WOMM - 12-06-02

This isn't whining. This is what's right. The following column will by why school is corrupt, why a teacher is corrupt, why a teacher is so awesome, and why Chad likes preggo. LOLOLOL...PREGGO!!! ROFLMFAO!!!! If you don't know what preggo means, don't ask.

First off, I would like to introduce two teachers - Teacher A, and Teacher B. Lets compare them right now with these gorgeous bulleted lists.

Teacher A

Teacher B

What teacher would YOU rather have? Sadly, I have both. I have to go their class with a break to webmastering, but some go straight from Teacher A to Teacher B, or vice versa.

Teacher A is the most correct individual in the world. Not only does the entire world love her to death, she doesn't give us busy work. All the literay work she gives us TEACHES us something. All of the worksheets she gives us helps on the SAT test. Teacher A believes that we shouldn't spend three days or more working on a test that we weren't supposed to take in the first place, and write an essay that's the stupidest thing in the entire world. She also doesn't believe that she should have to grade them next week and miss a day of school. Teacher A got fired from three of her adminstrative positions defending the students, saying that the TAKS test is basically, a big piece of crap, and we don't need it. The level of quality is no where close to that of English AP.

Teacher B isn't far off, but her views are totally different. She tries to teach us History. She doesn't do a very good job. No one listens. She's a joke. We sit in there, and we laugh. She gets off topic so much that we take advantage of the situation, get her off topic so bad, that we don't learn anything. Everyone fails the tests. Those who pass actually want to get a good grade and try to do their homework well. Teacher B was paid to be an adminstator because she believed in writing essays. Well no shit, we write essays in there almost everyday.

If Teacher A and Teacher B went head to head and fought each other, who would win? Would it be a matter of physical strength, or smartness to lead them to the victor? Considering we're learning history in English, and writing essays in History, the classes interlock each other in a weird way. BUT, BUT, LIKE I SAID - NEVER MIX THE RIGHT AND THE WRONG!! THAT IS A VERY EVIL THING TO DO!!!

The TAKS shit wasted so much time. I couldn't believe how DIGUSTING it was. I'm done with TAKS. Waste of time? Alright. Oh, haha to the freshman and sophomores, stupid bitches can't exempt Reading, Math, Science, or Social Studies till they pass TAKS! ROFLMFAO!

zombie muthafka: does matt like preggo?
CrystalBallBOT: I think that it is true that matt likes preggo.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: ew, i hate mrs.may

Funny things

Although there was no blackouts or people throwing entire cups of grapejuice, this week was rather hilarious. Cameron and I laughed so hard for the joke that he made. "Chad likes Prego sauce, but he prefers it with two G's!" LOL! Preggo - dunno what it is? If you're a girl, and you don't like sick stuff, don't do this. Boys - type in Preggo in Google, and be grossed out! OH ITS DISGUSTING!! PREG...GO!!!!

Today in Compy Sci, Nick started chair rolling down the main hallway in the vocational building. Oh, was it hilarious? Yes it was. At first, Blake, Tam, Jesse "Sweet Action" LaRue, and myself, were going to get new chairs for our class. Well, we got to the janitor's office, and they were Elementary chairs! WHO THE FUCK ORDERS ELEMENTARY CHAIRS FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS? WHAT ARE WE, SHORT FRESHMAN? Wait, well, we do have short enough freshman to do that...ok, well, I guess I lose.

Anyway, Mrs. Phillips always says, with a two solution answer, there can be two solutions! LOL! Well, her example was, if I sent Jesse to the office, he could go straight there by making a right at the door and going toward the main building. But, Matthew could also go to the office, but he could go all the way around to Cedar Bayou Lynchburg, then left on Garth, then left on Baker, and then finally to the main office. So, Blake made the suggestion that we do that, except, not as long. So, we were chairless, and we walked halfway around the school, then got back. We just sat calmly down, as if nothing happened.

