WOMM - september 19, 2002

Today es September 19. One month ago, ok, actually, 30 days, I wrote a thing called "School Special." It stood for this - School SUCKS, right? Well, our friend Jeff Delmonico was right, I AM going to bitch about the US History Test, the DBQ question, and more stuff about History, and I'm going to describe the Hot Girl Contest to everyone, and really complain about people stealing my ideas. LOL.

Ok, August 19, we walked into this new building and said, why? Why? ITS SO COLD. AH GOD!!! Famous quotes that day: "Its so cold and I can't feel my nuts," or, "Is it just me or is every girl happy right now?" or, "GOD I HATE SCHOOL!" Yep. Those were the three top quotes used all day. The approximate temperture in the new building is around, 60 below zero, and the temperture in the old building is around 560 degrees Celcius. For stupid people, THAT'S REALLY HOT.

On August 19, we were subjected (all History AP students) to read, READ, THE FIRST NIGHT! WHAT IS THIS?? Did anyone read? Kind of. Did we stop reading after that? Yeah. Do we hate History AP? Yeah. Why don't we get out? Cause we're really damn stupid. Do we hate the people that got out? Yes. Do they hate themselves? No, they love themselves.

So, today, we took this DBQ test. Luckily, some of you were gone, because you're all gay and you're all taking that SAT seminar, or whatever the hell it is, and missed out on it. I didn't. Erin Standard sure as hell didn't, she wrote 5 and a half pages. 5 AND A HALF. Now, lets all giggle and think about dirty things 5 and a half represent, and then lets laugh cause hopefully we haven't EVER read that number besides right now when I'm talking about Erin Standard writing 5 AND A HALF PAGES!! OH GOD!! OH SHIT!! "MY ASS, YOU GUYS, SERIOUSLY" - Cartman. GO ERIN! Not. Is she gonna read 5 and a half pages??!??! I dunno. I wrote one whole page and then another one side. Ok, three pages. My arguement in the fourth paragraph: "See, I like the Chesapeake Bay Colony. They must have known, in 300 years, the entire world would be subjected to second hand smoke and baseball players spitting out tobacco every five seconds. They also must have known that they're giving everyone lung cancer." My grade? Probably like a negative 84 or something, maybe even worse, maybe a negative 85.

Kelly McKinkel showed me something funny - Baytown's most popular website, you guessed it, not The Warzone, the BaytownSun.com (TW comes in 2nd, but how the hell are you going to beat the BaytownSun.com? LOL) has a front cover pick of "See you at the Pole" and guess what? Our very own Andrew Masterson II is on it, and man is he looking sexy praying. Its also on the TW Newsboard. God bless you Andrew, or should I say Amy, who dragged you there? :)

Guys, you will never believe this, but guess WHAT? The definition of the following word WILL spook you.

Fart - foolish or contemptible (the state of mind of one who despises) person

I got the curiosity today when I was reading the hilarious play, The Crucible. Giles says, "A Fart on you, Thomas Putnam!" and I wanted to know if like, fart meant shit back then or something. Then, we all said, WAIT, is that way we call old people farts? HAHA!! OH MAN! FARTS R US!!

Ok, its time. The Hot Girl Contest. Its BACK. After almost a year of all of you guys waiting in such anticipation, its back. Everyone is talking about it, that is, when I mention it. LOL. See, this year, I'm going to email everyone alive about it, and its gonna be a huge success right? Hopefully.

If you're new, here are the rules. If you don't like sports, or Mortal Kombat for SNES, you're really screwed on figuring this out. Its a tournament. Every girl is matched up with another girl in 16 "bouts." The voters vote for the hotter girl (in their opinion, of course), and the winner advances on, in a series of brackets, to the next round. For example, if Numbers 1 and 2 were going against each other, and 3 and 4 were going against each other, the winners between 1/2 and 3/4 will face each other. Still confused? Lets say 1 won, and 3 won. 1 and 3 would face each other!

How did we come up with this? In SAC, I numbered 32 girls (not in any order at all, I just mixed them up starting where ever I wanted to), and talked to Kelly Kinckel online. Kelly then picked out two numbers between 1 and 32, and when picked, he crossed them out, and picked another two numbers. This process went on 16 times. Best friend matchups, or really hot really pretty matchups didn't happen on purpose. (According to me, no girl on this list is romotely ugly, but some are definitely prettier then others.) Unfortunately, if two very hot girls face each other, one always has to lose.

BTW, I'll know if you vote more then once in you vote more then one in the same day. You can vote three times, I don't care, just don't vote 3 times or more at the same time, cause if you do, I'll see your IP address, and there's this one program...its called SubSeven. See, what you do is, you put the IP Address in SubSeven, and it gives me total control of your computer! WOW!!! Then, I'll print out a page of gay porn, change your desktop, AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!! Right? GOOD!

The matchups start Friday, September 20th, and end Sunday, September 22nd. The Sweet 16 Round will start 7:00 on Friday, September 27th.

Tommy, Kelly.....I think its time for us to take a shopping cart across Garth Road again, mmmmkay?