WOMM - 12-11-02

Hi, I'm Matt, I was born in Brooklyn, where Requieum for a Dream was filmed, and I like girls. I'm currently single and looking for a companion. My favorite band is Soulfly. For fun, I like to make fun of teachers who don't teach correctly, take pictures, write columns for my website, which, you have to like to be a friend of mine, and I enjoy hating school, preps, and the government. I'm a communist, and I believe in the hammer and sickle.

I have no logical explanation on WHY I wrote that, but lets just say, its cool. BTW, I have a better sound system them you. With an incredible 500 watt Dolby Digital Surround Sound Reciever, and two 200-watt tall "Twin Tower" speakers, I rule your world. Wait till I get Audigy, then when I get a subwoofer, and I'll have more sound then God's computer, as Trey says.

"Mom, I want some chicken!" - Matt
"Patience, Peter Pan" - My Mom
"I hate that movie" - Matt
"It didn't come from the movie" - My Mom
"God...damn it" - Matt

Ho Ho Cold Hunt

"So anyway Matt, I was listening to the announcements today. Three things shocked me. One of which was that your name was on the announcements, two was that it was for a school related activity, and three, it was helping the needy!" - Tim Brockman

Matt Impelluso helping the needy? What is wrong with me? Absolutely nothing. Being someone who needs things, such as a 100 watt subwoofer for my computer, and a TI4600 for my computer, I knew exactly what it was like, but on different levels of course. So, I decided to join the Ho Ho Ho Scavenger Hunt when Cheryl asked me, because I didn't think of it being Walking 49 degrees outside, and it raining on us nonetheless.

Brad, Cheryl, Allison Page, me, and Nathan Prihoda formed the Flabberphemyzzerquotiser group, a name derived from the words Flabbergasted, Blasphemy, Mozzerela, Quotidian, and Wowser. Of course, I had to pick Blasphemy, and Nathan had to pick the word we didn't know, Quotidian. He said he just found out about it that day, so it was ok.

Brad's mom and Allison's dad were the drivers. They split off at 6:00, because Brad's mom had to host Bridge, at another person's house. (WTF!!!)

Kings Bend was given to us, and we decided to attack it with all of our might. The girls split up, went inside houses of course, the exact opposite of what the rulebook says, and us boys got a bunch of canned goods. Thanks to Nathan and his father's doctor's license, we recieved over 310 bottles/bars/containers of medicine and soap. The rest was us kicking some rich ass in Kings Bend (not necessarily rich, but rich to me is someone who always has 10 dollars in their pocket).

The rain never increased, and the temperture never really went down, but we were freezing. Nathan, Brad, Allison..ok, all of us, all got frost bite. Right now, we're walking around, kicking the walls in because we have no feeling in our feet, and this was two fucking days ago! Feels like last week though. I was shivering most of the time.

I don't know about the girls, actually I do. The ground level in Kings Bend, because of some stupid landscapers idea, decided to be about ninety feet below sea level. About ten times that night, Brad, Nathan, and/or myself, stepped into a very enormous puddle, and I'm not talking about ones on the side of the road. They were in the middle of driveways. Only two or three people thanked us for coming out in the cold rain, which was nice. One lady shunned us away because they have a pantry at their church. Ok, starving people don't exactly go to Methodist churches frequently and have lunch there. The food bank is a great place to store it, and help out the people who can't afford it.

At around 7:15, after skipping many houses in Kings Bend, we returned to RSS with around 863 items of food or medicine. We got third place, and recieved movie tickets, and free Cici's buffets. For dinner, we all decided Cici's would be a good place. Sadly, Cici's offered these buffets to everyone and their fucking mom, so they turned us down after they got 50 free buffets.

Nathan decided to be Mr. Genoricity and invited us to Burger King where he would all buy us a burger. Along the way, someone's truck needed a boost, so he helped them. I think we can all agree that Nathan is the owner of Nathan Hot Dogs, cause that's how nice he is.

Tests up the hole

Teachers seem to not understand the concept of "Final Exams." The only teacher that isn't giving me a test this week is Mrs. May! Can you believe Mrs. May prevailed in a cool teacher award for this week? Well, not really. Mrs. Stanley gave us a test on Tuesday, I failed it, and I still love her class. She admitted that she loved George Carlin. Everyone should quit Mrs. Wash's class and join our English class. We think.