Mrs. Phillips: "Gentleman..where are my chairs?"
Matt: "Oh, there aren't any chairs."
Blake: "They're gone."
Mrs. Phillips: "Gone? He said they were there!"
Matt: "He lied. They were elementary."
Mrs. Phillips: "Oh"

Laura: "MATT!!"
Matt: "LAURA!!"
Matt: "WHAT?!??!?! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?1/?!?!?!"
Matt: "WHY???"
Laura: "I GUESS NOT!!!"
Matt: "WHAT THE @#$% @#$@ #$$# !@$@! ##@!# @#$!??"

"Dude, I named my songs 'Sponge' and 'The Clam that stole Hannukah'" - Matt
"Matt, name it 'The Clem that stole Hannukah'" - Kristen
"Nah, he'll get mad" - Matt
"Do it anyway" - I forgot who said this

[I had Internet Explorer open, and you're not supposed to]
"Mrs. Phillips!" - Matt
"I didn't do it!" - Mrs. Phillips
"Look it keeps freezing! AHHH! PIECE OF.....AHHH!!" - Matt
[Matt goes ADD crazy, starts clicking icons....opens IE]
"Uh oh" - Matt
"Playing on the internet I see" - Mrs. Phillips (walks away)
"Lucky we weren't looking at penis pumps! LOLOLOL" - Nick

"Man, F-A-T" - Matt says, loudly in Music Theory

A Ferry Tale

Everyone loves the ferry that connects Baytown and Pasadena, but Nick doesn't. Lets all jump him after school Monday. But, this story isn't about Nick disliking the ferry, its about why the movie The Hot Girl is pretty good.

Well, ok, we will talk about the ferry. The ferry was closed. Actually, it wasn't closed. A huge ass barge decided to park right in between the two ferry docks. I mean, how gay. Reminded me of the time I had to walk behind fat huge people in school. Wait, that was today, and those people were Matt Wurzbach and Chad Kell.

The Hot Girl was having a sneak preview at Hollywood in Pasadena, so Ryan, Nick, Robbie and I decided to attend the showing. It was actually a pretty good movie. It had a good plot, and this lovey dovey tale about love. It got my mind off things. Yay for comedies, right?

Updates all over

If you've noticed, we're almost back up to 100%. Sorry for not updating in a long time, but Walking 49 needed a total facelift, and now that I'm up totally in that area, I can focus on TW, my main priority, for a very long time. I love you guys, and the hits have been going down, and Walking 49's up, but duh, I've been updating them, and not you.

The employees section is officially up and running. The employees with no link - I either lost your info in the format or I never had one in the first place. Employees with no link even on the main page - I don't have a picture of you. Try to see me to get one. No pic? No page.

The History is coming along. 2002 Part One is extremely long. 2002 Part Two is going to be longer. I just want to apologize before hand - The Warzone was in a slump during these periods, and basically, my life was taking control of the site, and I didn't do anything with it. It turns into an auto-biography, and it starts getting sad. Sadly, when the person that it's about reads it, it will be total denial on that part I'm guessing, so I'll just blame all the bad stuff on me. I guess there's just no other way to put it. 2002 has been devasting in so many ways, but incredible in all the other. I think many of you can agree. We've had our huge ups and downs this year - and I guess I'm just writing a narrative.

Go Digital is progressing. The fuckfests are coming. I told Nick I'd like to stand on a beach on January 3, 2003, one year after Clear Lake/Galveston I. I want Tommy, Kelly, someone else, and I, to accomplish Target IV in February. Although played out a whole lot, Target is still in our hearts I guess. I miss Target.

I'm rewriting Subway for the fourth time, and this time I'm not stopping. I'm not going to put it on the site..if you're interested, IM me. Its my best work I guess.

New York 2001 and New York 2002 are now on TW for viewing, if any of you guys love New York. There are a select few, but hey, you could all learn to love my home city and the greatest city in the world.

If anyone is interested in being an employee, just IM me by clicking Matt on Contact. I need to talk to new people. lol.

Walking 49

Well, I'm gonna go now. I hope you guys liked the update. Have a good weekend, and God bless the USA, but just kidding. LOL.


P.S. I forgot to mention. On Monday, there were tons of people wearing orange and had these were horn thingys on their shirts. I didn't understand, I always thought there was one university in Texas....