WOMM - Tim Stuart

Shocking. Horrific. A bad day for all of us, for all people who knew one of the funniest people I've met - and someone who stood by my side when I needed it most. Tim Stuart is someone who shouldn't have passed away. He was loved by so many, including me.

For those of you deaf, blind, or don't live in Baytown, at around 3:00 yesterday, I heard sirens on Main while going into Honda Hills, the forest near my neighborhood. Those sirens were for Tim. The entire fire department and many police cars were on their way. I had no idea what was going on at the time.

Soon enough, I got a phone call from Tommy telling me what happened. The story is so unclear. It goes through several people. What everyone knows is this: Tim was struck on the driver's side by a Jeep Cherokee when he was trying to turn into a parking lot to make a U-Turn. The guy behind him misread the way he was turning and tried to cross him. Because of his error, he slammed straight into Tim.

Nick Bourgeious (sp?) was in the passenger seat. He suffered a concussion, but was released last night. Sadly, the same can't be said for Tim. Tim was severely injured. All of his ribs were broken, he has colappsed lungs, and his skull was shattered. He was on life support last night, and many thought he would make it if he got through today.

At 12:00, Tim was taking off life support, making him a vegetable, unable to do anything but try and breathe on his own. It failed.

Tim was one of the greatest people I'll ever know. He was extremely friendly, and once he got to know you, he played the funniest jokes on everyone. Tim was a great friend. Out of all the people I told in my computer science class I was going to leave, Tim was the only one to come. When Tim left, Jesse LaRue followed. Tim and I stuck together through theatre, where we became really good friends.

It was there where Burnham, Tim, and I would always joke and laugh together. Tim always made everything funnier, from pulling out the chair from under Burnham, or throwing ice at substitute teachers. He loved ninjas, Counterstrike, and Dance Dance Revolution. He's survived by many friends, and I'm definitely one to say so.

Tim will be remembered as a great class clown. Many of him will remember for his great looks. And, many of him will remember him struggling through life as we all have. Tim was a great friend, someone you could hang out with.

Tim applied to be an employee on this site not long ago, and I accepted the application. Due to the newsboard being down, I never got the chance to put him up as an employee. As of right now, I'm dedicating Tim as a Hero for everything he has done to everyone in the past.

I don't really have anything else to say. Once again, Tim was loved. Tim was great. Tim was everything a friend could ask for. And we'll miss him.

I have no funeral announcements at this time, but when I found out, I'll put them on here immediately.

Please check out the Go Digital section "Tim" for funny and memorable collections of Tim Stuart at his best.

May we live in peace, and may Tim Stuart rest in peace.