The main purpose of this section is this: Final Exams are next week, but, we're getting so many tests this week, its as if we're talking two weeks of Final Exams. Final Exams count for 1/4 of your grade. A final exam could pass or fail you - 18 weeks of work - in one day. On the other hand, final exams are going to kick ass for me, because I'm going to save my life. Well, except in Pre-Cal, a class I die in cause I hate math - but its ok. I'm going to make an A in there this six weeks, I think.

Person A: Ok, we're going to put this chord here.
Person B: NO FRIENDS!!!

Person B: Man, I HATE MYSELF!!!
Person A: That's because you have no friends!

I'm going to wait for final exam time. We will soon learn of our new class ranks. Everything will then be sexy.


An interesting topic came up today in English that made me wish I had more time to think about it. We all dream, but what happens when you dream, and someone's about to answer your question, and you wake up as soon as they're about to tell you? Is it fate, or is it just time to wake up? Then again, how does your dream know to precisely time that event when you're about to wake up?

Maybe Brad can write some Thoughts about that one, but honestly, I don't know.

Other questions asked: Why is it some of my dreams are in black and white? Why is it sometimes when I'm focusing on something, its in color, but the background is in black and white? Why is it that when I wake up from sleeping, close my eyes again, I can reenter that dream 8 times out of 10? Why is it, I can't dream about the fun things in life?

Why is it everytime I have a dream that involves a train, a former lover was in it? Is it because I worship the transit system of New York? Is it because that's just the way my mind works?

This isn't a dream question - but really a mind one. When you're trying to figure out the name of something, why is it you can think of it an hour later, but not be thinking about it AT ALL? In the words of Mrs. McRenyolds, "What is your brain doing during that time?" I am reminded of the time it took Tommy three weeks to figure out Rose McGowen and Marilyn Manson were dating or something and he just bursted it out of no where on that third week.

I've asked myself in the last two days - When someone says they dream about you - how can we necessarily think this is a good thing? What if its a sign? Ah! I think its time to look through Jenna's dream book, then buy one for myself!

"I don't like this magazine picture. I mean, look at this girl. [Pauses] Ok, she has her....man, I'm so out of it, I don't even know what she pierced" - Matt
"Eyebrow, Matt" - Cheryl
"Oh, that's right" - Matt


Many of you might remember the sensation that kicked Kazaa in the asshole, Audiogalaxy, a long ass time ago. This under one meg program stood on your taskbar, minding its own business, and only acted when you'd like it to. Ok, yes, the repetitive uploading from other people was quite obnoxious when I did have 56k, but guess what? Audiogalaxy, the old, is way better then Kazaa of the new.

The new Audiogalaxy came out. Only problem is, if you want to burn stuff to a cd, you have to pay. Well, that reminds me of AudioBlasphemy.

For those of you that haven't had experience with Audiogalaxy, its a music sharing program. You went to Audiogalaxy.com, you typed in "La Fiesta Mexicana" and you waited to download all three movements from the wonderful musical compliation by Alfred Reed. You sat, you fucked, you listened, you loved it.

On Kazaa, you can't find La Fiesta Mexicana. You know why? Its not popular. Audiogalaxy was like a high school. You had your preps (groups such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, etc), and your geeky kids who pull suitcases for their backpack (groups such as, the now Walking 49, who are really unheard of outside of Baytown, La Fiesta Mexicana (the song), and others). Walking 49 would be impossible to find on Kazaa if one person had it. That's because everyone absolutely hates Kazaa's popups. On Audiogalaxy, you could try, and you could definitely succeed.

Audiogalaxy had horrible faults though. When the music industry found out about our buddy Audiogalaxy, they shut them down, and it was hard to download anything mainstream at all. Rage was blocked, and many other high quality bands were blocked by their record label. Now that Audiogalaxy is back, with some shit named Rhapsody, no one likes it. Its Kazaa all the way. Audiogalaxy is the old Napster, just not as popular. Andrew and I agree, Audiogalaxy has been the best for us. After my hard drive got formatted, I lost MANY good classical songs I could only find on Audiogalaxy.

