WOMM - 12-18-02

Well, I was going to write a post for the newsboard, but then, I started getting carried away with it, so I might as well just write a new column. If you haven't noticed, TW is getting back into shape with Go Digital coming back to life, as well as me not slacking off for main columns. I just wanted to respond to some newsboard postings (thanks for posting guys, I appreciate it), and just talk about how stupid life actually is, if you cheat on your final exam.

Just a little intro paragraph, I want to say, if you're a girl, and you think I'm sexy. (who doesn't, right? :)), check out December 18 Go Digital. There are pics of me nude in there, but just kidding. Its actually pics of me in the enemy - Abercrombie and Banana Republic. To tell you the truth, they looked decent, for about $400 of my money. Haha.

Re: Newsboard

Nikki posted about me being gay for exempting the Pre-Cal final. Well, damn it. It doesn't really matter once you think about it. We are going to exempt one or the other, right? So, basically, here's the plan: Next semester, Nikki, we're taking the Algebra portion of the final, and hell, that's going to be easier then this, so just don't worry about me, but make fun of me while you're at it. Pre-Cal sucks anyway. I hate Trig math, but I mean, Algebra, that's sexy, that's nice.

Second off, to Nikki's post, something very funny happened today in one of my finals. I'm not going to mention names, but let me just say, Why? In the words of the class of 2004's very own Speaker of God, Ray Moore, "Why??" Why would you cheat on your final? And, if you're going to cheat on your final, why would you PLACE YOUR SCANTRON ON YOUR FRIEND'S DESK? I mean, isn't obvious that maybe the tests could be different since WE HAVE ALL DIFFERENT TESTS? I mean, maybe they weren't, BUT ITS VERY POSSIBLE. Second off, WHY WOULD YOU PLACE YOUR SCANTRON ON YOUR FRIEND'S DESK??

Ok, cheating like for homework, that's ok. I mean, teachers are reading this right now, but teachers, please, we're not killing ourselves unless we cheat on tests. Now, if you cheat on wild and crazy tests which determine 1/4 OF YOUR SEMESTER GRADE, WHY WOULD YOU ATTEMPT TO CHEAT, IF YOU HAVE ALREADY A PASSING AVERAGE? I mean, if these people would have bombed the final with a 50, they would have passed the semester. Sadly, they got caught.

I couldn't help but shake my tired head when Mrs. May called every office personal, wrote them up referals, and attempted to call their parents. I mean, I basically have to be on Mrs. May's side on this: They didn't deserve a second chance. I mean, ok, if you see them talking during the test, yeah, maybe that deserves a second chance. But when you have evidence that the answer sheet of the test was on THE OTHER PERSON'S DESK, that's it. They lose. Its over. I felt bad for a while. Then, I realized we could get out of school at 11:40, so I didn't give a shit any more.

Second off: Rachel. Wow, Lee sucks. It's exactly ILLEGAL, according to several teachers I spoke to today, that if you start the final before the break or during the review time, you can possibly get that teacher in a lot of trouble. See, the entire point of the review time is because our wonderful superintendent won't let us leave school early if we only go to school for 3 hours 3 days in a row, which is stupid bullshit, I know. But, that review period is strictly for reviewing. All teachers, even Mrs. Stanley, who loves to do things her own way cause she's awesome, gave the test during the "Test Time." I agree with you, do the review, then the test. OR - do no review, take the test, and get the hell out of class. That's my opinion.

Third off: Kelly Kinkel, I love you.


With the final exams going, this ten minutes of break is actually the weirdest ten minutes in the world. When you think about it, we've been waiting so long to have almost pure anarchy for ten whole minutes and do nothing. Well, we got it, and I walked around yesterday not knowing what the fuck to do.

I walked around, realizing how big of a waste of time my life is. I seemed to notice that in the Commons, which was full of about 1,500 people, that it was like one huge lunch crowd. The Mexicans took their walls, the Blacks took their trash cans to beat and rap on, the hicks crowded around each other to be gay, the preps talked away from the trash cans, and everyone else was just walking around in small little groups, maybe no larger then 5 or 6.

I also realized how my life has amounted to nothing up to that point. I actually thought during this ten minutes. I've never done that before. I thought about how fucking stupid school was. We're DOING NOTHING for ten whole minutes. Shouldn't that be illegal or something? I'm going to call the national police and get our principals arrested or something. LOL.

Why am I complaining that these ten minutes suck? Well, if it was for every class during the normal school year, hell, that'd be fucking awesome. But, no, this is the day of exams, the day everyone wants out. No one wants these ten minutes. No one wants the review. They want to take the stupid exam and get the hell out of school to see Lord of the Rings and/or go straight to sleep.

Oh, and wonderful principal, the teachers of Sterling High School ALL have had college education. If a bell rings ten minutes early, and you notified the teachers about 600 times prior to that moment when school gets let out, you don't have to come yelling on the announcements as loud as you possibly can "TEACHERS DISREGARD THAT BELL I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM KEEP STUDENTS IN THE CLASS!!" Oh, what if the students didn't stay in class? Holy shit, twenty kids are loose! That's it! World War 3! Holy shit, stink bombs! Ah, suffocation! It's over!!

