WOMM - august 9, 2002

Wee, man the site is doing good huh? Lots of hits lots of hits. Right now, I'm uploading the most successful and probably the greatest fuckfest in all of history, Target Three, clearly nicknamed because this is the third fuckfest in Target. I came to the idea last night at 12, and told Tommy about it, and decided Steve needed to be the fourth member, and Tommy called Kelly, and it was settled. Early morning Target Three - the newest version in the greatest event of all time.

This fuckfest had 125 pictures - the Galleria, which many of you remember as one of the funniest fuckfests ever because of the masks, hit at 117. I really didn't think anyone could have beaten the Galleria, and I thought it would have taken forever to set a record. Well, if you think about it, Target 1 set the first record, Target 2 set the second, Galleria set the third, and Target 3 now is in a commanding lead, and unless we take smaller pictures, or get another memory card, there is probably no way to beat it.

Basically, I'll give you a short summary. Steve picked me up around 9:50, we went to Kelly's house, then went to Tommy's, then back to mine cause I forgot my camera. This fuckfest however, I took my Italian flag and wrapped it around me. We go into Target, take around 30 pictures, and this old ass guy with a belt buckle the size of Canada was looking at us really weird. After Steve went on a bike, Elizabeth, this woman came by, and told us to stop acting dumb basically. Then, we go hiding, and as soon as I take a pic of Tommy doing something, she yells at us for throwing a football, and we didn't throw shit! She basically said, if you don't act like good guests, I will kick you out. For the sanctity of future fuckfests, we left the store, and the guy with the beltbuckle said, "You all come back some time!" and I was like, MOTHA FUCKA!!

We ventured to Kroger, had fun with this girl named Tommi by yelling Tommy's name really loud, LOL, and then we bought chocolate milk and drank it in McDonalds. Steve and I then went to get our schedules changed, but it took me forever to get stuff moved, and now I'm in Theatre 1. Why? I have no fucking clue. But its cool, so I'm ok. We went into the new building and that was sexy too.

We then had some fun in ToysRUs and took off into Whispering Pines to bother the Silva twins. Jill decided to tag along as we went to Highlands to find Eryn Cotten's house and piss her off by going over and talking to her and wasting her valuable summer time. Of course, I forgot where she lived (don't ask me why but she told me once) and we just gave up. Good song by NIN, btw. Anyway, we go back to Baytown, drop Tommy off, I gotta take a big piss, we drop Jill off, and then we go to WalMart, where the fuckfest ends with us seeing Adrienne Flusche, who laughs at my beard.

Overall, this week has totally sucked ass for me. I was basically couped up in my house almost all week. The Baybrook Adventure and this Target 3 was great. I got to know Steve better and all of this hanging out and stuff made this week not the worst week ever, but pretty ok in the end.

I'm not back in band, but I have made progress in my efforts to get back in cause I miss the organization. I made a deal with the Director of Fine Arts that if I improve my "behavior" in Music Theory class, my director might consider letting me in for my senior year, which is pretty cool. I didn't disagree with the decision, I actually even thought about asking if maybe I could do that. So, enough worrying about that I guess.

I don't know what to say now. Check out the Target 3 pics and see the new school cause its really sexy. The bathroom has stall doors. LOL! YAY!!!! WE CAN TAKE SHITS NOW!

Song of the week I guess...Reptile..cause I just love it.

she spread herself wide open to let the insects in
she leaves a trail of honey to show me where she's been
she has the blood of reptile just underneath her skin
seeds from a thousand others drip down from within
oh my beautiful liar
oh my precious whore
my disease my infection
I am so impure
devils speak of the ways in which she'll manifest
angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress
need to contaminate to alleviate this loneliness
I now know the depths I reach are limitless
(back to chorus)