WOMM - october 9, 2002

WOW! Its been so long since the last update. I'm sure all of you hate me. Well, not the girls. Today marked the first, last, only, best, coolest, greatest, and gayest day in the history of my clothing line, for Abercrombie, pants and shirt, were shielding people from my disgusting white body, and caused so much comedy and shock to all of you.

So, newcomers, why do I hate Abercrombie? Ok, once upon a time, there was this guy named Matt. Well, he liked this girl named Jennie. When Jennie told Matt she liked American Eagle, Matt went to American Eagle to dress up pretty. Matt didn't know what gay people wore, like American Eagle. Well, I wore it to school once, maybe twice, and never again. Why not you ask? Because, American Eagle sucks, and most of the people that wear it think they're better then me. Things changed, Abercrombie became more popular, and now the preps walk around wearing Abercrombie and trying to be cool.

Thus, in the mid-year of our freshman year (beginning of 2001), Matt created this thing called ABER FN CROMBIE, for AIM Shit. Well, it was EXTREMELY successful, considering everyone that liked Abercrombie was pissed off beyond anything possible. I renamed Abercrombie and Fitch to Abershittie and Bitch.

If you wear Abercrombie, you're not a prep. Most likely, however, if you are a prep, you wear Abercrombie, cause you're a stupid ass.

Now, what a better idea then Matt Impelluso, the leader of hating everything Abercrombie stands for, wearing Abercrombie for the day you're supposed to dress like a nerd? Well, see, I knew there would be SOME problems with this situation. First off, ignorant people will call me a poser and a hypocrite for wearing Abercrombie, but all I have to say is, I'm funnier then you, so you lose. I win. I win gold through last place. You don't even place, cause you suck. Second off, the real preps would get pissed off.

To test my theory, today at lunch, I sat calmly, wearing my Abercrombie, and suddenly, a cookie flies by me. Then, another cookie flies by me, and hits me in the arm. Of course, its painless. I look over in that direction, and like 50 preps are pointing at me and flipping me off. Oh shit, I have one of their shirts, CIRCUMSIZE ME BEFORE I MESS UP THEIR ENTIRE RICH PREP RACE!!!

Sadly, I look at my shirt and can't believe anyone would ever wear it without not considering themselves to be a poser. I mean, its a basketball loving shirt basically, during the night, playing basketball, 1 on 1. So, if you don't do this, you suck, right? Stupid ass posers.

In 7th period today, every girl was like, "Matt, you look cute today..." blah, blah, blah. What is wrong with you people? How can I look cute today but not the day before, just cause my shirt is tighter? Ah, everyone's dumb. Now to regular stuff. Walking49.com is a new project of mine, and I just finished working on it. Its up and running. If you like Incubus mixed in with some punk and alternative, you might like this band. I support them cause they're pretty damn talented. Check em out.

StupidKrap.com, another project, is for the class of 2005, and will open when the c/o 2005 hot girl contest begins, sometime next month. It will be a small minature TW.

The game is this Saturday, and basically all I have to say is, go no one. I hope both of our teams beat the hell out of each other and tie like at 100, or do so bad we don't get any points at all and get a 0-0 game. All those damn preps deserve it for flipping the almighty off.

Hey, everyone that hates Pre-Cal, stand up, get your book, take a crap on it, then put it in a bag, and put it on your Pre-Cal teachers car after school tomorrow, because tests SUCK, especially when you don't know what's going on. That's totally ok though. Oh, don't do that shit thing, cause then you'll get in trouble. LOL.

Tommy just signed on, which reminds me. Halloween is just around the corner, girls, and we need to get ready for action. Scare little kids. Take all their candy. Go trick or treating. Wait, just go treating, no one does a damn trick anymore. Has anyone went up to someone and they do a trick when you say "TRICK OR TREAT!" I mean, if it was up to me, I'd show them a trick to where you take a video camera, nail it to your shoe, tilt it 90 degrees, and accidently walk into a crowded women's department store....just kidding.

If you passed the History AP test, God, Jehovah, Allah, and Stan have blessed you beyond the blessed.

Ok, the Casa Ole in the mall, SUCKS. I mean, it took them like 30 minutes to serve us chips. 30 MINUTES! At the Casa on 146, it takes them a milisecond plus two. Then, the waiter, PAT, PAT, HIS NAME IS PAT, we can call him Patricia though, was rude to me when I was yelling across the resturant for more chips, cause the ones we got were all crumbs. Stupid Casa. The chili con queso got cold within, like, two dips.


Ok I'm tired, look at the update, it sexy.