WOMM - september 3, 2002

HOLY SHIT WE GOT A DAY OFF!!??!?!? YAY!!!!!! That's the entrance to this WOMM, and please, PLEASE, I hope you did something besides school work on Labor Day. Lets just all not do homework for the rest of our lives, because we go to school to work, it should be done in school, right? THANKS!

Ok guys, funny story time. I'm not going nuts on this or anything, this ACTUALLY happened. Ok, see, I was taking a shit (haha) and well, I finished, and guys, I promise, it was a small, sufficent shit, it wasn't one of those where you yell like an asshole the entire time screaming "OH GOD OH GOD OH ALLAH PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THIS HORRIBLE PAIN YOU HAVE PUT ME THROUGH WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME!!!" Yeah, it wasn't like that, it was nice, pretty, and thoughtful. I flush the toliet, and my toliet says, "Hey, fuck you." Of course, it didn't really say that, but that's how it reacted. The water never went down, but mystically, the shit did. So I'm sitting there like, WTF. So, fresh water comes from the tank, and the tank raises about 1/2 its capicity. I get out the handy plunger and I'm cussing lightly at it, telling it its a stupid piece of shit. I try flushing again, and it raises some more. I get out the plunger again, kick some ass, and flush it. The toliet then says, "MATT, I FUCKING HATE YOUR HAIRY ASS!!!" and proceeds to flood my entire house. I then yelled the most horrible things and my mom walked into the bathroom thinking I was talking to someone on the phone.

I don't know really what happened next, but my parents cleaned up the mess cause they got so pissed at me and said that I should act 16 and not fucking clog the toliet, and the entire time, I was cussing the toliet out for getting my socks wet. Basically, my punishment is, I can't take a shit in the front bathroom in my house, I have to take a shit in the bathroom in my parent's room. WTF? LOL. So, in the end, the moral of this story is, Don't fucking cuss at your toliet, it will get PISSED OFF.

Sterling lost. No surprise there. 19-7. We didn't play THAT bad which surprised me. I got some mean glares from my band director for being there, but that's totally ok, and everyone cheered and yelled "Matt!" when they first saw me, so everything was even better. Oh, and STOP asking if I'm getting back into band every day, it kind of hurts my feelings and gets pretty damn annoying.

Lee lost. Huge surprise. 35-17 over some shits in San Antonio cause Lee is supposed to be "the team." Ah, Baytown football just plain ole sucks. GIGS says they deserved to lose.

Ok, so, is it just me, or do ALL of you just HATE school this year worse then like, you hate those damn people that don't wave to you when you wave at them driving? (THOSE PEOPLE THAT DON'T WAVE BACK CAN SUCK THEMSELVES OFF!!!) Like, in some classes, I just decide to not do work, and to not listen to one thing the teacher says. It works. BTW, I've been in Physics 10 days, and I don't know what the first day's problem was. We have a test on Wednesday. I'm gonna die.

At the Pep Rally, Brian Clay and I decided to show some school spirit and to do the Wave. Sadly, only about 30 punks participated, and every band member that could see us because of the angle we were in on the floor laughed their ass off cause I was jumping up and down and Brian was dancing. LOL, then Sarah Guest was dancing and stuff and we all yelled, "HEY SARAH!!" and she's like "HEY!!" LOLOL.

(BTW, before I start this, Cass, I'm not talking about you at all, I'm talking about some gay ass boy) I just kind of wanted to write something dedicated to someone that's really fn gay. Cussing is a way of life, and if you cuss, you're not disgracing anyone. If you don't cuss, and you say GAD-DUM-IT, you disgrace the world by being A STUPID ASS RETARD!!!! WHO THE HELL SAYS GAD DUM IT?? FN HICKS THAT'S WHO!

See this is the thing. I was at the game and this old ass Texan man (me, from New York, remember I hate insane Texan accents) has the worst damn accent ever and he's like, "BOY THEY GONNA LOSE IF THEY PLAY THAT KINDA FEOOTBALL." I just wanted to take a fucking pillow and strangle him till he came out with a nice "I don't have an accent that's recognizable." JEEZIS CHRISTOS.

Now, let me keep going about how I hate Texan Accents, but jk. I'm done for this WOMM, but let me just say this. A&M football sucks Liz, THEY SUCK!!!! WORSE THEN STERLING!!!! :)

May peace be with us in this time of war.

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