Now, the only way to find La Fiesta Mexicana is to ask a friend who lives at a university, any university. A&M, for example, has a network setup where you can file share through their own network system. I think its called Resnet. Just look up a file, if they find it, you download it right off the connection line, and its on the same fucking campus! How awesome is that, right? I have La Fiesta Mexicana now, because its awesome, but not through several trimumphs to get it.

Stealing Requiem

Hey, FUCK YOU Lord of the Rings Directors! What is wrong with your asses? How DARE you steal the Overtures of Requiem for a Dream and use them in your fighting scenes?

There's something many of you don't understand. Requiem for a Dream has almost bumped Die Hard, the most cherished and sacred movie in the Matt Impelluso library of movies, to number two. It is beyond the most awesome movie ever probably. Darren Aronofsky is a god damn genius. Here's the deal though: This movie is rated NC-17 because it contains tons of drug use, and there's so much sex in it that I think we'll all die. But, that's totally ok, considering I was the one watching it.

I saw it twice in the same day, AND I PAID ATTENTION MORE THE SECOND TIME!!! Yahoo Movies rates this movie 4.4/5.0, and that's pretty damn hard considering Yahoo's critics.

Now, you come up to this Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings isn't the best movie in the world. Its not even many people's favorite movie. A favorite book, maybe. But nobody names a long ass movie about people killing other people as their favorite movie. So, when you hear your favorite movie's theme IN THE TRAILER of a movie who is going to sell about 300 million at the box office, and your favorite movie wasn't even in many theatres, or any theatres at all for that matter, YOU GET PISSED OFF.

You especially get pissed off when people ask, "What's the song on Lord of the Rings trailer?" and then, a person who knows NOTHING about Reqiuem says, "Oh, Summer Overture, go get it!" it makes you furious. I want to punch people in the face like Brad tried doing at the Soulfly concert in the mosh pit.

Now, am I punishing Lord of the Rings? Yes. I don't even want to see the movie much anymore for stealing Clint Mansell's work. Well, they probably asked permission, but to use Requiem's theme, THAT'S IT!!! ITS OVER! WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED!!!! KEEP THE TRADITION THE SAME! DON'T REUSE "COMPOSED" MOVIE THEMES AND CLAIM THEM IN YOUR TRAILER!!!

Old South Park?

How many people aren't feeling the new South Park? I'm not, being a major South Park fan. I giggled tonight at Cartman's yelling and screaming about wanting to have a toy he wanted to kill, but I mean, tonight, they brought Kenny back. I mean, is he staying? What is this? Are Matt Stone and Trey Parker losing ideas? The first episode of this new season was hilarious times two. But, then, it just started slacking off a little.

Many of you could possibly feel the same way about The Simpsons. In the beginning (maybe excluding the first season), everyone wanted to do The Simpsons. Now, many of you die hard fans just want to be boyfriend - girlfriend with The Simpsons, because sometimes, things change.

No one, however, can underestimate the hilarious Homer - Cartman quotes over the past eleven and six years, respectively. We'll still cherish, even if they turn to the pits (which most likely will never happen).

Walking 49

Hey, go to Fitzgeralds tomorrow (Thursday), give 5 bucks to the man in front, go upstairs at 8:00, and watch Daniel Newman as lyrics/guitar, BJ Golden on guitar, Eric Elliot on bass, Justin Glover on drums, Jared Wilson sell some shirts, film, and mosh, and Matt Impelluso take pictures of people's nipples as Walking 49 attempts to advance in the Battle of the Bands. They are a fucking awesome band. Do NOT listen to the reviews about their CD. I heard it. It's not too good. Live - another experience. Come out to the show.

I'm out guys, hope you enjoyed this rather early update then usual. Good luck on some tests, see you at Walking 49, think about your dreams, watch Requiem for a Dream, download Kazaa because Audiogalaxy sucks, and run out in the rain helping the needy. I love you all.

"Diabolus enim et alii dæmones a Deo quidem naturâ creati sunt boni, sed ipsi per se facti sunt mali."


P.S. "Your friendship is a fog - it disappears when the wind redirects...YOU!!! YES YOU!!!" - Snakecharmer, by your and my favorite band.