WOMM - october 13, 2002

INCREDIBLY, SURPRISINGLY, SHOCKINGLY, STERLING LOSES! That's the big headline all over Baytown. I mean, ok, how can someone yell, "Way to go, Ranger Boys!" after the horrific loss vs Lee? I mean, WAY TO GO? Maybe, "Good try" or "Thanks for playing" or "Jesus Christ get a new coach" but, "WAY TO GO??" Well, maybe, yeah, since we did only lose by 31 points. I just want to barf on these people.

So, the final score was 51-20, and really in my view, the game wasn't HORRIBLE. I mean, last year, they let the clock run because Sterling was the worst football team since the San Diego Chargers of the year the lost almost every game but 1, but this year, it wasn't that bad, just horrible chances.

Lee was so confident on the win, Monday is detonated as their black day, mourning us because we died. Actually, I didn't die, our football team died, I personally don't give a shit. This woman Dawn (Stephanie Foreman) and I saw last night said, "Yeah, I bet you would be happy if you won" and basically, I looked at her and said, "I'd be shocked and scared if we won." K? Thanks.

Ok, I'm sick of talking about Sterling always sucking, so, new subject.

Thursday, Black Day, I thought, was pretty successful. The entire school loves the color black, well, ok, 50% of the school wore black cause it looks great, and 50% of the school wore black cause they were supporting RSS. Jared played Taps on the announcements. Jared, you wasted your time, buddy boy. I wear black everyday, so it wasn't anything new. I just decided to mix it in with black pants, oh, and my witch hat, worn two years in a row. Everyone nodded and laughed at it. People stared. Witchery is among us all.

The people that wore all white were the funnier ones, except the ones that think everyone that wore black were total hypocrites. I guess I have to agree with Aaron Stanley on this one, "Today is the only day we can all look cool." Yes, yes, that's about right. Everyone looked so different and so awesome, and it was great. It was a much better improvement then my day before Abershittie and Bitch.

Friday was Camo day. Actually, no, I lie. It was, "lets all look like duck hunters day." That just PISSED ME OFF. Everyone brought these fucking quaker things and I'm like, WTF?!?! It sounded like we were in the forest hunting ducks for the Chinese. It was as if we were making duck sauce for all of Baytown. Every gay hick was wearing the same overalls that looked exactly the same. I'm glad I didn't dress up like Fidel (baggy camo pants, camo jacket unzipped, camo hat) and waste my money, cause no one would have got it anyway. Just like half the student body didn't understand why I was wearing an Abercrombie shirt that can't even fit my 5 year old cousin that lives in Rockland County, New York.

The Pep Rally was so boring that I wanted to go back to Pre-Cal and fall asleep. I hate Pep Rallies, especially ones that are outside and so stupid.

On Friday, RSS was number 1 on visiting The Warzone, and I have no clue why. Everyone said Mrs. May was reading it and laughing really hard. I wonder if she's reading these exact words right now. If she is, all I have to say is, Mrs. May, you are one of the few but awesome adults that like us, being as obnoxious as we are. Blake also told me Mrs. May mentioned that I looked "depressed" on Friday, or something to that extent, which was true. She picks up things easily.

Also, I'd like to inform all visitors of TW that are new that my comments in this WOMM are generally false in view. As in, if I say God is going to come down and kill all of us, I'm a big fat liar. Anything I say on this site is most likely a joke. People that take us serious beyond the point of us really hating school, are dumb. Parents shouldn't be worried. I'm harmless. I can't even beat up my hat. Its way stronger then me. Just wanted to make that clear.

Speaking of hating school, I failed the Pre-Cal test worse then our football team loss. Man, everything bad can be analogized (not sure if that's a word, but it sure as hell is now) with our football team, how fn cool is that?

Many of you are wondering the very obvious - how is TW doing in relation to people visiting? Well, I think we are going back to the glory days, and I mean that whole heartedly. Saturdays and Sundays aren't popular at all for TW, but the weekdays just sore beyond anything alive. Since October 1st, and now, well, actually, 10:29 a.m on October 13th, TW has recieved 17,921 hits. All of you have your mouth open wide right now. Yes, I said, 17,921. 227 of those, in the mouth, have come from Walking49.com, so big thanks to them. The most popular page of course are the first two, then two Walking49 pages, then the employee section, and then, the hot girl contest.

