WOMM - 11-14-02

Wow, sorry for not updating in a while, but this week sucked nuts. I mean, when you think about it, we were waiting like, 600 years for Friday to come, and now its here - Thanksgiving break - and its time for all of us to have sweet sex, but just kidding about that, but just kidding on the just kidding if your name is Tim Brockman and or Logan Boatright.

This week has been odd for many reasons. One, teachers actually didn't care about doing work, two, I'll mention in a minute, and three, I don't know what three is, but I'll think of it. This week had a lot of sweet action, and I'm going to try and remember in a nutshell on what all happened.

School Stuffus As many of you know, the world had to make spaghetti bridges this week and turn them in on Wednesday, and break them on Thursday and Friday. This turned out to be a successful and funny event, and I took many pictures, which you can find in Go Digital. Sadly, the Cassie Silva - Matt Impelluso bridge only held 4 pounds because it was wrongfully sabatoged by other people in the Physics class. That was totally ok though, because we still got the 10 pounds in.

I think this week, we set our records on getting Mrs. May off topic. It was the coolest thing ever. I did get in trouble a couple of times for yelling "BUST A NUT!" and "So Mrs. May, tell us about how babies come out of the vaginal area," but other then that, it was probably entire periods of us taking control of the class, and her being scared that she might get twins. On Thursday, we were thinking up baby names for her, and many of them included Nathaniel, Barthalameau, Dick, Chad (in reference to our furry friend), and May. Yes, we wanted to name her child May May. LOLOLOL, come here May Squared! May!!!! GOD DAMN IT MAY!!!!

And I was about to kill myself when the principal decided to announce about 84 times that the world will die if they didn't turn in your shit from your classes and pay your fines. Ok, he really did say this announcement like 84 times, and well, even my pre-cal teacher was pissed off at it. Nobody cares about Final Exams the week before Thanksgiving, especially brainwashed freshman that are supposed to love school. But, however, it was interesting to see that he said the word WRONG! and then other phrases instead because everyone hated wrong so much. Ok, what am I talking about anyway? Not sure.

Funnyness This week, a couple of really funny things happened, well, in my classes at least, so let me share them with you. Actually, they weren't in class, they all happened outside of the classroom, but on school grounds.

The first of three happened on Thursday. This stupid asshole named Issac Ibarra thinks its funny to destory his entire Cheetos bag all over our lunch table. When we ask him why, he says, "Because it makes you laugh." I replied with, "Am I laughing? No, I'm pissed off, cause I have to see your ugly fat face everyday." He looked at me as if I were making a joke, but I wasn't, because I seriously hate him. Anyway, back to the story. He throws the Cheetos all over the place, so our lunch table gets up and leaves. I walk around the cafeteria looking to talk to someone for general conversation, but nothing good pops up. I enter the commons, and suddenly, I see this big fat girl running straight across the commons. The Mexicans and Blacks who lined up the wall saw this coming out of no where. Even worse, she was wearing sandals.

Boys and girls, when the girl tripped because of her "inapprorpiate shoewear" for school, the entire commons went into insane and horrible laughter and booing that would make a priest laugh. She landed flat on her breasts, yes, I can say breasts, cause its my fuckin website, and the floor shook. It was probably the funniest moment in all of first lunch the entire year.

Two periods later while I was taking my computer science test, two juvenile deliquents from ISS decide to look into our room (both of them were so amazed about the invention of the computer, that they started to masturbate at the sight of the black computers), and I looked up to show them my entire hate for them being stupid enough to look inside of our room. They then decided to make fun of me. "Boy, do you see that boy?? He looks like he's 50 years old! Look at the boy he's got a moustache and everything! Deeeaaaaamn!!!!"

Around this time, I looked around the room, not embarassed, but happy. I didn't shave since Sunday, and I didn't know it looked that cool. The rest of the room was laughing their ass off. Mrs. Phillips then got her karate skills on the boys and sent them straight to ISS hell, but just kidding. She didn't even hear them I'm guessing.

About 22 hours later, the school experiences its Third Blackout in the last year. The first was during third period last semester, and we were in blackness for about thirty minutes. I was in Ms. Harris' class at the time (who's new name is like, I dunno, Cheesewiz or something), and she lit candles. It was like we were in church. The lights came back on, sadly, and we ventured to 4th period.

The second to last blackout was about a week ago. I was in the new building at the time, and it was 4th period. Since the new building has huge humongoy windows, we were fine. The cause: "We don't know what that problem was, but keep your students in your class." Sucky sucky.

The third blackout was during first lunch, sadly, the lunch I have to have. So, the lights go out, and something triggers in this retarded piece of fucking shit's mind that he has to throw his ENTIRE CUP of grapejuice at my table! Was it because we're white? Yes, it was DEFINITELY because we were white. This is the second time in a year that a colored friend threw ice at us white people for NO APPARENT REASON. The first time, if you will remember, was when Beachy, Jared Flynn, Joseph Marie Dickens, and I had a trench coat and tuxes on, respectively, and watched Crossroads. We were blamed for throwing ice, when really, the ice was thrown at us.

So, the grapejuice flies all over our table and the table parallel to it. Laura, Jenna, Joe, and Issac are wet. I look at my jacket and see grapejuice all over it. I look over at the guy that threw it, who is basically running out of the cafeteria, cause he's scared the Italian is going to kill his Ethopian asshole. I just stood there, in shock. Then, Issac decides that because he's wet, JUST LIKE THREE OTHER PEOPLE, HE HAS TO THROW HIS CHICKEN BASKET AT JOE!!!!! CHEETOS AND CHICKEN, WHAT'S NEXT, PIE?!?!?

When the chicken landed, ketchup landed on Laura's pants, and then we realized, Wow, we hate Issac Ibarra more then I hate preps, school, and George W Bush combined.

Gallera II/Frys II On Monday, the boys of TW will go back to the Galleria and recover the remains of the Galleria fuckfest. I didn't think I'd have to name roman numerals for the Galleria also. Frys will be the next stop, because I'm really getting pissed off that my new computer doesn't work, so I might be able to fix it.

Galleria I happened on June 11, 2002, and included Nick Reasoner, Brian Gustin, Thomas McMahon, and yours truely. June 11 was supposed to be a very bad day, considering 6 and 11 are the numbers I hate most, but it didn't.

Frys I happened after the second semester of my freshman year. John Forse and I went and had an invasion, but it was mostly over junk and shit. Frys I isn't an official fuckfest, but I guess I can call it that anyway.

I'll put the pictures up as soon as I get home.

Updates For those of you that have been looking at dead links all over the place, I'm fixing them when I see them. The calendar is now fully operational, and the fuckfests are all put up and working. You can check out Galleria I right now by clicking on the Fuckfests link on Go Digital Archives.

Walking49.com is fully operational right now, well actually, that's a lie. I'm still fixing their pictures. If its before Sunday at 5:00, get a ride to see Walking 49 live. From word of mouth, them live makes their cd look like the time I took a crap and it flooded my bathroom. Ok, its not THAT much better, but yeah. Go to Walking49.com for details. K? Thanks.

I don't know what else to say. I hope you all like GD. Love you all.


Gig em. - A&M
Hook em. - UT
Fuck em. - TW