WOMM - august 24, 2002

Hi,  my name is Matt Impelluso, and my website has 78,251 hits since August 2000, which means, I'm cooler then you.

Well, I'm just wondering, why am I writing an essay? Really, I mean really, will I need to use these fundementals when I'm climbing through buildings networking your son's computer? Nope. I will never read Nathaniel Hawthrone again, and if I do, I will kill myself. There is no doubt about it. Sorry Nick, The Scarlet Letter sucked hard, and basically, people need to rewrite The Scarlet Letter in a way where, people who enjoy watching South Park, Simpsons, and Family Guy can actually enjoy what's going on, and not trying to figure out what every word means.

Sophomores, you will get so fucking fed up with doing To Kill A Mockingbird, you just want to kill yourself. Save yourself the trouble, and don't, because, life gets better, the junior class promises you.

Soulfly - Seek N Destroy. Get it. Love it. If you hate it, don't ever talk to me again, but kidding, cause everyone hates Soulfly for some reason, but I enjoy the tribal feel, and someone saying the word fuck as much as me.

So, I hear that our punk friends Herbidiah Titty, Harry Cox, and Linc from Zelda decided it would be interesting to go into the mall and wave the American flag upside down and yell "Fuck the American government." The Warzone praises you, but not the band Anti-Flag, for they need a better singer. Sorry to piss you Justin Sane fans off.

You know what's weird? A teacher admitting he smoked pot. Ah, the wonders of Theatre.

You know what's weirder? Teachers giving us 100 questions and expecting us to do it. ROFLMAO!! Wow, I hate that.

Dumpster diving seems to be the new craze in the metropolitian area. Don't get caught buddies.

Hey, there's this thing on The Warzone called the "Forum." Basically, the purpose is for people to joke around, be gay, and influence other people to use it. Don't tell me that no one has had thoughts of posting. Of course, if you're one of those people that hate us, I rather you not post, cause then I'd have to bash you down, find out where you live, and set your house on fire, but that's me.

Go Digital is increasing getting better. Sorry about the late start with everyone. I just been so busy in class that I can't even take pictures. Its nothing like Mrs. Harris and her busy work. Every class I'm backed up with so much shit, and as soon as I get in there, you can't even take pics, you have to do stuff. I'm like, uh, gay, thanks.

On Friday, Jill, Stackey (Amanda Klaus, a senior), and I wore our subway shirts..and then Cassie put hers on for marching practice, in direct protest and love for me I guess, and for me to be back in band. Horribly, if a line graph was made for the likeness or dislikeness of how many director feels for me, its been steadily decrasing as of late from the rapid increase in the beginning. I was kicked out of the band hall yesterday, because "i'm not a band member" and that made me just feel like total crap - I'm not even allowed to be in Community Band, so basically, my band career is at a total standstill, and I hate it. All because of my analogy to me being Satan, (all of you know I'm an atheist but interested in Judaism) and to the way Hitler treated the Jews.

Just want to let you guys know, if you put your kids in band, and I'm their director, I'll only care about how they play, not their personalities, not by what they say, not what they do on their free time, but their love and skill in and for the band program. I still get the "everybody misses you Matt" from everyone alive in the program, except for one, but he's just a jealous bastard. Sorry guys. I miss you too.

My Tech Theatre accomplishment was changed when I realized I would be seperated from my good friend Jenna Brooke because of it, so I went into Computer Science AP. Get this guys. I made Mrs. Phillips laugh like 3 times, and Nick I think successfully did it two times. I mean, these weren't giggles, she was LAUGHING. Then, Nick hit me in the head with a styrofoam covering, and she yells, "CHILDREN, PLEASE, CALM YOURSELVES!" LOLOLOL!!! Then, Nick and I created Box and Boxman - Box being my BoxHat, and Boxman being Nick's BoxSuitofArmor for the head at least, and we entertained many. Check out GD for that.

Anything else going on? Not really...I'm getting a haircut, not a scalping, but a nice trim to even out my hair so it can grow out better tomorrow, so everything seems ok on that. Oh, and its going to be at Visable Changes, and they better not screw up.

I'm writing my own music. Its called ROTC, cause we like to do people in the asses on the stage. Check out TWNavigation and then Lyrics, and then Sometimes, Titty Juice, and Talking on the Phone. Its all good. Sometimes is all emotional and stuff.

Once again,  my name is Matt Impelluso, and my website has 78,251 hits since August 2000, which means, I'm cooler then you.

-Stats of The Warzone

Oh, according to my charts, the employees section was an insane hit to everyone because it ranked 3rd in the visted pages on TW. Number 1 of course was the main page and 2 was the newsboard login. The odd thing is, the number of times the flash on the main page has been viewed is 200 hits less then the pages viewed, so I'm wondering, do people just not want to download Flash? It takes like 10 seconds, stupid asses. 4th was the Calendar, 5th was the Forum (why people look and not write I don't F'N know), 6th was Andrew's employee page which must mean Andrew is popular, and 7th was a tie between Nick's Designs and my What's on my Mind - School Special. That's all together, this isn't this week.

542 different computers have viewed TW since August 4th. Since August 4th, 10,251 pages have been looked at on TW. 5692 of those are physical files such as images. 2049 pages were viewed. 320 megs has been downloaded from TW, including any email accounts that I've set up for anyone.