on the Hot Girl Contest, which started tonight, right? If you have to do elgibilities, just don't do it, don't go to your football game, don't go play tennis, just stay home and sleep. Everyone is always so worried and stressed about those things. We shouldn't have them. Everyone is going to be diagnosed with like, depression, or, fungi posioning. Don't know where I got fungi posioning, but its a FUNNY word. Fungi, that is.

Fourth off, when someone says there's a hurricane in the Gulf, say, "Wow, can you now talk about something I care about?" Isidore is a piece of shit. This is the thing. I brought it up in Mrs. May's yesterday. Everyone hopes that this thing slams in to Mexico, or not into Texas. I don't want it to slam into anything at all. If it slams into something, SOMEONE is gonna die. So, basically, everyone that's like, "OH GOD GOOD WE'RE NOT GONNA DIE ITS GONNA HIT MEXICO." You're basically saying, "OH GOD GOOD WE'RE NOT GONNA DIE LETS KILL ALL THOSE GOD DAMN MEXICANS!!" That's what you're saying!! I swear!! So, be proud if a hurricane hits us and we don't die. I want the hurricane to hit us, just not this weekend. Postpone yourself, Isidore, cause this weekend is REL Homecoming. Thanks.

Speaking of Homecoming, just because I mention it, or say we're going, or say its cancelled, doesn't mean I'm not Anti-School, cause look what I've just been saying. Some homosexual dicksucker from where ever the fuck he's from thinks its "poserish" of me to be talking about Homecoming on an Anti-School website. Well, basically, I'm not praising Homecoming, I think its the stupidest shit ever, but the purpose of it is - go out, have a good time, and not stay at the dance for longer then 30 minutes, cause if you do, you are a dumbass. We don't go to Homecoming to celebrate our school spirit. We don't have any. We go to have a good time afterwards, whether its at a party , or being naked in a Haunted House.

Hey, teachers that give tests the day before grades or the day grades are due ARE REALLY FN ANNOYING AND SHOULD GET THEIR TEACHING LICENSES YANKED. Teachers that have shut off grades already are smart. Thanks. We all appreciate it. Teachers that didn't, well, we hate you. Thanks.


Oh, yeah guys, the new Kazaa came out. If you like downloading things, update it. If you don't, I see no sense to it. Its not that big of a change. You can have skins but they're not really that good. They're sexy and all, but I like the old Kazaa interface. Check it out at www.kazaa.com. Do you not know what Kazaa is? Its a file sharing program. Download all your Metallica (or any band, just joking) songs, just released movies, and 500 dollar programs off Kazaa. That's the Pirating slogan for it. Haha.

If you don't know what Pirating is, look it up, then slap yourself.

Well, its time for me to leave guys. I have to study for a Comp Sci Quiz. Guess what? Its 1:10 in the morning. WOMM. Thanks.

Oh, right on with my former band director, the Baytown Sun is trash. A girl didn't get raped in the band hall bathroom last week. They did do extremely un-Godly things in there, but the girl wanted attention, and declared war on the boy. Names won't be named on here, same reason they weren't on the Baytown Sun.

Finally, everyone have a good weekend. Get some sleep guys, seriously, we need it. Stop worrying about homework. This is the one weekend to relax and have a good time. We start Part Two of Six Monday. Lets get this two day rest and not think about prison aka school, and just spend time with friends, and hate school with them in the back of our minds. Vote for hot girls while you're relaxing.

Peace be with us all,
Father Matteo