The Hottest Girls in the School:

1st Place - Becky Wilson; 2nd Place - Angela Shelton; 3rd Place - Miranda Bryant; 4th Place - Abbie Bourgeoius

1st Place - Misty Hutchinson; 2nd Place - Cara Lochridge; 3rd Place - Kara McHugh; 4th Place - Deanna Rivers

1st Place - Deirdre Strange; 2nd Place - Chloe French; 3rd Place - Kayley McHugh; 4th Place - Paige Hoyle

1st Place - Lizzie Trout; 2nd Place - Jackie Khulman; 3rd Place - Blair Conder; 4th Place - Robbyn Flynn

The Contest is now officially over.

For the past two months, you have seen the largest Hot Babe contest in the history of mankind. The winners, publically announced above, are not the only winners. Anyone who participated in this contest is a winner, because obviously, we made a consensus on who was attractive, and who wasn't. Thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks to the judges, especially Josh McAlpin, the Honorary Hot Babe President.