Thanks to everyone in school breaking the rules and looking at TW. You gave us 2,163 hits in the month of October. Haha, I know your IP address. Oh, and thanks to Liz...just her..has given 579 hits to TW, and she's number 4 in the entire popular hit balance.

2,608 hits in one day. That's CRAZY.

Anyway, what else is going on? Man, who the hell likes Lunas? I HATE THAT PLACE. Everything is so disgusting there. I mean, really. I HATE IT. If you like it, just leave, don't even come back. Just IM me, tell me your IP address, and let me block you off TW forever, cause that's just PATHETIC. Lunas??? EW! It tastes like...like...SHIT!! SHIT. THE WORD SHIT. ITS LIKE I WENT INTO MY TOLIET, GOT SOME GLOVES, PUT IT ON A PLATE, AND HAD TO EAT IT. Oh, and the cashier hated us. She was so impatient that I wanted to slap the stupid smile off her face.

White Chocolate is the STUPIDEST THING EVER.

Boycott the McDonalds near the mall. Yesterday, their fries tasted like crap, the shakes looked nasty, there were flies all over the place, and the entire old people population of Baytown was there with their grandchildren. SICK MOTHER.

Overall, this weekend has been more boring then others, but what are you gonna do right? I guess its time to catch up on homework. I mean, I guess its time for all of you to catch up on homework, I'm just gonna sleep and stuff. Thanks.

The following quotes have been edited for your children to read.

"Matt, do you ever think we'll win a game before we graduate?" - Tim
"[Speechless] Hmm...let me think.......uh no, thanks." - Matt

"Dude, where's your .CPP file?" - Wurzbach
"Its right here!" - Nick
"You named your .CPP file CPP.CPP??" - Wurzbach

"So Liz, what school do you go to again, UT?" - Matt
(Liz goes to A&M)

"Why the @#$% are those girls looking at me?" - Rachel
"Well, you are wearing a Lee shirt, overalls that say "Poor little Ranger boys," "Gonna get them Ranger Boys," and you're a sexy @#$%h." - Matt

"[extreme laughter]" -Matt and Blake listening how to use one of those duck caller things, on AUDIO CASSETTE.

(gets a few drops of shake on shirt)
"@#$%ING @#$%!!!" - Matt
"Dude, there are little kids here" - Stacy
"Who the hell cares, they're going to learn these words sooner or later" - Matt
"Yeah, and who cares, their grandparents can't hear shit" - Nick

(on pier near Trinity Bay or whatever)
"I can't go on the pier, I'm sooo scared!" - Matt
"What a wuss" - Stackey
(goes down 20 feet, comes running back)
(Matt running up the hill)
"AHHH! I'M SO SCARED!!!" - Matt
(dog starts chasing Matt)
"OH @#$%!!!" - Matt
"Watch your mouth, there are kids here" - Dawn's mom
"Mom, shut up, those kids say those words all the time" - Dawn

Point well made

(Dawn locks Stackey and I in garage. Stackey mentions for me to go out the side door of the garage into the backyard. I do. While I'm going out, Dawn unlocks the door to the garage and Stackey is back in the house. I go through the front door. I walk in slowly, looking one direction)
"AHHHHHHHH!" - Stackey scaring Matt
"AHHHHH! OH @#$%! OH GOD!!!! AHHHHH! AHHHHHH!" - Matt, falls to floor, scared out of his mind
"[Laughter]" - Stackey and Dawn

(takes one of Dawn's buffalo wings, dips it in sauce)
"@#$%, THIS TASTES LIKE PISS!!!" - Matt, yelling across Red Lobster

"Hey man, thanks for telling us the wings tasted like piss, cause we got cheesesticks instead" - couple next to us

"Hey, how much time do we have left?" - Recover
"FOREVER!!" - Fans in crowd
"Dude, that's awesome, we got @#$%ing forever." - Recover

"SCROT!!" Harry calling Jennie

"Holy @#$%, its Jesus!" - Kyle
"What are you doing in South Park, Jesus?" - Cartman

"Matt, your hair is so incredibly long" - Kathy
"Thanks" - Matt

"Matt, you looked like John Walker with your beard" - Blake
"Thanks" - Matt

"Matt, you're gay" - Rachel
"So are you, Thanks" - Matt