The NEW Preps

So, you know, the Anti-Prep slogan on top of TW brings an interesting point. Who are the new preps of Sterling High School? Tyler and I talked about this today, and he's right: I rather see the day of the blonde hair gorgeous preppy girls wearing Abercrombie then watch them wear ties, Blink 182 and other very popular pop punk band shirts, and have patches and pins all over their bags.

Now, do all people that possess these qualities have preppy qualities? Of course not. Have preps found this new "fashion trend" and are taking advantange that now they can call themselves punk? Of course. Even boys are doing it. 90% of the sopohmore class has turned into this huge punk machine. They all like the shit. I mean, ok, for you metal heads out there, Finch, The Used, Recover - that's nice, those are good bands, and they aren't going to destroy the world anytime soon. I'm talking about the punk like - "Oh my god I don't know what to do, my girlfriend left me I don't have a clue, why is it my life is so fucked up, God I can't even fuck a duck." WHAT KIND OF MUSIC IS THIS?? It makes me want to VOMIT ALL OVER MY SOULFLY SHIRTS!!

Oh, and another thing. Yes, America is the dumbest place to be, but has anyone actually lived in like Montana, where I mean, rules don't even apply, and there isn't a speed limit in the rural parts of the state? So, here we are, all these punk boys wearing this anti-flag shit. You know what you guys should wear? Anti-school propaganda wear. I mean, THAT makes more sense, considering all of you are still in school, and if you ever got stopped by a cop, you'll be like "Oh yes sir please sir don't FUCKING KILL ME SIR I LOVE YOU SIR I WANT TO MARRY YOU SIR I LOVE COPS COPS ARE THE GREATEST" instead of absolutely protesting. Like, whenever we got in trouble by cops at the Galleria, I was LAUGHING. I had a smile on my face the entire time. I wasn't going to apologize! Brian made the mess, and even he didn't apologize! That's what you do. Don't turn the flag upside down, take a picture of your school, and turn THAT upside down. Shit, some people just don't have any damn brains.

Do I still hate the government? Of course, but I protest. I make good points. These punkies, they complain cause they can't fucking skate in a parking lot. SO WHAT? ITS PRIVATE PROPERTY. IF OFFICE DEPOT DOESN'T WANT PEOPLE SKATING ON THEIR DAMN LAND, YOU CAN'T! ITS OVER!!! What if you were an old grouchy man and some skater boy came up to you and started olling all over the place and pissed you off? Exactly, you'd get a gun from your house and shoot him in the fucking head. I complain about these foreign politics in Isreal and stuff. That's shit. We shouldn't help anyone. We should let them kill each other. Fuck helping. That's how the terrorists started bombing us, THEY WERE USING OUR EQUIPMENT because we helped them fight Russia in the Afghan Russian War in the 1980's.

That's my speech on why I hate preppy punks. That isn't directed to anyone at all, but bring back the pretty clothing. I'm sick of all these ties. If one person wants to wear a tie at our school, that's cool, make it be a man. Or, if it has to be ONE GIRL in the entire school population, give it to Jill, she wears life jackets, vests, and the weirdest combos ever, and wore a tie last year when April (Avril) didn't even exist. I mean, at least she looks cool in them. Excuse my defense on a former best friend of mine who hates me. LOL.

I'm proud of my black shirt baggy jeans style that I've kept all three years at Ross S. Shitty High School.


(not edited in any way)

PsYcHo MaTt 316: does God hate me?
CrystalBallBOT: The outlook is unclear. I can't tell whether God hates you or not.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: so, are you saying god isn't real?
CrystalBallBOT: It's clear to me that I am not saying god isn't real.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: are you a hypocrite because you're not sure god hates me but he doesn't even exist?
CrystalBallBOT: As for whether or not I am a hypocrite because you're not sure god hates me but he doesn't even exist, I think that it looks likely.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: dude, i love you, you're so god damn dumb
CrystalBallBOT: Sorry, I only know how to answer questions about the future.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: ok, let me ask you this
CrystalBallBOT: Sorry, I only know how to answer questions about the future.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: do you hate the american government?
CrystalBallBOT: My prognosis looks positive. I clearly hate the american government.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: do you hate goose creek cisd?
CrystalBallBOT: Hmmm. I don't think that I hate goose creek cisd.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: does that mean you like education?
CrystalBallBOT: I don't really think that that means me .
PsYcHo MaTt 316: do you love me?
CrystalBallBOT: Yes indeed. ;-)
PsYcHo MaTt 316: fucking awesome. i love you too
CrystalBallBOT: Good! I love you too!
PsYcHo MaTt 316: will i find a new girl in the next two weeks or so?
CrystalBallBOT: You will not find a new girl in the next two weeks or so. But that's only a guess on my part!
PsYcHo MaTt 316: you're mean :-(
CrystalBallBOT: I'm mean?
PsYcHo MaTt 316: yeah, i'm sad now :-(
CrystalBallBOT: Huh...
PsYcHo MaTt 316: yes, i'm really sad.
CrystalBallBOT: I'll have to think about that.
PsYcHo MaTt 316: bye baby
CrystalBallBOT: Take care!

My name is Matthew James, and I love you. Good luck on the exams.