WOMM - august 17, 2002

And summer ends. Its over. That's it. There's nothing more. Now, we have school. This summer went by slow and fast during certain parts, cause people were gone, but when everyone was alive, it went by really fast..so what exactly does that mean? Did this summer kick ass more then the usual ones? Yes, it did. Many things changed for people over this summer, and I'm glad to announce, uh, nothing. Yep. School in one day.

College starts in about a week for the graduating seniors. They get a week off. Yay. I guess. I don't know. What the hell am I talking about anyway?

Kelly Kinkel did some wallpapers for some rock bands, and the employee section is currently undergoing changes. I'm working on it. Let me go to school on Monday and take pictures of everyone first so I can get everyone up at the same time, k? K.

Sarah Guest is going out with Josh Andrews, which basically means, the end of the world is definitely near.

The Scarlett Letter. I got a link with every Scarlett Letter thing you can possibly want, so if you want to write that link all over the school, that's totally fine. I also got a quick link you can remember - thewarzone5000.com/sl - just go there, and it magically goes to that site. So, give people that link, and then, say you got it from me, and they'll come to TW. K??? THANKS.

So, the big question is, will Jamie slack off and not take pictures this year? Not really. August 19th will be the biggest school fuckfest. We had one school fuckfest once - it was the first one, even before Target 1. If you have no clue what i'm talking about, go here - thewarzone5000.com/fuckfests/school

Check out the new Go Digital's and shit like that. Actually, there's only one new one really..just two days worth..about 20 pics or so..look at them, they're good.

Sadly, an Office Depot/Max fest never happened, because everyone's gay.

God bless you all, and may the lord be with us in this week of shit.


Counter Stats - August 17

If any of you are wondering about where the fuck the counter is, hell with the counter, I got a better program. Let me just tell you the stats, as of August 4th, when I got TW back up. Total hits - 3657. That means TW has been visited 3657 times. Wow. There's been 169 DIFFERENT computers going to TW since August 4th. There's 25 hits per hour, 606 hits per day (every page on TW), and 28 different people a day visiting. These are all averages. The most popular TW pages have been the (1) the main page of course, (2) the newsboard, (3) the forum (even though NO ONE FUCKING WRITES ON IT GO RIGHT NOW AND TALK ON THE FORUM!!!), (4) the calendar, (5) Nick's designs, and (6) Target 3.