WOMM - 11-14-02

No! No way! We're..back!! And, the server is working! You are in shock! I'm in shock! I'm in such shock, I smell a taint piss scent coming from underneath my seat..LADY! Stupid son of a...anyway. Ok, TW is back, with the old design, which we all missed more then Jesus, and the new design - in the trash. We're never going to see it again, unless somehow everyone boycotts this one, but that's not going to happen.

Ok, let me give you a synposis on what happened over the past three weeks. On October 16, 2002, my computer crashed in a way where I lost hard drive access. I hit my computer as hard as I could, and well, that caused the world to be over. Tim, Jenna's brother, came over, and we tried to fix four computers, but nothing would happen. In a desperate attempt to get my computer back, I ordered parts online for my new computer. Sadly, the mobo fried, I had to go back to Frys, and that just happened this last Sunday after my venture to far and beyond places. I finally had computer access about a week and a half ago, and I was ready to update..but there were yet more problems.

My server - a computer that's run that displays just websites and doesn't run really much programs - crashed as well. It wasn't my fault, it was just some shit that was going on with the server. With extremely bad tech support (I've been contacted maybe twice in a month from the guy that's running it), I decided to fuck the server. He lost all of our files, and I had to start from scratch. Well, since I had nothing anyway, why the hell not just get a new server? So, I did.

This new server seems much more reliable, I mean, tons, then the last. The owner got in contact with me within minutes of my transaction to the server. It was great, and I was really excited.

The reason I'm opening later then I proposed is because I was forgetting the problems that occured with my hard drive. First off, some of the files decided to uppercase themselves, and well, that doesn't work. If I link to "stigmatized.jpg" and the file is "STIGMATIZED.JPG" it won't work. So, I had to rename MANY files before I could even upload. Then, I realized I couldn't upload a 300 meg site that was spewed all over my hard drive in four hours, write a new WOMM, and all that, so I worked eight hours last night, and a lot tonight, after some sleep, to get TW up and running. I'm excited, how bout you? Oh, good, good.

Warning: Many pages might be down. If they are, give me the info immediately, and I'll try to fix them. The reason is because I didn't have time to test them. So many of you were TW hungry that I needed to get it up as soon as possible. Also, some files on the side are just text, not links yet, because they're not done, for the same reason as above.

Go Digital hasn't been updated, because I thought, hmmm, why take pictures and send them to my non-existant computer? I'm still on a temporary computer. Therefore, we only have one section of GD that's new. Well, just look at that for now, we're starting fresh.

While I was without the site, I decided to write a History of TW. Its so long. Many of you will barf because of how long it is. But, if you get bored, its a good way to know how TW originally started. It wasn't just some idea I got slapped in the head to with, to build a website, buy a camera, and IM people to be dumb. Check it out. The late 2001, and 2002 aren't up yet, because like I said, I'm going in such detail.

If you need percentages on the sections that are done, here they are:
Go Digitial - 95%
Designs - 100%
Tech Gigs - 100%
Thoughts - 100%
Newsboard - 100%
Calendar - 100%
History - 50%
Employees - 0%
Signup Forms - 0%
Front Covers - 50%
Pics - 100%
Info - 30%

I also have an announcement to make. If Texas A&M can have a mascot, we sure as hell can too. Therefore, I'm naming Lady, my dog that pisses when anyone comes over, TW's official mascot. She's stupid, gay, and dumb, giving her all the right in the world to be the mascot. And, her name is Lady, which makes it just so much cooler. If you'd like to pet Lady, the cost would be $500 in advance, and $1000 at the door. Hey, she's a mascot, leave her the FUCK alone!

Employees, check your mail for your username and password. If you're an employee and didn't get anything, I probably forgot your username and email address. Sorry. New employees will be able to sign up soon!

Man, new South Park episodes. Is anyone else loving it?? The first one was the best. Alan Jackson can blow me though. And Butters loving porn makes me all warm inside, and maybe on the outside too, since Lady keeps pissing all over the place, but that's totally ok.

Ok, I'm done talking. I'm ready to start fixing the sections now. I love you all, even in this mess. Oh, btw..I designed this entire site in notepad and one graphics editor, so all of you can just go down on...you guessed it, Lady.